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App Store Description:

ID700 is a software synthesizer based on the voice architecture of the Buchla
700. Like many of Don's other designs, sound generation is achieved primarily
via FM synthesis and waveshaping. Each voice is made up of sixteen individual modules:

* four Oscillators
* six Indexes
* two Waves
* one Morph
* one Filter
* one Amplifier
* one Location

The Oscillators, Indexes, and Waves are configured in one of twelve
preset Algorithms, all of which feed into the fixed signal paths of the Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules.

Each of the Oscillator, Index, Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules
have their own dedicated complex Envelope for modulation.

The Wave modules provide wavetable synthesis using Chebyshev polynomials and
include additional waveshaping functionality.

Arbitrary tunings are supported via the Scala Tuning File format.

MIDI and MPE are supported (note: not all hosts support MPE).

Fly Tape 2

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App Store Description:

FlyTape 2 builds on the principles of the original FlyTape. However, FlyTape 2 is a complete rewrite and has been vastly improved in both features and stability. A love of vintage sounds and character is our thing and FlyTape 2 fits this ethos as a unique take on the features of classic tape. 

Named for it's style, performance and user improvisation control, it’s FX can be added to incoming audio signals in many ways "on the fly". Sliders for textured nuances such as noise hiss will allow you to dial in tasteful settings reminiscent of cassette tapes. These also can be automated via midi cc for additional modulation.

FlyTape 2 installs as an iOS AUv3 plugin effect, designed for use within host apps such as Garageband, Beatmaker 3, Cubasis, Audiobus, and more.


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App Store Description:

Mynth is the new intuitive and powerful synthesizer by Fingerlab.
Draw the oscillators waveforms, adjust frequencies using filters, and control any parameters with the LFOs to create unique sounds, possibilities are endless!
If you prefer, just explore the 96 factory presets to discover Mynth's wide sound palette.
Of course, you can use your favorite keyboard with MIDI, load Mynth AudioUnit in your favorite DAW.
Finally, turn on the Arpeggiator, add some FXs, and your are ready to record a track using the build-in live recording module.

Mynth is an universal purchases, meaning once you bought it, you got it for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

In Mynth free version, you will get only 12 factory presets and some features are locked (see * in features list).
Get the « Full Version » IAP to get all the factory presets and all features unlocked.

• 8-voice polyphony
• 6 octaves
• 3 Oscillators (Sine / Triangle / Square / Sawtooth / Custom)
• ADSR Envelope editor
• 2 dynamic Filters (Moog Ladder / Korg Low-Pass / Resonant / String Resonator) with ADSR envelope editor
• 4 LFOs to control any parameters, with configurable waveform and Attack/Decay envelope editor
• Create your own preset*
• 96 Factory presets*
• Build-in Arpeggiator*
• 3 FXs (TubeAmp, Delay, reverb)*
• Live recording + export*
• Full Midi support
• AudioBus & IAA support
• AudioUnit support* (IAP required for LFOs)

Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and requests at

We hope you’ll enjoy!

Stay tuned
FIngerlab team


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App Store Description:

Audanika is a digital music instrument with a revolutionary tone system. As the future successor to the well-known SoundPrism music app, Audanika was initially developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology and perfected over years of work.

Audanika's tone system efficiently summarizes hundreds of music-theoretical rules. You will be able to compose well-sounding melodies and chords after a short time of practice.

Technical facts about the Audanika:

1. Each column of the Audanika represents a melody tone. Each row represents a chord. You can now either change the harmonic or the melodic part of the sound with only one finger.

2. The tone system of the Audanika is the consequent evolution of the piano keyboard. While the piano separates chromatic and diatonic tones, the Audanika separates diatonic and chordal tones. This allows you to change relaxed chords into tension chords intuitively.

3. Audanika's tone system is today's most efficient organization of hundreds of musical rules. With only one finger, you can easily play:

- 24 major and minor triads in seven variations each:
- Basic position
- First inversion
- Second inversion
- Sus2
- Sus4
- Sixth chord
- Sept chord

- 84 scales
- c, c#, ... h ionic
- c, c#, ... h dorian
- c, c#, ... h Phrygian
- c, c#, ... h Lydian
- c, c#, ... h mixolydian
- c, c#, ... h aeolian
- c, c#, ... h locrian

20th Anniversary - Guitar Amp

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App Store Description:

Celebrating db audioware’s 20 years in the audio software business, 20th Anniversary is an original virtual guitar amp that oozes pick-up-and-play appeal.

A true guitarist’s amp, 20th Anniversary excels at clean, blues and rock tones, with a full pedalboard of classic FX and an eye-catching intuitive interface.

There are no complex menus or screens to navigate, no in-app purchases or advertising to distract you. Simply plug your guitar into your iPad or iPhone via any compatible audio interface, and start playing. 
20th Anniversary is the perfect silent practice amp - pop on a set of headphones, and the standalone app delivers the same kind of absorbing experience as a premium hardware amp in a natural sounding space. There’s a comprehensive set of starter presets (for both humbucker and single-coil pickups) and a built-in tuner to get you up and running quickly.

For additional flexibility, the 20th Anniversary AUv3 plug-in works with apps like GarageBand, Cubasis or AUM.

The multi-stage preamp and vintage tone stack, and choice of stereo cabinets with multiple mic positions offers a massive range of amp tones. A comprehensive range of vintage style FX (drawn from db audioware’s extensive audio effects library) and a lush stereo plate reverb completes the sound.

Runs as a standalone app or AUv3 plug-in. Can be controlled from any iOS compatible MIDI device allowing remote control of presets or any amp parameter.

We recommend using 20th Anniversary with wired headphones. For an iPhone with no headset socket, we advise using an audio interface with dedicated headphone output (for example, an iRig HD 2).
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