Spinn - Multiband Modulator by Klevgränd

Klevgränd released Spinn - Multiband Modulator! This is a multi-band emulation of the Leslie cabinets with a rotating chamber. Unlike Eventide's Rotory Mod, Spinn is not trying to fully replicate the Leslie and is instead exploring their own territory with the effect.

That effect is very hard to describe, but fortunately it arrives with a trippy Monty Python preview.

Spinn - Multiband Modulator App Store Description:

Spinn is a 4 band rotating modulation effect. It’s a bit similar to a Leslie but not aiming to replicate this character. 4 rotors with individual speed controls, acceleration and deceleration times, adjustable size and modulation. Each band also has a velocity control, which will adjust the speed according to the bands input level. Spinn features custom amp modelling (clean or hot) and room simulation.

Note! Spinn is an AUv3 plugin that only works in an AUv3 compliant host like Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker 3, Auria etc.

Global features:
* Speed mode - (Slow, Fast, Off).
* Room - (Small, Medium, Big) with mix control.
* Amp - Clean or hot with 3 band equaliser and a drive control.
* Stereo width control.
* Crossover points
* Input and output controls.

And for each band:
* Size - The rotor size
* Mod - Modulation amount
* Slow and fast speed control
* Acceleration and deceleration times
* Velocity - makes the speed change with input level
* Level - Band level

Full documentation available inside the app or at https://klevgrand.se/downloads/spinn-docs/

Audio examples and more info at https://klevgrand.se/products/spinn

iBassist Update

iBassist, from Lumbeat, was updated with a new 2 dimensional (X/Y) slider that lets you control Jam Intensity!

What's new in iBassist v1.11:

- 2D Slider ( jam - intensity )
- Intensity Parameter for Live Pads & Song Parts
- Intensity for MIDI Out Chords
- Improved UI
- Added Minimum Notes To Recognize Chords for Live Midi In
- Added "FILL ►" ending note menu.
- MIDI Control Change for Jam - CC1
- MIDI Control Change for Intensity - CC2
- Bugs Fixed

Koala Pocket Sampler Tutorial

YouTuber JohnPaul Music UK posted a detailed tutorial for Koala Sampler, that starts off with an intro that made my inner teen-version-of-me very jealous of his Akai Sampler.

Video Description:

In this video we go through a full tutorial for the great Koala pocket sampler.

Toa Mata Band - Kop AKA / Tour de France

YouTuber Opificio Sonico posted another engaging performance from the Toa Mata Band robots, this one in tribute to the passing of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider. This time one of the bots is playing on an old iPhone 4S! It spent way too long trying to clearly identify the app and phone. You can just barely see the little bar by the mute switch that indicates it is an iPhone 4S and not an iPhone 4 Original Recipe. I have no clue on the app.

Video Description:

Toa Mata Band is known as the first LEGO® music #robots orchestra made of Bionicle figures.
Each band member is built using Lego Bionicle and Technic pieces.
It's a system of electric motors, rubber bands and pulleys connected to the figures arms that allows them to play an array of different touchable synthesizers, drum machines, smartphones and electronic percussions.

This his video is an extract from the recorded session that went live on streaming on May 1st 2020 during the lockdown in Italy.
The track is a remake of early TMB’s composition KOP AKA mashed-up with Tour de France ( Kraftwerk )

This is my tribute to Florian Schneider for inspired my works.

👉 Please support my works by subscribing to my Bandcamp page and be the first to get all my new music : https://toamataband.bandcamp.com

👉 Here is the Toa Mata Band's official merchandising page: https://teespring.com/stores/toa-mata...

I would appreciate it if you could buy one or more of my products to help me bring new Toa Mata Band content to you!!!🙌🏻

\\\ Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe my channel:
https://www.youtube.com/user/opificio... ///

djay - DJ App & Mixer Update

djay - DJ App & Mixer was updated with support for new music streaming services because Spotify are about to fuck up everything for everyone. As of July, Spotify is killing streaming for third-party DJ apps! This is a tremendous blow to the community of amateur DJs. Now bedroom DJs will need to pay for a second subscription service just to DJ with. At that point you're probably just forcing them to pirate again.

What's new in djay - DJ App & Mixer v3.4:

Thank you for using djay. We update the app regularly to provide the best mixing experience for you. Here is what’s new in this release:

• NEW: Beatport LINK integration: mix millions of electronic music tracks
• NEW: Beatsource LINK integration: mix millions of open-format, hip-hop, dance tracks
• NEW: Support for Traktor Kontrol S3 and S2 MK3 controllers (requires activating MIDI Mode on controller)
• Enhanced keyboard shortcuts for iOS 13.4 (now supports holding keys)
• Improved Apple Watch support for newer models
• Various bugfixes and improvements

** NOTE **

Dear djay user,

As of July 1, 2020, Spotify will no longer be playable through 3rd party DJ apps. To help djay users with this change, we’ve introduced new streaming services that will enable you to continue mixing all of the great music you love, plus give you extended access to new content and features. Please visit algoriddim.com/streaming-migration for more information and to learn how to migrate your existing streaming library to a new supported service. We are committed to make this transition as easy as possible for you and please know that we are here to help every step of the way.

Your Algoriddim Team
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