Meerkat Music: QuantumSequencer Driving Noise AU App

Reader Meerkat Music did a demo of the new QuantumSequencer sequencing ROLI's Noise app.

Video Description:

Quantum Driving Noise AU App, Meerkat Madness ! Apologies to Tony Saunders for misspelling his QUANTUM App! It’s by far the best Sequencer for iOS out there.

QuantumSequencer by anthony saunders

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Patterning Update

Patterning, from Olympia Noise Co., was updated with several fixes. The update also includes a new ability to export, or import, all of your songs, drum kits, and samples via iTunes file sharing as a single Patterning Database.

Correction: This article originally had the wrong update information and revealed an interesting bug in the site's internal app database! Thanks to pantsofdeath for pointing this out. The following is the actual update that happened today!

What's new in Patterning v1.3.1:

• Export and Import Patterning database (all songs, drum kits, and samples) via iTunes File Sharing. Available from FILE screen.
• Secret hack that allows you to import .onps and .onpd files using the sample library's Dropbox browser.
• Fix issue which caused iTunes File Sharing "Inbox" to not be cleared when importing files.
• Potential fix to occasional bug with the sample editor view.
• Fix an issue that could cause a crash when deleting MIDI Mappings.
• Fix naming of MIDI Channels in MIDI Mappings
• Removed "Backup User Database" setting from System Prefs, as it was unreliable. Use built-in Database Export/Import instead.
• Clear database cache on app termination.
• Include MIDI mappings in .onps song export
• Clear inbox after sample import.
• Fix bug with Cloud Kit sharing on iOS 9
• Fix iOS 11 crash when saving Drum Kits.

ChordFlow Update

ChordFlow, from Dmitry Klochkov, got a major overhaul with redesigns to the Sections View, Chord Sequence Editor, and Arpeggiator Editor.

What's new in ChordFlow v2.0.0:

- Each section row now contains a play button with the section name, an arpeggiator pattern view and a chord sequence view. You can start playing a section or jump to another section just by tapping on a section's play button. You can now see arpeggiator patterns and chord sequences of all your sections right on the main view. So it is now much easier to see what is currently playing and what you need to play next.

- Custom names for sections. You can now give your sections custom names. Tap on the edit button at the right of the navigation bar. Press rename on the required section.

- Section reordering was improved. Now to reorder a section just long-press on it and move it around.

- Each chord is now represented as a tile instead of a row. So it is now a lot more compact and allows you to fit more chords into one screen. The currently edited chord is indicated by a color frame around it. You can now edit the selected chord while the whole chord sequence is playing. It is much more convenient because you can hear the changes you make in the context of the full sequence.

- Duration slider was removed. Now, to change a chord duration you use the new picker control's column with label "Beats".

- Now when you add a new chord, instead of adding a default C major chord to the end of the sequence, the currently selected chord is copied and inserted after the selected chord. Selection is then moved to the newly added chord allowing you to edit it right away if you need to.

- If the sequence is currently playing and you select a chord that was not selected before, the playhead will not jump to that chord. This allows you to edit the chords of the sequence without disrupting the music flow. But if you still want to jump between chords, tap on a chord one more time, and it will start playing after the currently played chord is played to the end. If you want to jump to the selected chord right away, tap on it two times more after the selection tap. To summarize: 1 tap = selection, 2 taps = selection and quantized jump, 3 taps = selection and immediate jump.

- Chord reordering was also improved. To change a chord position, long-press on it and move it wherever you want it to be.

- Per-track mute buttons were added.

- Move tool added. You can now move the selected track along the arpeggiator grid.

- Per-track octave param added. You can now change the octave of the selected track.

- Per-track voice number param added. You can now set the number of voices per a track. When you set this param to the value more than one, the track will be splitted to the multiple parallel lines. You can use it to quickly create full chord parts with just one track(color). Before that improvement, you would need to use multiple tracks for that task.

- Portrait orientation support for iPhone. You can now edit arpeggiator sequence in both portrait and landscape orientations. When you are in the portrait orientation on an iPhone, you see only a part of the arpeggiator sequence. To scroll through it you use a two finger pan gesture (put two fingers on the arpeggiator grid and slide them left and right). On the landscape orientation on an iPhone, the grid is fit to the screen so you can see the whole sequence.

- Undo/redo buttons added. You can now go back and forth in the history of edits in the arpeggiator editor.

- "Clear all" button added. You can now clear the whole arpeggiator pattern at once.

- Several unexpected crash cases were fixed.

- Editing performance is improved. The chord sequence and arpeggiator sequence editing procedures were optimized to provide much smoother experience when editing a section while the app is playing.

- Currently opened song is now autosaved.

- Overall UI polishments and minor bug fixes.

pantsofdeath: Axon 2 Overview

Reader pantsofdeath brings us an overview of the new Axon 2 drum app from Audio Damage!

AC Sabre MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller Update

AC Sabre MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller was updated with Audiobus 3 and automatic Bluetooth advertising.

It is worth noting that this means the Bluetooth service is alerting nearby devices to its presence, and not a new form of guerrilla marketing where Bluetooth radios send out subliminal messages encouraging consumerism! That would be crazy. The Bluetooth radios in our phones are already maxed out from sending subliminal mind control messages for the NSA.

What's new in AC Sabre MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller v1.1.1:

- Audiobus 3 support!
- Automatic Bluetooth advertising (no more tedious steps enable it!)
- Zero-tap, auto-connection to iPad via new free "AC Central" app! Download it for on your iPad....
- Audiobus state saving both locally and to iPad via AC Central
- Hands free mode now works when AC Sabre is in background
- A few bits of housecleaning...
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