Koala: Creating Samples & Processing Sounds Externally

YouTuber Pete Sasqwax shows us how he's been developing his samples for Koala, using external gear. If you're interested in Koala Sampler, you should definitely check out his other 4 videos on the app.

Video Description:

Video 5 is the KOALA video that doesn't feature KOALA at all. How is that possible? There's only one way to find out...

Obviously, you don't have to use KOALA to utilise any of these techniques in your music - and it's only a 20 minute or so video so it's far from exhaustive. The purpose is simply to give some examples so that you can take the idea and let it take you to places I've probably not even considered going to.

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Boom Bap West Coast Style Live Beat Making

Myracks from Altruwest recorded himself making Boom Bap with two instances of Gadget on two iPads.

Video Description:

This is a Live Boom Bap Beat Making video of West Coast Hip Hop producer J. Myracks performing with two iPads running Korg Gadget software, Critter and Guitari Organelle and the Korg Kaoss Pad for effects.

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Electro Traveller - Lago di Como 2

YouTuber Metunar has been jamming out lakeside this summer with iDensity!

Video Description:

Again made with an iPad with the iDensity app.
Drum and synthloops are from a EMU Command Station XL-7 with extra Mo’Phatt Rom.

Let's Play with Aphelian

This week I was enamored with the fun composition style of Aphelian. On the surface this may look like just a goofy set of swirls, but this is a great way to compose new melodies in an enjoyably unique way.

Video Description:

Aphelian is a new and totally unique way of composing musical sequences. It includes a built-in synthesis engine, but this video focuses primarily on the extraordinary sequencer. Along the way we learn Demonology, and a little bit about ourselves.

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Preview: touchscaper for iPad

Rob Jackson, developer of moodscaper, pianoscaper, and guitarscaper, posted this preview for his next app: touchscaper. This "semi-generative" app has a different UI from the other scaper apps. touchscaper is similar in appearance to TC-11 and looks fun to touch! It also sounds fantastic in this short demo!

Video Description:

touchscaper for iPad is a new semi-generative music app that's designed to be expressive, easy and fun to play by simply touching the screen. Here's a little taste of what it can do.

Coming soon to the Apple App Store.

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