Brice Beasley - Dr. Spoetzel

Sound designer Brice Beasley took a very unique approach to making music with his iPad. Rather than use any of the many fancy music making apps available on the iPad, he generated sounds with electromagnetic interference caused by running those apps!

The glitches and textures in this track were captured by sticking an old telephone pickup on the screen of his iPad, while maxing out the iPad's processors with benchmarking software. He then used his iPad to shape those textures with Klevgränd's effects.

Video Description:

Experiments and little else.

Electronisounds: BeatMaker 3 - LFO Technique & Free Drum Kit!

Dean from Electronisounds is back with a BeatMaker 3 tutorial. Here he shows off a technique for using the LFO with drum sounds. Dean is also giving away a free drum kit!

Video Description:

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"Beatmaker 3 - LFO Technique and FREE Drum Kit!"

Quick tutorial on using a LFO with drum sounds to give more life and movement to your beats!

Also showing how to download, install and use a new *FREE* drum kit for Beatmaker 3!

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FunkTree - Reverb at Cayman

There have been a lot of beach-side jams posted to YouTube this week, but Funk Tree did my favorite of the bunch on his OP-Z with Roli Blocks.

Video Description:

Far away from crowded "7 Mile beach". The "Rum Point" is the right location for jams like this.. Glitches from OPZ and great sounds from Roli Blocks combined with Specular Tempus. All sounds from ROLI are from Noise App

GarageBand Tutorial - Drummer

Patrick from TheGarageBandGuide did a detailed tutorial on the Drummer feature in GarageBand.

Video Description:

The Drummer is one of GarageBand for iOS’ premier features; a living, breathing rhythm section that will change and adapt with the flow of your project.

The sheer amount of variety on offer and ease of use means that you can easily create an original sounding drum track in next to no time.

In this Garageband tutorial for beginners, I take you through Drummer’s key features and share some advanced techniques guaranteed to take your projects to the next level.

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Imaginando DJ Set: Live From Office with Lukkas

Imaginando is sweating in Portugal! It is 40° Celcius, which is over 100° Freedom Units. Jesus maldito! That is quite hot for a country that does not have ubiquitous air conditioning. To take their minds off the heat, Lukkas from the Imaginado tutorial videos did an excellent 2 hour DJ set. This set ranges across many genres.

Video Description:

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Summer has hit us hard in Portugal, with temperatures topping 40°C. Today we're turning up the heat even further with another hot mix of music.

For this second edition of LFO sessions we have a known face from all of you. While you are familiar with his sound design and synth mastering skillz, this time you will get to know his djing skills along with a familiar product, TKFX.

Lukkas aka Lucas Palmeira has a degree in music production and a masters degree in sound design and multimedia. He has been djing since mid 90’s going through all genres from drum n’ bass to techno.

These days besides working at Imaginando he run his Audio Incal studio, providing production and mastering services for many musical projects. He is also an active member of the bands Quadra, Ângela Polícia, O Amante Negro and The Missing Link.

Join us, hang out and chat, and most importantly enjoy some top quality beats courtesy of Lukkas Live From Office.

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