Aiwass - iKaossilator Live Jam on iPad 10.2"

YouTuber Aiwass is rocking out in iKaossilator! This may be the best iKaossilator jam I've ever seen!

Video Description:

Endless fun with this app.

Mikromix Studio: Teenage Engineering OP-Z with AUM

YouTuber Mikromix Studio, DMV shows off how he sequences the OP-Z with AUM... and his dance moves!

Video Description:

I'm starting a GoFundMe for dance lessons lol!! I finally got AUM and it seems like the perfect match for the sequencer on the OP-Z. I go through the apps I am using and then a quick beat at 1:45

Thanks for the likes, shares, and especially comments! I appreciate you.

Todd Smith - Korg iWAVESTATION & Eventide Blackhole iOS

YouTuber Todd Smith has makes excellent dramatic use of velocities in this performance in iWAVESTATION!

Video Description:

This video I explore a FM/pad style piano I found in Korg Wavestation iOS & layer a little reverb from Eventide Blackhole iOS.

Red Sky Lullaby - Extra Hour

Reader Red Sky Lullaby did this ambient app jam with iVCS3 running into the new MangledVerb by Eventide. Other apps are featured; including an excellent use of Photophore!

Video Description:
Ambient App Jam featuring iVCS3 by Apesoft, Eventide Mangledverb, Korg Odyssei, Photophore, Endlesss.
Recorded and mixed in Auria Pro, also used some FabFilter plug ins in the mix

Improvising with Memory Collection 10 Samples in Fluxly

Sound Designer Les Productions Zvon had a lot of fun with his Memory Collection samples inside of Fluxly!

Video Description:

Everything was done in real-time but the video is an edit of different scenes.
Fluxly automatically loops the samples and spinning the spheres, called Fluxums, determines the playback speed.

The Memory Collection packs are audio samples from Public Domain novies, TV shows and ads. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Memory Collection pack 01!
Visit this page for more info:

Also watch my 2 previous Fluxly videos!
"Improvising in Fluxly - Number 1" :
"Improvising in Fluxly - Number 2" :

Fluxly is available for Androis and iOS devices:

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