Digistix Drummer - Tutorial: Overview

YouTuber SoundForMore did a couple of tutorials for Digistix Drummer. Embedded here is the Overview, and there is another specifically on using Digistix inside of AUM.

Video Description:

Digistix Drummer - Tutorial: Overview

Blog: https://soundformoreblog.blogspot.com...

#Digistix #Drummer #Tutorial

NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit (WAY TOO HAPPY COVER)

Melodicka Bros does a lot of goofy videos, but this "way too happy" cover of Teen Spirit is the goofiest!

Video Description:

Hello there guys! This is how smells like teen spirit would probably sound if it was released in the 50s. And there's also a kazoo solo.

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iPad Beat Making with BeatMaker 3 and PureSynth Platinum

YouTuber Bolo Da Producer did a detailed beat making tutorial. Skip ahead to 3:00 because he starts with a lot of permeable and a 2 minute ad.

Video Description:

I'm Back at it making Trap Beat On Ipad using Beat Maker 3 and PureSynth Platinum. Hope you guys enjoy!!

Sound Of Izrael - 80 Angels (iOS Chill Jam)

YouTuber Sam Izrael did a trippy chill jam entirely in iOS apps.

Video Description:

Live Chill jam at 80 bpm.
Patterning for drums.
Zeeon for Bass synth.
NPD for Deep pad.
Mersenne for Bass synth.
Lagrange (*2) for Bass ARP and Synth ARP.
Factory for Piano.

Fx: Blackhole/ Fac Bandit/Turnado/proq 2/Fac Maxima
Atom piano roll/Rozeta bassline
Recorded in Aum.

Alex Fain - Behringer MS 1 & Volca Beats

While experimenting with syncing his Behringer MS1 and Volca Beats, Alex Fain got some great sounds out of the MS1 with the aid of some iOS effect apps!

Video Description:

Little test using MS1 in sync via CV out to CV in to Volca Beats, the MS1 pass thru the Behringer UCA 222 usb audio connected to IPhone XR where run AUM for give effects ( zero verb app and BLEASS delay and Wider Touch App for stereo effect).
The Volca and the MS1 pass thru JUST MIXER 5 and go out to Steinberg UR 22 for record with iPad with AudioShare .
Final master with Final touch app.
This is a test, I’m happy about It, the sequencer of MS1 is so complicated to understand but possible to approach.
The only bad thing is the mini mixer Just mixer 5 because have lot of noise.
Next time I’ll do better
Thanks for watching.

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