Meerkat Music - Eye of Neptune

Reader Meerkat Music did a great jam in AUM. Halfway through he experienced a MIDI note getting stuck, and rolled with it!

Video Description:

Underwater improvisation AUM sequencing!
Didn’t quite go to plan !

Behringer TD-3 Announced

Clone manufacturer BEHRINGER has announced the imminent release of TD-3, their analog TB-303 clone. The announcement video shows off some of the features, including CV/MIDI and a built-in distortion, before going into a bunch of sound demos. There's no release date or price yet, but it is rumored to cost around $150.

Video Description:

Are you ready for it?

The Sound Test Room: FD-1 Filter Delay by Kai Aras

Doug from The Sound Test Room did a tutorial for the new FD-1 Filter Delay released yesterday!

Video Description:

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Groovebox Update

Ampify Music updated Groovebox with improvements to the pattern editor.

What's new in Groovebox v1.16:

This release features some great improvements to the pattern editor:
- Easily move around and visualise your pattern using the navigation bar
- Play, hear and record notes by tapping the note name for each row
- Easily change the volume or quantisation of notes while navigating your pattern

This version also fixes various bugs, including an issue with Audiobus.

Thanks as always for your continued support. If you like Groovebox, we'd really appreciate a review on the App Store. If you find bugs or have any comments, drop us a line at

AUM Loop Session & Tutorial

YouTuber Edward Spiegel did a highly detailed tutorial on setting up a mega looping station with Loopy, Audiobus, and AUM. The video description includes links to more tutorials from Edward.

Video Description:

This video demonstrates using Loopy as a multitrack looper recorder/player from inside AUM. You can do everything you need from AUM's main interface. No need to switch apps or go menu diving to record and play your loops.

This video shows a typical session. Other videos teach you how to set up your session and the AUM mixer and how to use the Audiobus palette to control in more depth than is covered here.

Loopy, AUM, Audiobus 3 Setup Walkthrough

AUM/Loopy Mixer Tour

Controlling Loopy from AUM

AUM Loopy QuickJam

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