UVI Ravenscroft 275 iOS Piano Demo (Classic Preset)

YouTuber In The Mix did a beautiful performance demoing the Classic Preset in Ravenscroft 275!

Video Description:

A short demo featuring the Classic Preset from UVI Ravenscroft 275 iOS piano app.

Application Note #25: Using GeoShred to Control SwarPlug

Developer moForte put out a new GeoShred tutorial, covering the specifics of playing with SwarPlug.

Video Description:

Application Note #25: Using GeoShred to Control SwarPlug

Dirty Loop Jam with AUM

YouTuber EISERMANN did a unique AUM jam with loops loaded up across several tracks in AUM's built-in sample playback instrument. These are all being routed to Bus A and Bus B, where he is then processing them with effects apps. I'm not sure which apps those are, but the whole package sounds great!

Volcaniced - In the Mood

Volcaniced is In the Mood for some easy electronica on his trio of Volcas.

Video Description:

Volca Bass
Volca FM
Volca Sample

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StreamByter Update

StreamByter, from Audeonic Apps, got a major update today! The programmable MIDI effect app now includes 8 configurable sliders.

While a lot of code is in hexadecimal we're more used to using decimal, and now with the new $ symbol your StreamByter code will automatically convert your decimal numbers into hex! There's also a new ELSE conditional option to add to your IF logic.

There is a full write-up on the Audeonic forum.

What's new in StreamByter v1.3:

- 8 bi-directional, configurable graphical sliders (bound to new 'Q' array)
- more (slider aware) factory presets
- use '$' in front of decimal literals for hex challenged
- ELSE option inside conditionals
- monitor crash
- other bug fixes and improvements
See 1.3 feature video on the audeonic youtube channel

The update arrives with a new demo from Audeonic!

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