KORG volca modular: Modular, Meet volca

Today KORG announced a couple of new additions to their Volca range! In addition to a new digital Volca Drum module, they have also unveiled the rumored Volca Modular. This is a semi-modular analog synth that should be arriving soon for $200! For that you get 50 patch points to play with!

I try to respect the styling of various brands. I know I'm being goofy with the lower d in discchord too. I just cannot keep up with KORG though. Now volca is supposed to be lower? Has it always been that way? Shit, I just checked my "volca bass" and it is indeed all lower. Meanwhile KORG is supposed to be all caps, which means whenever I read it back it sounds like shouting ironically. ALL SHALL KNEEL BEFORE KORG!

Meanwhile on YouTube, Korg is letting their branding slip with only a single capital letter in the name.

Video Description:

KORG volca modular is a semi-modular analog synthesizer in the KORG volca format that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before. Featuring 50 patch points for using the 20 included patch cables to connect the eight onboard modules in any way imaginable, volca modular was created with “West Coast Style” synthesis in mind, to offer a unique sound and design that deviates from traditional synthesis norms.

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Korg Volca Drum Mega Tutorial

Today Korg unveiled a new Volca Drum. Not to be confused with the previous Volca drum machine; the analog Volca Beats. The new Volca Drum is digital, for what they describe as an, "infinitely expanding world of sound-design." The Volca Drum is expected "early 2019" for $170.

YouTuber cuckoomusic has produced a Mega Tutorial for the new device!

Video Description:

Korg Volca Drum is a percussive synthesiser from Korg, in the Volca range. I find it quirky and fun, when departing from the drum territory.
Here's a long tutorial, with a lot of flavours of what it sounds like, and how you can work with it.

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The Sound Test Room: Autony Playing GeoShred & Aparillo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room demos Autony, the new AUv3 sequencer inspired by the philosophy of Brian Eno. Here he has it sequencing GeoShred and Aparillo, inside of AUM.

Video Description:

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Todd Smith Music: Korg Gadget Jam

YouTuber Todd Smith Music has been trying to incorporate more live performance into his jams, and he is doing quite well at that! Here's a fun one with Korg apps inside of Gadget, along with a microKORG.

Video Description:

: Gear List :

Korg Microkorg ( Live Pad )
Korg iMono/Poly iOS ( Synthesizer Sequence )
Korg Odyssei iOS ( Bass Sequence )
Korg Gladstone iOS ( Drum Sequence )
Novation Impulse ( Keyboard/Midi )
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 ( Audio Interface )
Korg Gadget iOS ( Main Sequencer )
Auria Pro iOS ( Multi Track Recorder
Audioshare iOS ( Audio Export )

I really enjoyed making this jam, it came together very good. It's a VERY simple, 4 part jam. It contains a sub bass sequence, synthesizer sequence, drum sequence and live pad. Sometimes simplicity is key.

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Using Korg Gadget on an iPhone

YouTuber Matthew Robison did a 4-part series about using Korg Gadget on the iPhone.

Video Description:

In this introductory section I go over creating a new song, the icons along the top of main Gadget screen, pricing for Gadget and devices, as well as how to pair a Bluetooth Keyboard.

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