Redshrike Synthesizer Universal Update

Redshrike Synthesizer, from iceWorks, Inc., is now Universal! The app was released for iPhone last November, packed full of features like Audiobus and Ableton Link. Today's update brings it to the iPad and even adds AUv3 support! Redshrike is on sale for $6 until June 5th.

What's new in Redshrike Synthesizer v2.0.0:

- Universal App : Optimized for iPad and iPhone
- Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) compatible
- Support for Audiobus State Saving
- Exporting and importing of presets via Share extensions
- Swing parameter in the arpeggiator
- Improved MIDI mapping function

qlasbeats - Ee 2

Reader qlasbeats released a fun and funky Hip-hop album. This was produced on an Akai MPC1000, with a custom touchOSC control surface.

Ee 2: $4.99

If you have an MPC1000, running JJOS, Klas sent me the touchOSC layout which you can download here.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 Update

MIDI Designer Pro 2 got the Panel Channel update that we saw in this month's devlog, along with several fixes!

What's new in MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.9.0:

2.9 is a major release focusing on panels, smaller new features and fixes.

• NEW: Panel Channel and Starting CC (thanks Todd)... see
• NEW: Panels can be grouping or not grouping ('Panel Controls' toggle, thanks Terry and others)
• NEW: Changed Snap to Value and Snap to Default Value timer under the hood to allow for smaller values to work properly (thanks Steven!)
• ADDED: Song Select MIDI message for Songbook and other apps (thanks Peter)
• ADDED: 4-byte device ID Roland Sysex Checksum (thanks fingerstyler)
• FIXED: Reappearing MIDI Dude
• FIXED: Picker values not being set/shown properly on layout load (thanks Michel!)
• FIXED: Buttons with no label showing "Distortion 1" (thanks Gary!)
• FIXED: Page Jump buttons on other side on phone not working (thanks Scott!)
• FIXED: iPhone 6, 6+, 7, 7+ not showing arrows
• FIXED: iPhone default layout not centered
• FIXED: Panel layering didn't make much sense (Thanks Michel!)
• FIXED: Panel selection and multiline-label control slowness. See for details (thanks Byron)
• FIXED: Bug in Channel Changers with no presets overriding presets (thanks Giovanni)
• FIXED: Bug on first load with controls that bridge left and right pages (iPad only, thanks Michel!)

Translations thanks to François, Matteo and Pol.

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Here is Dan's latest vlog in case you missed it!

Mobile Electro Jam At Graveyard Feat. PO-32 Tonic + iPhone

YouTuber Perplex On posted this beautiful jam, both in terms of the music and video! In addition to the featured PO-32, he's making use of Animoog for iPhone and a QuantumVJ!

Video Description:

This is a very minimalistic outdoor jam just using the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic and an iPhone running Poly app sequencing Animoog. Visually supported by a QuantumVJ glitch visualizer. Everything recorded live on spot with a Zoom H2. Filmed at an old historical graveyard.

This track is a free download:

More videos and music





Marcus Padrini: 13 Presets for Sunrizer

Marcus Padrini from shared 13 free presets for Sunrizer, with a demo video!

Note: Reader Harison Zamperla has confirmed that these presets do not work on the iPhone "XS" version.

Video Description:

While I was recording my last synth course, I used Sunrizer a lot for making many synth patches. Here are 13 basic patches I created for lead, bass, pads and arp examples. If you like it, download the bank for free:

Importing the bank: download the file to your computer and then send it for any e-mail account you can check with your iPad. Using the mail app, open the message and use the "Import with Sunrizer" option.

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