Medly Update

Medly was updated with a new soundpack to celebrate Carnaval, along with many other improvements.

What's new in Medly v5.6:

New Pack: Carnaval
- Celebrate Brazilian Carnaval with February's new pack!
- Carnaval includes 12 instruments, 34 loops & samples, and 3 songs
- Exclusive to Medly Member

Update Notes:
- iOS 13 App Store has made it harder to find the changes we've made
- So we built "Update Notes", a place where you can see all changes we've made to Medly
- Update Notes will present all major and minor updates in an easily digestible format
- You can view Update Notes by going into Settings on the Album's screen
- iOS 13 Exclusive

Dark Mode:
- We're one step closer to adding dark mode to Medly
- We've updated some user interface elements with a dark theme
- iOS 13 Exclusive

Cellular Downloads:
- Sounds can now be automatically downloaded while on a cellular connection
- When opening a song that requires downloading sounds, you will be asked to proceed
- You can also choose between always, ask and never downloading on cellular using the song Settings page

Other Improvements:
- Swipe right on undo/redo panel to dismiss it
- Handbook will now remember the last page you were on
- Start Pack instrument fixes
- Changed how instrument and loop data is stored and loaded
- An updated Album Editor

This version no longer supports iOS 11

AR Rahman - Dil Se Re x Satarangi Re (GeoShred Cover)

There have been several AR Rahman covers featured here, but ER Muziko has a nicely modern take.

Video Description:

a cover song of dil se re and satarangi re on geoshred
roli noise app and blocks
for more video updates follow

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer Update

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer, from BLEASS, was updated with MIDI and Audio over Bluetooth, along with a collection of presets by Jordan Rudess. Jordan even recorded a short demo for the update.

What's new in BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer v1.1:

Thank you all for the warm welcome you gave to the BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer release!
We are happy to bring you this update with some more new features that some of you asked for:

- Bluetooth Audio
- Midi over Bluetooth
- Vibrato parameters : speed & amount
- Master Detune parameter
- Double-tap to reset parameters for knobs and sliders
- New presets by Jordan Rudess

Follow BLEASS for more tips and tutorials

Daveypoo: The Hammond B-3-off! Hammond B-3X Vs. Galileo 2

Reader Daveypoo compared IK's Hammond B-3X against Yonac's more modestly priced Galileo Organ 2.

Video Description:

It's time for the showdown of the decade: IK Multimedia's Hammond B-3X vs. Yonac's Galileo 2. Who will take home the prize?

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Studio Live Today: Crunck V2 - Free Guitar Amp Sim AUv3

YouTuber Pete Johns demonstrates Crunck V2, one of the many free apps released by Nembrini last week.

Video Description:

Crunck V2 is a FREE guitar amp simulator plugin/effect for iOS that brings the sound of a guitar amplifier to your iPhone or iPad. And did I mention that it is 100% free?

In this video, I take this plugin for a spin on some real (and virtual) guitar tracks in GarageBand iOS.

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