Everyone Can Play Music #5: technoBox2 - The Final Chapter

We conclude our look at technoBox2 with a deeper look at the effects, and then put together and record a song. 

Please leave feedback on what you'd like to see covered when this series returns!

If these videos inspire you to purchase technoBox2 please use my link over on the right (the Top 5 list). Thanks!


My patches will be in GrainBender!

BurgerKone, invited me to share some of my patches in a future version of GrainBender! Many of these were heard in my review. I'm very excited! This is the first time my work will be included in anything like this. Here are some samples of the patches I sent off.

Patches for GrainBender by discchord


Review: GrainBender for iPad

BurgerKone's new synth app brings a lot of innovation to automation, providing some of the most interesting sound design on iPad. The inclusion of a robust MIDI implementation, as well as AudioCopy, makes this a serious tool for anyone who enjoys exploring sound.

Buy GrainBender on iTunes: $3.99

Everyone Can Play Music #4: Sequencing Drums

In this lesson we get into how to work with the drum sequencers, as well as playing around with different patterns in technoBox2.

Review: Rhythm Studio for iOS (Universal)

Rhythm Studio is an analog synthesizer studio for iOS, by Pulse Code, Inc.

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