Tahigami Music - Womb

Datu Arellano has got a lot of unique home-made instruments. LUX is a light-sensitive synth that looks like a Stone Age Reactable. There's also Mountain Blossom; a wild sequencer based on flowers, origami, and math. There's more details for Blossom on his website. Even his KORG nanoKontrol is customized!

Video Description:

Recorded and shot on Mother's Day, my special guest performer and arranger friend, Toni Muñoz, decided to give this piece the title, "Womb".

Home-made instruments designed and built by me.

- Tahigami Music Instrument, LUX (diy light-sensitive synth)
- Tahigami Music Instrument, MOUNTAIN BLOSSOM (diy MIDI controller)
- Line 6 PODHD300 (not in view)
- iPad Pro
- KORG nanoKontrol

iOS music apps running on the iPad Pro (and their developers):
- AUM (Kymatica)
- Synth One (AudioKit)
- DRC Synth (Imaginando)
- STRNG (Erik Sigth)
- Physicle (Rodrigo Roman)
- Rozeta (Bram Bos)

Delayrium by Anthony Di Furia

Anthony Di Furia, developer of Esoteric Synth, released Delayrium! This is a new multi-delay AUv3 app, with 6 delay lines to really thicken your sound. Delayrium offers a lot of different parameters to fine tune it.

Delayrium iTunes Description:

Delayrium is a MultiDelay Audio Units PlugIn in parallel approach. It is based on 6 delay line with controls in Time, Time Modulation, Feedback, Panning Modulation and Amplitude Modulation.
It can be use as classic delay or sperimental mode for sound design and more. Delayrium contains 2 Audio Unit Plugin: Mono and Stereo mode.

- AUv3 Audio Unit Effect (apeMatrix, AUM, Cubasis, Nano Studio...)
- 6 Delay Line
- Time Control (time and bpm)
- Time Modulation
- Panning
- Panning Modulation (time and bpm)
- Amplitude Modulation
- Preset System

Ultimate Touch Control for Elektron Analog Rytm

ID ENTITY has released a new MIDI control surface for the popular Elektron Analog RYTM. It is available now on their website, for both TouchOSC (€7) and Lemur (€9) users.

Video Description:

Ultimate Touch Control for Elektron Analog Rytm

UTC-LEM-EAR is a multitrack midi application control for Elektron Analog Rytm.
Take touch control of all of parameters of your Elektron Analog Rytm in unique dedicaced application.
Specifics and dynamics pages control with zoom access are available for each tracks.
Step Sequenceur 64 Steps with random and preset per tracks.
All modifications controls on UTC-LEM-EAR are instanly synchronised to Overbrigde plugin and hardware Elektron Analog Rytm.
UTC-LEM-EAR can work directly without computer and plugin, just plug midi interface from iPad to Elektron Analog Rytm, and give you an amazing screen for work and play everywhere.
UTC-LEM-EAR only used midi control, there is no sounds inside.
UTC-LEM-EAR is a project of Lemur Application for IOS.



Murat Calasin - Cassini’s Voyage to Saturn

YouTuber Murat Calasin did a beautiful spacey synth thing on his Volca Keys and iPad. The song pays homage to the Cassini probe, but he neglected to use the Cassini app.

Video Description:

Gear used

Korg Volca Keys
Soundscaper ios app
Xynthesizr ios app


Lofionic Duplicat Tape echo ios app
Behringer XENYX 1202FX Delay
Eos 2 Reverb ios app

Enjoy !!!

How to Start DJing Right Now with a Phone

YouTuber TimmyG Official offers an introductory video for any aspiring DJs!

Video Description:

Learn how to start DJing right now in 2019! This time we are looking at the best way to start DJing with a laptop.

Music used in this tutorial:
TimmyG Rocket Power Remix - https://youtu.be/oX8codSnE4s

SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/timmygtunes
Spotify - https://goo.gl/BasR1p
Apple Music - https://goo.gl/8BgW21
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/timmygtunes/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/timmygtunes/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/timmygtunes

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