WoodStepper Update

WoodStepper, from Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio, was updated with a bunch of small new features. Among the new features is an Audio Gate trigger to start the sequencer when it hears audio input.

What's new in WoodStepper v1.4:

Added Octave-Up button in sampling panel.
The pitch sequence of sampled sources can now also be modulated by keyboard notes.
When running, the UI will now follow linked sequencers.
Added new sequencer Start mode : Audio Gate (starts when audio level gets above threshold)
Added new sequencer Stop mode : Stops after number of bars played.
When not running, arrow keys cycle through steps and sequencers.
Added a few more demo-presets.

Fixed bug in stereo sampling (channels were individually sampled)

Portablist Finger Drumming Routine

Sick James shows off his scratching skills on the tiny Numark PT01 with some BeatMaker 3 finger drumming.

Video Description:

Something I put together real fast. Made the beat, chopped it up, recorded it and edited the video in a day. Didn't have all my equipment so it was real minimal. Just Beatmaker 3 for the drums and PT-01 Scratch for the Skratches.

Koala Sampler Update

Koala Sampler, from Marek Bereza, was updated with some helpful tools to manipulate samples. This includes a pinch-to-zoom that lets you fine tune your crops.

What's new in Koala Sampler v1.360:

- Pinch to zoom waveforms
- Crop samples
- Share koala songs
- Better midi support
- Optimization and small bug fixes

KQ Unotone AUv3 Jamming - How does it sound?

YouTuber SoundForMore previews some of the sounds in the new KQ Unotone that was released last week!

Video Description:

KQ UnoTone AUv3 Jamming - How does it sound?

Blog: https://soundformoreblog.blogspot.com...

#KQUnoTone #Demo #AUv3

JH Brodtkorb - House of Goats

YouTuber JH Brodtkorb produced some nice glitchy TripHop on his Microgrannies and Volca FM

Video Description:

This was recorded live

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