Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin Update

Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin, from, was updated with a new drum guide as a preparation for the release of DigiKeys. Owners of both Chameleon and DigiKeys will be able to create custom patches that load directly into DigiKeys, with a suggested layout for drum kits in DigiKeys automatically mapped to the appropriate MIDI notes.

What's new in Chameleon AUv3 Sampler Plugin v1.16:

Added the option to choose a dB level when Normalizing samples.
Added an option to reverse a sample.
Playing a drum pad now signals which sample is playing.
Added a Drum Guide option to speed up recording drums by automatically mapping samples to MIDI notes.
Fixed many existing bugs.

Note: The drum guide feature is in preparation for the release of DigiKeys. Anyone owning Chameleon can create custom patches which can be loaded directly into DigiKeys. This feature shows a suggested layout for drumkits used in DigiKeys and automatically maps imported or recorded samples to MIDI notes.

Reader Stacy Puckett got his hands on the DigiKeys beta and used it on this jam!

Sound Design: Understanding Envelopes & LFOs

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler did an excellent tutorial on understanding modulation sources and how they can dramatically affect your sound. He uses Zeeon and Factory to demonstrate these concepts.

Video Description:

In this video. I go over basic modulation using Envelopes and LFOs. I attempt to explain what each of them do and how they can be utilized in creating different synth patching.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link

Stria Update

Stria, the experimental FM synth from apeSoft, was updated with full AUv3 support!

What's new in Stria v3:

Full AUv3 support
Pad 1 responds to MIDI

Belibat: Electroacoustic/Organic Ambient Live Jam

Reader Belibat did another wild jam on hardware with Samplr. This is a live looping jam, so it starts off slow. Stick with it until the synth parts come in and you will be rewarded for your patience!

Video Description:

Ok, this jam will take a couple minutes to take off, just because i recorded everything live so.. stick with it until the beat comes at least, and meanwhile enjoy all the tasty organic sounds and textures.

As usual i’m using the TR-8s for drums. This time i played the bass with the Minilogue XD. First time i use it for basses but hey.. it sounds huge! Lot of options including frequency modulation and waveshaping for an ever evolving bassline.
The Waldorf Rocket gets midi notes from the Minilogue XD itself and is used to underline buildups.
The Minibrute plays some chirps, made using the noise lfo to modulate the self oscillating filter.

In the very beginning you can hear the Spacecraft iPad app granulizing two homemade samples: a recording of my dishwasher and a bunch of woodblock hits i recorded years ago.

As you can see i played some toys too :)
A toy xylophone, gift from my mother, which i pitched down two octaves.
A singing bell, repitched and reversed.
A triangle, also pitched up after recording.
All these sounds are passed through a cool plugin called Chiavika, by Stocaudio.
It is used to emulate the granular effects achieved by the early electronic music experimenters using tape machines.

Then i used a cassette for a crunchy clap and a tinbox hit with the xylophone stick as an offbeat percussion. Both are recorded with a contact microphone passed through an iRig Pro interface and then in the Bias Amp app on my old iPhone for crunchier sounds.

The 2 expression pedals, connected to an iRig Blueboard, are used to control the Minilogue XD and the Rocket filter cutoff plus the Chiavika wet/dry knob and some spatial effect, for transitions.

Ableton Live is used as a master clock, as a midi sequencer and for effects.
All audio tracks are passed through an Mbox Pro 3 soundcard or using usb audio, and then recorded in Ableton.

Effects are mostly Ableton stock plus Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins.

Video is a continuous take from two cameras (an iPhone and an iPad). I put together the two videos with the audio track in Ableton and then saturated the color in iMovie.

touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with new drum and synth sounds, along with a new grid view for live jamming with different sequencer patterns.

What's new in touchscaper v1.3.4:

• Additional "707", "727" and "106" drum, percussion and synth sounds
• Additional "106" based "SMARP" sounds (tap the "SMARP" button to cycle through)
• New "PanUp" touch sequence mode
• New sequencer grid view for live performance / jamming! Tap the grid icon on the main looper view

Please also note the following changes:

The sequence "Mute" part option is no more - simply tap the active sound to mute that part.
The swing "dancing people" button on the main looper has been replaced with a sequence grid view button. Open the tempo view to adjust swing settings.

I hope you like the new grid view - I think it's a lot of fun! I'll try and do some proper tutorials (much requested!), although MIDI features (in progress) are now top priority. The user guide on should also be up to date by the time you read this - sorry it was getting a little behind, version-wise.

Many thanks for all the support, encouragement and great reviews - much appreciated! -Rob
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