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App Store Description:

Playset is an intuitive drum and synth sequencer, designed for instant fun and live music.
Start with the drums. Add a sneaky bass line, dress it with a fat lead and you've got your song.
Adjust the mix, light on the FXs, add a few patterns to the timeline and your song is a hit!

Want to connect? Playset supports MIDI, Audiobus, Ableton Link, and is also available as an Audio Unit plug-in.
Finally, once your song is done, you can export it in order to share it with the world.

One more thing: Playset is brought to you by the team behind DM1 (Apple Design Award winner 2012). So if you liked DM1, you’re going to love Playset!

Playset is a premium app, which means that once you’ve bought it, it is entirely yours to use: no in-app purchases or adds!

-Created by the DM1 team (Apple Design Award 2012)
-Multi-touch sequencer
-50 original samplekits, including drumkits, bass and leads
-Mixer page with mute, level, pitch, length, pan controls and full custom kit per track
-2 FX per instrument with many FX types (reverb, delay, disto, chorus, compressor, …)
-Patterns & Timeline module
-Extra-fast bounce for master or separated tracks, mono or stereo
-Share & import your projects
-Embedded Gallery with demo songs
-Audiobus & Ableton Link support
-MIDI support
-Audio background mode
-Audio Unit support

Want more ? Visit
And of course our website

Have fun
Fingerlab team


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App Store Description:

This APP is used to control Behringer's synthesizers and firmware update.
The user needs to prepare a lightning to USB B cable to connect the Behringer's synthesizer to iOS device.
This APP will prompt the user to upgrade the connected synthesizer's firmware if available in the Behringer's Cloud.


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App Store Description:

ShockWave is a monophonic Synthesizer designed to bring modular style workflow to the world of iOS & AUv3 plugins.

Built around the concept of Phase Distortion (PD) Synthesis, Shockwave includes a pair of PD Oscillators each capable of creating everything from pure Sine Waves over smooth Sawtooth and Square Waves to Resonance & Sync sweeps, filtered Noise and more.

In addition to the Synth Voice, ShockWave includes a dedicated control section housing a pair of 8 step sequencers, a sample & hold module as well modules for trigger divisions, logic comparisons and controlled randomness.

A pair of Low Frequency Oscillators and 2 Attack/Sustain/Release (ASR) Envelopes serve as main modulation sources and can be used in a number of ways. Envelopes can be triggered from a number of internal sources including other modules such as trigger divider, logic or chance module but can also be connected to each other allowing for a wide range of patches usually only possible in large modular systems. LFOs are individually tempo sync-able and capable of producing total of 5 different waveforms each.

The two sequencers can run independently or combine to one 16 step sequence where rate and length can be controlled independently for each of the two.

In true modular nature almost any control within ShockWave can be modulated with up to 11 sources - simultaneously. Modulations are setup simply by holding a control and dialling in the desired amount in a list of all available sources. A special X-Ray mode adds a realtime display of all currently active modulations right at their corresponding control making it easy to understand what's happening inside the synthesizer at any given time.

Synth Voice and Control Section are accompanied by built-in Delay and Reverb sections placed on send busses with all of their controls including the send levels being available as mod destinations.

Last but not least, ShockWave features a solid MIDI implementation including support for Single Channel MPE, regular and poly Aftertouch, custom CC mappings and more.

MIDI Output is supported as well and includes Note and Control Change output generated from various internal sources including Sequencers, Envelopes and LFOs making it possible to control external MIDI gear or chain multiple plugin instances for advanced, self driving patches.

- Semi Modular Monophonic Synth Voice
- Phase Distortion Synthesis (PD)
- Dual PD Oscillators with 5 Waveforms + Noise
- Dual ASR Envelopes with variable trigger source
- Dual LFO with Tempo Sync
- Cross Modulation with Linear/Exp. FM, PM, AM & RM
- Mixer section with individual pan and level controls per oscillator
- Output VCA with variable control source
- Pattern Generator for generating sequences from various internal sources
- Quantizer to force note input into a specific scale (19 Scales + User Scales)
- Step Sequencer with 2x8 or 1x16 steps, individual rate and number of steps per row
- Trigger Divider for dividing internal trigger sources
- Probability Gate for adding controlled randomness
- Sample & Hold for additional randomness
- Logic Module to create triggers from various internal sources
- Built-in Delay & Reverb Effects
- MIDI Note and CC output for controlling external gear or chaining multiple instances
- Semi Modular Architecture
- 11 Modulation Sources
- 40 Modulation Destinations
- 2 Color Themes

MIDI Input:
- MPE (Single Channel)
- Aftertouch (Channel/Poly)
- ModWheel / Pitchbend
- Tempo Sync
- Custom CC Control

MIDI Output:
- Note
- Control Change

- Standalone
- AUv3
- AudioBus

- iOS11+
- iPad 4th generation or newer

EZ Crusher

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App Store Description:

EZ Crusher is an audio FX plugin is the perfect solution to all your distortion needs. It’s capable of a huge variety of FX with an intuitive and simple to use interface.

There are four types of distortion – an analogue style saturator, an intense distortion, a digital bitcrusher, and a phase-style distortion. Each one has its own distinct character to beef up your leads, or add an analogue warmth to your mixes.

The interface is centred around an XY pad, which controls a bespoke range of parameters within each distortion unit. The noise control will give your sound an old-school tape style hiss to your track.

EZ Crusher runs as an AUV3, with all its parameters exposed for automation and state-saving from within any DAW. It is very lightweight on CPU usage and you can chain many instances together for more complex FX.

EZ Crusher is part of the EZ FX suite, which also includes EZ Modulator, EZ Reverb, EZ Delay and EZ Filter – all available as part of the EZFX bundle.


- Four types of distortion – saturation, distortion, bitcrush and phase.
- Mix, input and output controls
- A noise control
- AUV3 ready

EZ Filter

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App Store Description:

EZ Filter is an AUV3 filter FX plugin. With five different types of filters and a simple to use and intuitive interface, it can add an analogue warmth to your sound, or create intense screaming FX for your tracks.

There are five filter modules – two low-pass filters, a bandwidth filter, a high-pass filter and a resonant like filter.

The interface is centred around an XY pad, which controls the frequency and resonance of the filter. There is LFO control, mix and input/output control. By boosting the input gain, the audio will subtly saturate the signal, giving a warm analogue feel.

EZ Filter runs as an AUV3, with all its parameters exposed for automation and state-saving from within any DAW. It is very lightweight on CPU usage and you can chain many instances together for more complex FX.

EZ Filter is part of the EZ FX suite, which also includes EZ Modulator, EZ Crusher, EZ Reverb and EZ Delay – all available as part of the EZFX bundle.


- Resonance and frequency control
- LFO rate and modulation control
- Mix, input and output controls
- AUV3 ready
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