GlitchCore by Alex Matheu

After months of teasing previews, Alex Matheu just released GlitchCore! This AUv3 effect lets you slice and juggle incoming audio in micro loops. There is a 16-step pattern sequencer that allows you to control how the juggling occurs, and which effects are applied to the slices.

While waiting for Apple to approve GlitchCore, Alex recreated GlitchBreaks as a Mozaic script for GlitchCore.


GlitchCore is an Audio Unit (AUv3) effect for re-sequencing live audio. It can rearrange audio that it processes. GlitchCore lets you glitch audio by making micro loops and scrubbing your sound. GlitchCore also lets you set loop points, variable loop lengths, and can reverse live audio.

GlitchCore can be used in your favorite host app like AUM, apeMatrix, GarageBand, Cubasis, and others.

GlitchCore works really well on drums, samples, or drum machines, but also works great on synths, pads and vocals.

Features :
AUv3 effect can launch multiple instances
16 step pattern sequencer
8 pattern slots
Randomize pattern steps
Trigger patterns automatically
Mutate patterns automatically
Buffer freeze
Syncs to host
All parameters are exposed as AU Parameters for automation
Pattern move in cardinal directions
Adjustable micro fades for each mode create envelopes to adapt to different types of audio

A bunch of videos for this came out today! _ iOSTRAKON takes things to the extreme, while Red Sky Lullaby brings an informative and much gentler performance. The Sound Test Room did the demo embedded here.


AUDIOMODERN EOOD released Filterstep. This is a completely free filter plugin for iOS, Windows and macOS! This is a sequenced filter, so it can add interesting rhythmic patterns to your filtering for extra grooves.


Filterstep is a creative motion filter plugin which provides all kinds of intricate rhythmic movement to any input in real-time.

It can give you incredibly complex and nuanced results based on various filter effect settings, and almost infinite possibilities for sonic exploration through filter randomization.

You can choose between three filter types, range, frequency, quantization, sequencer movement and more.
Craft interesting patterns, or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

Add filter motion and shape any sound into a groove.

Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Update

The iOS version of Remixlive, from MIXVIBES, was updated with a new step-sequencer.

What's new in Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v5.0.2:

Because you guys are the best, you deserve the best app! This is why we keep improving Remixlive by adding cool features. And if you like Remixlive, make sure to rate it on the App Store ;)

Version 5 new features:
- Brand new Step Sequencer: create, edit and play sequences the way you would do in desktop DAW software such as Logic Pro X or Ableton Live
- Improved UI and UX: new Drum Grid view for more intuitive playing, overhauled store layout
- New collection layout
- General improvements and bugfixes

Grzegorz Bojanek - Locked at Home Loop #1

YouTuber Grzegorz Bojanek is locked at home like so many people around the world. While I've tried to mostly just post positive stuff this week, I feel like his gentle angst here is also appropriate for this time.

Video Description:

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elbowMedia Studios: How to Sample Vinyl Directly into BM3

Marcus from elbowMedia Studios shows the whole process of sampling vinyl records into BeatMaker 3.

Video Description:

Whats Good BeatMakers! Let's have some fun and sample a vinyl record directly into to BM3!

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