014london70 - The Lost Tracks v2

014london70 produced some impressively trippy TripHop with his collection of Volcas and iPad apps!

Video Description:

This one from a while back, again with a lost video recording of the jam. I can’t remember too much about it, other than the Volca Keys, Sample, Bass and FM with the Novation Circuit. Chord pad is from Sunrizer synth and the arp is from iSem synth app.
Visuals by STAELLA iOS app.

apeMatrix 1.5 Update

apeMatrix, from apeSoft got a major update this weekend! Many aspects of the app have been improved, and there are some nice new features in here as well. You can now store "sub-presets" for your matrix connections, and there are a lot of new MIDI features in here too!

What's new in apeMatrix v1.5:

+ Removed delay in the audio connections
+ New Delay Compensation
+ New Sub-presets for matrix connections
+ New MIDI filter Source selection for MIDI multi-cable AUv3
+ New AUv3 MIDI Send for most MIDI common messages
+ New AUv3: Gain Pan
+ AUv3: Sampling Rate change according to the host
+ AUv3: Save knob/slider steepness in presets
+ AUv3: LFO Memory Leak, fixed
+ AUv3: Host will Display Logarithmic values properly
+ New Preferred List in ‘Load Audio Units’ view
+ Presets Manager show Factory/Library/User icons

The update arrives with an official demo by apeSoft developer Alessandro Petrolati.

Red Sky Lullaby: Endlesss (Beta) Demo Jam

Reader Red Sky Lullaby jams out in the upcoming Endless app by Tim Exile. He's included a lot of detailed captions to explain the app and his process with it. There's no telling when this app will be officially released, but you can jump into it today using his Beta Invite link!

Video Description:


Endlesss is a collaborative music app currently in Beta testing so is not available on AppStore yet


AudioKit Digital D1 Tutorial Series

AudioKit developer Matthew Fecher did a 4 part tutorial series for Digital D1!

Video Description:

Make better music. Learn some tricks and tips for Digital D1.
Start here for learning how to use Digital D1. Be a power player...

0:28 Quick Tips & FAQs
2:38 LFOs & LFO Panel
5:15 Main Panel
12:40 Settings

Part 2: Layer Panel

Part 3: FX Panel

Part 4: Presets Panel

D1 Sequencer Tutorial:

Digital D1 is an award-winning 80s/90s digital synth.

Radiohead - The Bends (Cover by Joe Edelmann)

YouTuber Joe Edelmann is doing some amazing covers! His latest is an authentic take on The Bends. There's no relevant excuse for me to feature this here, but he's got less than 800 subscribers and I do not want this performance to go unseen. He's obviously put so much effort into this, but it has less than 400 views.

Video Description:

Where do we go from here?

For covers, originals, and other content, be sure to subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/edeljr315/
And check out Burne Holiday's channel (with more original songs) here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGF...

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