Shazamm: BeatMaker 3 Stems into Auria Pro via Files App

Shazamm The iPad Producer shows us his workflow after he's created a beat in BeatMaker 3, which he then further develops into a full track using Auria Pro.

Video Description:

I try and show how I transfer files from Beatmaker 3 into Auria Pro or an other app that supports this feature using the files app in ios 11

Zé Osório - O Trem Azul (The Blue Train)

Zé Osório typically jams with his iPad, but he found a decent DX7 Android app. He's using Synth DX 7, but the full version Synth DX 747 unlocks all of the features, removes ads, and allows MIDI SysEx for $4.50.

Video Description (Googlish & Tim Translation):

"The Blue Train" in E.Piano 1, from patch 11 on the classic Yamaha DX7 keyboard, with the musical app Synth DX7 Piano (which adds reverb and delay effects to timbre), a free version of the Synth DX 747 (by Rockrelay) app, non-latency Android apps with FM 6 ops (not samples), on the Samsung J5 MIDI phone and the Roland A30 keyboard; the drums are from the musical app Loopz on a DL Tablet; by José Osório de Souza recorded on another Samsung J5 cell phone.

SynthScaper Update

Igor Vasiliev extended the Designer Tool in SynthScaper to now work on iPhone. This functionality arrived for iPads in December, and offers a way to generate new presets with random variations to your existing ones.

What's new in SynthScaper v1.4:

This update adds Designer tool to iPhone version. This tool is intended to automatically generate and tweaking new presets and scenes. With using neural network the Designer generates new presets based on already existing by adding some random variations and checking the result so that the new preset remains similar to the selected pattern.

Also in this update:

● Added new scenes and presets.
● Added a lot of new samples in built-in library.
● The Designer tool available for iPhone version.
● Improved the option autotune for samples.
● Optimization for use on iPhone X.
● Audiobus SDK updated.
● Several minor bugs were fixed.

echo opera - the far side of being

Reader echo opera takes us on a journey to the far side of being with Zeeon and iSymphonic.

Video Description:

A short little morning jam, using 3 instances of Zeeon and 1 of iSymphonic in AUM being driven by the 1note workflow in Ableton Live. Also used Repro-5 and Bazille for some background movement along with the Glitch Drums kit.

As always, thanks for giving it a view and comments are always welcomed :)

Peace + Blessings

Sound Of Izrael - Electronic Morning Live Jam

YouTuber Sam Izrael started off his morning by jamming on 2 iPads running a bunch of apps.

Video Description:

A Live Jam with 2 ipads and Korg Minilogue

ipoad air 2 :
Fm Player


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