Music Hands iClassical Vol. 1

Music educator Music Hands has released a new iClassical Vol. 1 lesson set. This is a complete package for music teachers that want to integrate iPads into their class. The course includes Movement No.1, an orchestral piece designed specifically for the iPad.

iClassical Vol 1 is the first in the series exploring Classical music.

Learn to read and play Movement No.1 a piece designed specifically for the iPad. Explore dimensions of music such as pitch, texture and structure as you learn to play software instruments with accuracy, control and expression.

Created with teachers in mind, simply logon and use this e-learning tool as an in-house specialist.

6 lessons comprised of 18 different activities in which your students will develop a range of musical skills including the ability to sight read.

Create your own iPad orchestra as you work towards your final performance of Movement No.1.

iClassical Vol 1. includes;

  • 6  x Video Lessons
  • 18 Activities
  • 6 x Lesson Guides
  • Syllabus & Objectives

Buy iClassical now and create you own iPad Orchestra.

We’ve improved our resources making them easier to use in class and even easier to share amongst your team. Multiple teachers or teams from your institution can access our unique iPad music tuition resources via our Academy

How to Turn Your iPad into an SP-404

Roland's SP-404 sampler is still commanding a fairly high price on eBay. Fortunately Marv4MoBeats has a tutorial on how to make your own, with BeatMaker 3 and a MID controller.

Video Description:

In this tutorial I will show you how to turn your Ipad into a SP 404.




Need Beats

SpaceCraft Granular for Android Beta

SpaceCraft developer Mark Watt has sent out a call for beta testers to help him bring SpaceCraft to Android. You will need a modern Android device running Android 8.0 (Oreo) or above.

If you can help DM him on Twitter, or email to

Let's make my 2019 prediction come true, and give Apple some competition in the music app space!

FieldScaper MIDI controller

Developer Igor Vasiliev posted this enticing tease on his blog! A hardware controller for FieldScaper!

And it will remain a tease because you'll never be able to buy it. This is another amazing creation from the Synth Project, who make these one-off custom controllers for apps. Previously he created controllers for Animoog and iVCS3.

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano by Kira Q Tech

Kira Q Tech, developer of the popular KQ Dixie and KQ MiniSynth, released MIDI Recorder with E.Piano. With the app you can record a MIDI sequence as a MIDI file, and then play it back on any MIDI device. It also has it's own built-in FM synthesizer for FM Electric Piano timbres.

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano is completely free, and if you like it you can donate.

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano iTunes Description:

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano simply performs record/playback as you input MIDI signals.
When connecting an electric piano, organ, or keyboard to your iPhone/iPad, you can record the performance completely.
As a bonus, the app includes FM E.Piano sounds.
Also there is an on-screen keyboard, you can make a note of your idea anywhere.

- You can toggle kinds of signals to record.
- You can select MIDI channels.
- The app processes signals from all MIDI ports. You can not select ports.
- The app makes files of Standard MIDI File Format 0.
- iTunes File Sharing and iCloud are supported.

MIDI is a standard about controlling audio devices.
You can control musical instruments with separately sold MIDI adapter for iPhone/iPad.

The internal FM synthesizer processes only note on, note off, and sustain control, and ignores the others.

This app may sound even if the device is silent.
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