In Memoriam: Toz Bourne

I learned from Doug Woods that long-time Patron and supporter of the site Toz Bourne passed away, after a protracted illness. From his profile page here on discchord you can see his participation in the community has been lengthy and profound. His first comment on the site was in the April Fools post for 2014. Toz's music has been featured here many times in the past, and he was among the people who helped me with the original beta testing for the site.

We've exchanged a lot of emails over the years, and I'm stunned to learn of his passing. Toz will be missed by many in the community. He never brought any drama, just good vibes to all.

His last album, produced entirely on iOS, was a fun one I dubbed Jazz Punk.

Mindless: Name Your Price


BLEASS was updated with two new sample packs, including one designed specifically for, "Sporty Tracks."

What's new in BLEASS v1.3.1:

Some UI improvements have been added for a smoother live music making experience.
Two brand new sample packs are now available:
> "CHIPTUNE" : A fine selection of noises, glitches, snares and kicks directly from old dirty chipsets.
> "SPORT" : boxing, kung-fu or formula 1 samples for your sporty tracks.
You can now rate the app or send us feedback through the ABOUT page!

The BLEASS YouTube channel got a fun new tutorial for the last update, which added the Chords synth.

Maria Calfa-DePaul - Wake Me Up When September Ends (Cover)

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul did a beautiful Uke cover of a Green Day classic!

Video Description:

I've always loved this song written by Billie Joe Armstrong and performed by GreenDay I finally found the right ukulele tab for it and I'm so pleased. Thank you!!
I hope you like it. I used Luma Fusion to put the two videos together!!
Each part was recorded on my iPad in Auria. Thanks for listening!
My original music is available on Bandcamp if you are interested

Music Hands iClassical Vol. 1

Music educator Music Hands has released a new iClassical Vol. 1 lesson set. This is a complete package for music teachers that want to integrate iPads into their class. The course includes Movement No.1, an orchestral piece designed specifically for the iPad.

iClassical Vol 1 is the first in the series exploring Classical music.

Learn to read and play Movement No.1 a piece designed specifically for the iPad. Explore dimensions of music such as pitch, texture and structure as you learn to play software instruments with accuracy, control and expression.

Created with teachers in mind, simply logon and use this e-learning tool as an in-house specialist.

6 lessons comprised of 18 different activities in which your students will develop a range of musical skills including the ability to sight read.

Create your own iPad orchestra as you work towards your final performance of Movement No.1.

iClassical Vol 1. includes;

  • 6  x Video Lessons
  • 18 Activities
  • 6 x Lesson Guides
  • Syllabus & Objectives

Buy iClassical now and create you own iPad Orchestra.

We’ve improved our resources making them easier to use in class and even easier to share amongst your team. Multiple teachers or teams from your institution can access our unique iPad music tuition resources via our Academy

How to Turn Your iPad into an SP-404

Roland's SP-404 sampler is still commanding a fairly high price on eBay. Fortunately Marv4MoBeats has a tutorial on how to make your own, with BeatMaker 3 and a MID controller.

Video Description:

In this tutorial I will show you how to turn your Ipad into a SP 404.




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