App Sales: Bloody Hell

All of the apps from KORG and Numerical Audio are on sale today, along with several others.

I took a look at the Wikipedia page for July 18th trying to figure out if there was a holiday going on. July 18th is not a major international holiday, but looking at the bloody history of this day it probably should be. It starts with the Romans losing a bunch of battles in the ancient world, King Edward banishing all Jews out of England in the Middle Ages, followed by Hitler publishing Mein Kampf, and concludes with high body counts from terrorists and freedom fighters. This includes the infamous Rwandan Genocide.

July 18th is not fucking around! Everyone needs to stay inside and try not to be shitty to Jewish people!

TheAudioDabbler: Turn a Straw into an Epic Pad

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler did an excellent sound design tutorial! Here he turns a straw sliding through a top into a spacey pad with SpaceCraft and AudioStretch!

Video Description:

Learn how to take a straw sample and turn it into a pad using Spacecraft and Audiostretch.

Other Spacecraft videos

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link

Elastic Drums Update

Oliver Greschke updated Elastic Drums with support for multiple outputs in Inter-App Audio. You can now send the tracks of Elastic Drums out in discrete channels, allowing you to apply effects to them individually.

What's new in Elastic Drums v2.3:

- Multiple outputs for Inter-App Audio sessions: In Inter-App Audio sessions you can now route the 6 instrument channels of Elastic Drums to external outputs, to add additional effects to them. When routed to an external output the signal is removed from the master output.
- Update to Audiobus 3.0.7 SDK

haQ attaQ - Endless Photon Waltz

Jakob Haq put the new Eventide apps to good use on this original track with Harmony Voice!

Video Description:

My latest track has a very different sound to it thanks to Blackhole Reverb by Eventide. This was an older track I just couldn't seem to finish for some reason, however, Blackhole turned that around. I just love the sound of this thing. Stay tuned for video reviews of the new Eventide H9 plugin series for iOS. I'll be digging deep into them really soon!


FAC Bandit Update

FAC Bandit, from Frederic Corvest, was updated with a $2 in-app purchase adding 3 multi-band delays. This includes 2 ping-pong delays, and a stereo echo.

What's new in FAC Bandit v1.2:

• NEW FEATURE: 3 Multiband Delays (In-App Slot Effects Purchase) 
> 2 x Ping-Pong (Left/Right, Right/Left) and 1 x Stereo Echo. With feedback line, beat division and color parameters. 
> 9 new presets

Hey, I'm Fred developer of FAC. We share the same passion: MUSIC. A wonderful universal language and an amazing source of happiness.

FAC is a one person business, and as you may guess designing such apps is a very long process. Want to support? Please rate and review FAC Bandit, and check out my other apps. You are my motivation, and as I’ve already tweeted, your support provides me an instant coding nitro boost. So the more you give the more you receive.

There's no demo for the update, but Fred Anton Corvest did an excellent job on the original Bandit video.

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