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NanoStudio 2

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iTunes Description:

NanoStudio 2 is a powerful music production environment for recording, synthesis, sampling, arranging, editing and mixing. It’s the successor to the original NanoStudio, an app held in high regard by musicians for many years for its usability, quality and productivity.

With six years development behind it, NanoStudio 2 builds upon the same design principles that made its predecessor so popular and then takes a quantum leap with a massive range of extra features and a new audio engine delivering truly professional sound quality. Everything is optimized for CPU efficiency, so complex projects with many instruments and effects are handled with ease.

This is a complete in-the-box solution to production, enabling you to develop your initial musical ideas right through to a final master with an intuitive workflow carefully designed to get things done.

NanoStudio 2 is a fully featured host for external Audio Unit (AUv3) instruments and audio/MIDI effects. A library of all your AU instruments and presets is maintained so they’re in one place – tagged, searchable and just as accessible as NanoStudio’s own internal instruments.

This leads to Obsidian, NanoStudio’s synth, which is definitely no afterthought. Obsidian is a 3 oscillator 16 note polyphonic instrument with 7 different synthesis methods available for each oscillator, including analogue, wavetable, FM, multi-saw and phase distortion. You’re not limited to synthesis as there’s also support for samples and multisamples, split by note or velocity. Obsidian has 18 different filter types, including resonant analogue, super clean digital, formant, comb and waveshaping. Nearly every parameter can be modulated via the synth’s 5 envelopes, 5 LFOs and 10 configurable macro controllers, and modulation connections can be assigned with just a few taps. 300 factory patches are supplied with macros set up and ready to go. It’s easy to create your own patches and there are many more professionally produced patches available as IAPs.

NanoStudio’s second internal instrument is Slate, a sample/synthesis-based performance pad which makes it easy to tap out drum beats. Slate comes with 500 quality factory samples ranging from multisampled acoustic drums with natural variation through to cutting-edge electronic percussion and effects. Its samples are arranged in 50 factory drum kits to get you started, and it’s easy to construct your own drum kits using the factory samples or your own. Slate can also be used with samples of just about anything: vocals, guitar riffs, synth pads – you name it.

For composing and arranging there are powerful fully featured editors for songs, MIDI parts, automation and samples. All editors share a clean and consistent user interface which means you’ll be up to speed with them in no time.

The sequencer supports tempo and time signature tracks (including tempo ramps) and Ableton Link.

Everything’s brought together by a mixer with unlimited tracks, arbitrary track grouping and audio/MIDI sends. Tracks can have an unlimited number of insert effects and there are 11 effects to choose from, including reverb, sidechain compressor/expander, EQ with spectrum analysis, look-ahead limiter, delay, exciter, chorus, flanger and phaser. You can add AU audio/MIDI effects to the chain and use them just like an internal effect.

There are many mixdown options available with quality settings up to 32 bit/96kHz and support for file formats including wav, aiff, ogg and M4A. You can mixdown track stems in a single operation or select just a region of the song - great for resampling.

Sharing options include the iOS Files app, Dropbox, AudioShare, iTunes File Sharing, AirDrop, email, and importing from your iTunes music library. It’s a breeze to share multiple files in a single operation as NanoStudio automatically handles zip files for you.

There’s also a built-in WebDAV server for full control and backup of your files using any desktop computer or WebDAV client.


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iTunes Description:

The Cinematic Machine

Aparillo is an advanced 16 voice FM synth tailored for complex sound structures , majestic motions, moving and evolving soundscapes and atmospheres that are perfect for film, TV or games.
It‘s not limited to the conventional fm sounds but also delivers a huge range of styles from basses to brasses, pads to leads to even percussion.

••• SYNTH •••
It is based on two interacting FM Synthesizers capable of forming the most complex timbres. A clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation unfolds into a serious sound design tool for epic sonic creation. Aparillo uses many parameters that can be modulated for individual adjustments PER voice. Each of the sixteen voices interact with almost two dozen targets in a variety of ways for a continuous transformation and to create endless rhythms and melodic progressions.

••• FX •••
The integrated effects include a free-signalflow Filter/Spacial Comb device, a polyphonic Auto Pan with multiple waveforms, the obligatory Delay, our finest Reverb algorithm, and a Sugar Bytes innovation, the Spacializer. This is a very special breed of delay based effect, which can work as a delay, reverb or tuned comb filter and can add room, plucked strings or even pinged percussion to your sound.

••• ORBITER ••
The superstar of Aparillo is the Orbiter, an instinctual "mass-controller" you move through Aparillo's endless sonic universes for one-touch sound morphing. That finally gives you unlimited control over new grounds of sound manipulation.Aparillo for iPad will seamlessly integrate with your mobile studio setup.

We built in MIDI support (Virtual, Network, External, Bluetooth), Audio Unit v3 and Ableton Link.
Syncing your presets to use them accross other devices couldn't be easier with iCloud.

Enjoy Aparillo, the more you dig into it the more you fall in love with it!

• Standalone & Audio Unit v3
• FM Synthesizer with 16 Voices
• Formant Shifting, Wave Folding & Shifting
• Multi-Mode Filter with Spacializer
• Orbiter for one-touch Sound Morphing
• 500 handpicked Presets
• Audio Unit v3 Plugin, Standalone App & Ableton Link
• Full MIDI Support (Virtual, Network, External, Bluetooth), MIDI Learn & Host Automation
• Preset iCloud Sync
• Preset Share


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iTunes Description:

This AUv3 plugin effect is a complex spectral saturation processor simulating a set of different analog gear in a new and unique way. Benefits of this algorithm is that it is highly CPU efficient and adds (almost) no latency.

The 7 models available are based on real analog gear individually measured in two dimensions; gain responses (-inf dB to +6 dB) at the frequency spectrum 20Hz to 20kHz. This data is used to transform input audio to output audio.


Cassette Deck

A consumer cassette deck produced in the mid 80’s. This profile adds some nice grit in the lower mids and rolls off the higher spectrum in a very pleasant way.

1/4” Tape Reel

A high quality tape reel machine was used for this profile. Set to one channel mode, there was plenty of dynamic bandwidth to capture on this one. Adds some subtle tape saturation that oozes mid 70’s.

Preamp Tube Clean / Preamp Tube Drive

These two profiles are captured from a high end tube microphone preamp with two different input gain levels (normal gain on the Clean version and a boosted level on the Drive version). Used on only one channel, this profile is very subtle, but the impact adds up when several channels are used simultaneously.

Guitar Tube Clean / Guitar Tube Drive

The guitar amp used is a well known pro amp used by several pro guitar players, and Just like the Preamp Tube profiles, these are recorded with two different input gain levels.

Tube Bass Amp

One of the developers friends dad had an old bass amplifier that we borrowed and profiled. Tip: Run a Fender Jazz bass through it and your neo soul licks will sound just like they’re supposed to.


Since there are several models available, this one can be used on almost any type of audio in any genre. The output can span from lo-fi to high-end hifi. One approach is to put it on several tracks with a more subtle setting which makes the essence of the gear simulated add upp. Another is to put it on the mix, or a bus.

Since we’re in the digital domain there can be some added aliasing when distorting the signal too much, resulting in an unpleasant high frequency boost. To prevent this, set the HARMONICS switch to SOME or FEW.

Feature list

• Seven handpicked profiles based on gear we love available.
• Spectral drive (four bands)
• Dry / Wet mix
• Plenty of factory presets
• Ultra low latency

Full documentation available inside the app or at

NOTE! REAMP is an AUv3 plugin that only works in an AUv3 compliant host like Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker 3, Auria etc.


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iTunes Description:

Improve your groove with this rhythm action game: smash colorful bricks in time to funk music. Progress from guitar chord stabs to slap bass to classic drum beats across 3 game modes. Tap along or plug in your MIDI instruments for a funk workout through 26 levels. Jam out with the built in looper and drum machine, Funk Buddy.

• Backstory

I started to play drums a few years ago. Despite lessons, books, videos, and even a masterclass with a famous virtuoso drummer, learning drums was fun but really tough. I needed a way to cheat! I’m a professional game programmer of 20 years experience, including multi award winner LittleBigPlanet, and I use Roland’s TD-1KV electronic drum kit, so naturally I made a game to teach drums. Now with Funktris I can play stuff I never could play before! I hope it will work for you too.

The app enshrines good learning practice and applies it in an organized way. Slow down until you can play it right, then speed up again. With your hits drawn on a musical grid, you can see if you are hitting every note consistently right away, so you don’t waste time learning something wrong. Funktris automatically detects if you are nailing it and moves on to the next groove, or slows it down if you’re having trouble.

• Drums

The drum levels teach funk-damentals like syncopated 8th & 16th note kicks, open hat grooves, disco beats, ghost notes, odd snare placements and fills. Variations move drum hits around the bar like interlocking puzzle pieces, and you’ll recognize fragments of famous pop, rock and funk tunes on the way. Yes, it’s a game but you could use all of this in genuine songs, and if you can beat the game you’ll have a lot of drumming basics down as well as an impressive high score!

You can adjust the gameplay - perfectionist or just blast through, it’s up to you. Options demo the groove, ramp up the tempo, and help internalize the beat by switching off the backing track temporarily. Check your progress with the high score table.

• How to use Funktris with your drum set

- Get an iPad and put it above your toms or somewhere safe.
- Plug V-Drum USB midi out into a USB to lightning adaptor (Apple Camera Connection Kit) and into your iPad.
- Plug the iPad headphone out into the V-Drum mix in.
- Use the V-Drum audio/headphone out.
And voila, you get your native drum sounds blending with your iPad’s audio plus MIDI recognition of what you’re playing.

• Drum Machine

Funk Buddy lets you quickly program beats by mixing up banks of classic drum patterns, or do detailed editing if you want. Bank mode lets you select entire bars and then cycle between different patterns for hats, kick, snare, and cymbals when you press the button for that kit piece. Press bank mode again to switch between collections of grooves and fills. Microscope mode lets you program individual hits with the touch screen. This is all live as the track is playing, so you can lay down the basic idea quickly and then add some unique elements without losing the vibe.

• Looper

You can define up to 26 pages (4 bars each) and order them into a song. Each page lets you overdub rhythm loops from audio input (press the microphone button to dub). Given an audio interface such as FocusRite iTrack Solo or IK Multimedia iRig, guitarists will find this handy as a looper replacement. You can even time stretch the overdubs to slow them down to make it easy to learn the accompanying drum parts and solos. Don’t forget to name and save your creations!

Cool ways to use these features together:
- Program a beat you want to be able to perform and drum along to it to learn it.
- Record a guitar/bass riff for your beat and drum along to that.
- Rewrite the beat under the riff.
- Solo over your riff for hours.
- Turn on swing mode and make a quick 12 bar blues.
- Type out a song to work on and have all the sections easy to cycle.
- Quickly jot down some songwriting ideas while you’re waiting for that big DAW to boot up!


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iTunes Description:

PolyHarp is a virtual musical instrument and a thought experiment.

It takes the basic idea of a chorded zither and extends it to large numbers of chord choices, made out of any kinds of intervals, multi-string courses, fretting, and massive polyphony. It's a testbed for harmonic theory as well as a great multi touch simulator of the good old "idiot zither" you have in the attic. It can ignore the microtonal aspect of the sounds to make an interesting alternative MIDI controller as well.

PolyHarp supports Audiobus 3, including saving setups, and IAA.
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