Ave Mcree: AudioKit Bass 808 & MPC ONE Beat Making!

YouTuber Ave Mcree checks out the new Bass 808, and uses it to make a beat on his MPC ONE. The video starts a little glitchy, but you can follow the audio until the video starts playing correctly at 1:41.

Video Description:

A beat making video with the new AUv3 iOS app by AudioKit Pro called "808 Synth Bass". It's an 808 synth (Duhhhhhh!) that creates the phattiest bass you'll hear! I make a beat on my AKAI MPC ONE using the iPad Pro 2018 (I want the new 2020 model but whatever!). I go over some of the presets and how it works. How do you feel about this? Leave a comment below!

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http://djavemcree.net/contact [Contact me here for fastest response!]

Lo-Fly Dirt Update

Lo-Fly Dirt, from MSXII Sound Design, was updated with Factory Presets and the ability to create your own.

What's new in Lo-Fly Dirt v3.0:

3.0 updates:
• Adding factory & the ability to create/save user presets
• Other fixes & enhancements

Daveypoo: Locked in Quarantine with Nembrini Audio!

The Mobile Music Minstrel is making use of his time, with his guitar and the suite of Nembrini effects!

Video Description:

I'm showing off a number of Nembrini apps, a lot of which are free as of the release of this video!!!

Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/daveypoo

Check me out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/catego...

Check me out on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/davelionelli

Here are the hardware and apps I use in this video:

Gibson SG Special Faded: http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Ele...

Perplex On: Dark Drones with Mononoke Synth

YouTuber Perplex On went full-on into the madness with Mononoke into Alteza!

Video Description:

This demonstrates a little droning with Mononoke synth for iOS, routed through Alteza reverb and a little harmonic addition with QVox. Enjoy!

VolcaNiced - When it's over...

YouTuber VolcaNiced did a beautiful ambient thing, with a nice groove, using AudioKit apps!

Video Description:

Hey everyone!

There is a kind of end time mood on this planet. Bad.

But good for the creative ones among us, because that really kicks the energy again and you have 1000 ideas.

I wanted to do something quiet again, and yes I know you don't like it, at least that's what the click numbers of my videos say. But I want to use as many genres as possible that I like.

That's why I mostly loaded apps from Audiokit into my AUM today and played around with it a bit. Audiokit makes really great apps that are easy to understand and just fun. I can assure you that you can't go wrong here.

The reason for experimenting a bit with the audio kit today was certainly the release of the wonderful Sub Bass 808, which just sounds fantastic. That's why he takes up a lot of space in the song.

The pad / drone is from Digital D1 (Instant Zimmer) one of my favorite patches and as 3rd we have FM Player 2 (patch is called Soft Sine Pluck) which I combined with NA Delay from Nebrini Audio and the fastastic Shimmer FX. So there are a couple of pluck sounds and a little bit of spice to add.

I had previously sampled the little rhythm with the Volca drum and then read it into the AUM audio player. No big deal.

Dear friends, do not let yourself be disturbed in these difficult days. Stick to your family and friends as far as possible, use video chats and write a letter again or make something and send it in the mail. Don't give up, everything will be fine.

And if the planet does go on, don't forget your towel :)

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