NAMM2020: Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark Edition

Gaz Williams for Sonic State got a look at a new grown up version of the goofy Blipblox from last year. This new After Dark Edition is expected in the middle of 2020, for $200.

Video Description:

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Melodic Chill with Erica Fusion System & Beatmaker 3

Phats McNatty makes his modular bleeps and blorps sound extra pretty with BeatMaker 3 and Zeeon!

Video Description:

Downtempo and more chill, using Beatmaker 3 for sequencing and effects. The pad sound is from zeeon on ios.

AN1 Analogue Groovebox by DesignByPaul

DesignByPaul released AN1 Analogue Groovebox. Like most of Paul's apps this one does not appear to have any useful connectivity. Which is a shame, and would usually disqualify it from being featured on the site, but a joke occurred to me when I saw the awful demo video.

AN1 Analogue Groovebox App Store Description:

AN1 is a fun groovebox comprised of 3 analogue synths with integrated sequencers and onboard effects. AN1 exposes all synth parameters with a one knob per function paradigm, allowing for quick, fun and intuitive real-time manipulation and creation of tunes and sounds.

— 3x VA synths
— 2x LFOs per synth
— 3x 16 step sequencer
— Effects: delay, reverb, chorus
— Note frequency quantize

While AN1 Analogue Groovebox cannot be run on an iPhone, DesignByPaul can't record on an iPhone either!

Richard Yot - Mononoke Jam in C Mixolydian

Richard Yot did an excellent demonstration of how musical Mononoke can be when restricted to a musical scale. Meanwhile, Bram Bos posted another video for people who want it to sound even more crazy!

Video Description:

Quick example of setting Mononoke to a musical scale for nice sounding results. Hosted in AUM with additional processing from Electrogene, Spectrum Granular, Kosmonaut and ToneBoosters Reverb.

MobileMusicPro: Cubasis 3 Tutorial for Beginners

Vortex from MobileMusicPro did a Cubasis 3 tutorial that covers the basics of the new DAW.

Video Description:

In this video we give beginners an introduction to Cubasis 3 and teach the basics on how to create a new project and begin recording with the native instruments and effects.

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