Medly Update

Medly was updated with a new pack for Medly members, featuring Australian-style bounce.

What's new in Medly v5.4:

Melbourne Bounce Pack:
- August’s release brings sounds inspired by Melbourne’s rich music scene
- Includes 8 instruments and 52 new loops and samples
- Exclusive to Medly Member

New template picker design:
- A new design that's more consistent with other pack lists
- Faster-loading audio previews of template songs

Manage downloaded Packs:
- Scroll to the bottom of the instruments or loops page to quickly download or clear all sounds in a pack

YouTuber Make Some Noise used a previous version of Medly to create this R&Bish jam.

Ambient Tuesdays: iPad Music with Animoog & Xynthesizr

YouTuber Pete Calandra did a pleasant little ambient noodle with Xynthesizr and Animoog!

Video Description:

Ambient piece using 2 iPads and the Animoog and Xynthesizr apps.
The sequence on the Xynthesizr is using the "Highlife" rule to vary the notes played by the app. I am adjusting the filter, oscillator and LFO settings.
Recorded directly into Pro Tools thru a Focusrite Red 4Pre.
iPad screen capture with the RecordIt app.

Video taken with Sony AX53 camcorder
Edited in iMovie

Apple is Locking iPhone Batteries from DIY Replacements

iFixit reports that Apple is trying to prevent people from replacing their own iPhone batteries! When the batteris are swapped by anyone outside of Apple, the latest models of iPhones are reporting that fresh batteries are inauthentic. Even when they are authentic Apple batteries! At that point iOS will not be able to give accurate battery consumption rates, because it refuses to access the "fuel gauge" that tells it. Replacing batteries is about the most basic self-service you could ever want to perform on a phone, and now Apple is taking that away from iPhone owners!

At this point it shouldn't surprise me, but it really does. You own your phone, but the battery is owned by Apple?

Video Description:

Since the launch of iOS 12, repair techs are noticing a disturbing trend. Any time a battery is replaced on an iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, battery health diagnostics would report that the installed battery was unable to be verified as an authentic Apple battery and the battery health info would be disabled. This happened even when the installed battery was a verified as an authentic Apple part.

So if you thought Apple had stopped attacking independent repair, I’ve got some bad news for you. They now appear to be aggressively locking down even the most basic battery repairs by pairing your battery to your phone, and this time the fix might not be as simple as a software update.

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Photon Update

Photon, the DMX lighting console for iPad, was updated with Ableton Link support! Now you can easily keep your lights sync'd with everything else that has Ableton Link!

What's new in Photon v1.6.0:

What's new in Photon v1.6 ?
- Ableton Link support : sync lights animations with your favorite DJ app or musical instrument. Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network for a perfect synchronization between lights and music.
- New code for the sequencer for better reliability
- iPad Pro 12,9" compliant

Colin Powell - Above the Clouds (Live)

Colin Powell, best known for his work with Doug Woods in their joint musical ventures, plays Above the Clouds live into Eventide's Blackhole.

Video Description:

Inspired by the amazing Eventide Blackhole app, I thought I'd try playing an old tune of mine called Above the Clouds (which I wrote back in 2014) using just my Strat and Blackhole, hosted in AUM (for the AUv3 and recording purposes). This version lacks some extra harmonies and subtle string drones from the original version but I think it shows how full a sound can be achieved with Blackhole.

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