Greg Explains: Koala Sampler Short Tutorial

YouTuber Greg Explains did an amusing tutorial for Koala Sampler. If this video gets 272,000 Likes he'll fly to Australia to sample a Koala in real life.

Video Description:

A short Koala Sampler Tutorial by Greg Explains

I'm Greg Explains, I make videos about music.

My Channel:

Condukt Preview 2

There developers of Condukt did another demo jam of their upcoming Condukt control surface app.

Video Description:

Having some fun with Elektron Digitakt, Digitone, OP-Z and Uno Synth controlled by Condukt, our performance MIDI controller for iPad. Uno gave us some nice growls, while Sean Connery brought his A-game. Sign up for development news for Condukt:

How-to Trigger BLEASS sidekick

Developer BLEASS shows off BLEASS sidekick working with an Arturia DrumBrute.

Video Description:

Learn how to trig the BLEASS sidekick sidechain compressor and kick generator with an external hardware (it works with Apps as well!) :
Indeed, you can use another midi source to trigger the KICK along its sidechain compression without using the BLEASS sidekick sequencer, opening to endless possibilities!
If you have any question, please leave a comment!

Apps used in this video are
AUM by Kymatica
BLEASS reverb / delay / sidekick

more info on

FAC Updates & Bundle

Frederic Corvest updated his whole suite of iOS apps to allow for different views in portrait and landscape mode, while also providing dynamic resizing according to the AUv3 host.

All of the apps can now be purchased at a discount as a bundle.

What's new in FAC (everything):

• NEW FEATURE: Addition of different views for portrait and landscape mode (iPhone/iPad)
• NEW FEATURE: Dynamic resizing according to the size provided by the host

Hey, I'm Fred developer of FAC. We share the same passion: MUSIC. A wonderful universal language and an amazing source of happiness.

There is a short official promo for the update. Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room made use of FAC apps inside of NanoStudio 2 for some punchy drum and bass.

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer Update

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer, from AudioKit Pro, was updated with the ability to single tap on a control to display its value. This is a very nice change, so you don't have to wiggle the controller to find out the currently assigned value. The update also includes improvements to the LFO, Master Volume, and Filter Cutoff knob.

What's new in AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer v1.0.7.2:

Quick Hotfix to yesterday's update to fix one more type of crash!
Plus everything in 1.0.7 - We're always improving Synth One!
This update fixes the top two types of crashes people have with Synth One. Thanks to volunteer Matthias Frick for these fixes.

Plus, NEW code by Marcus Hobbs:
• Single Tap Display Control Value: single tap of a control displays it’s value in header…no more changing controls to see what their value is
• LFO smoothing: Saw & Square wave LFO’s now are smoothed to reduce/eliminate clicks and pops
• Taper: Master Volume and Filter Cutoff knob have values more evenly spread (does not affect presets…just how the controls make the most of their range when dialing in sounds)

• Fixed new sound bank "Sound of Izrael 2" (SOI)
• New App Store Preview Movie for iPhone featuring music made with Synth One by Brice Beasley

Synth one is getting better every day! That's the power of open-source.
Any help spreading the word about this app would be appreciated. The more people that know about the apps, the more musicians can enjoy them!
Thank you!

Synth One, Share One: Tell one musician you care about. That's all it takes.
Together we can change the world.

Go. Create. Share.
-- Matthew & the AudioKit Team

+ AUv3 Plugin functionality
+ MIDI Clock sync support
+ MPE support
+ More bug fixes and upgrades
+ Free Mac Plugin Version

Please note that we all are volunteers. AudioKit does not have any sponsors or investors.
We are all musician/developers who love making apps.

We love hearing your music! Send it to us. For friendly conversation or to say hello, please email

The full & complete source code is available:
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