Taetro: 5 Features ROLI Noise App NEEDS | ROLI Blocks

YouTuber Taetro loves the ROLI ecosystem with Noise and Blocks, but he has some reasonable requests.

Video Description:

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ROLI Lightpad Block M: http://amzn.to/2FZcMMm
Loop Block: http://amzn.to/2GuRPql
Live Block: http://amzn.to/2FRY6i7
Seaboard Block: http://amzn.to/2tPlyrv

NOISE App: https://roli.com/products/software/noise

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Tumblr: http://taetro.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicktaetro

R-07 Remote by Roland Corporation

At NAMM Roland announced the imminent release of their portable recorder Roland R-07 Stereo Recorder. This recorder is well positioned to take on the dominant Zoom recorders, both in terms of price and features. Arriving next month, available for pre-order now at $230, the R-07 features deep integration with a mobile app. Ahead of next month's hardware ship date, they've release R-07 Remote for iOS and Android!

The R-07 Remote app allows you to manage recordings as well as control features like input level. The iOS version includes WatchOS support. From the Apple Watch you have access to transport controls, input/output level, and can add markers while in the middle of recording.

R-07 Remote iTunes Description:

R-07 Remote is an application that can remotely control Roland’s Hi-Res Audio Recorder "R-07" from iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

R-07 Remote allows you to manage recordings and ensure what’s being recorded is exactly what you want, even while the R-07 is in its prime recording location, and out of reach.

App functionality:

[ iOS version ]

( Record screen )
* Record (standby / start / stop / pause)
* Rehearsal
* Split file while recording
* Add marker while recording
* Adjust input level
* Adjust output volume

( Playback screen )
* Playback (start / stop / pause)
* File select
* Rewind / fast-forward
* Add / remove marker
* Move marker
* Adjust output volume
* Change playback speed
* AB repeat

( Scene screen )
* Select scene
* Change recording parameters (sample rate / rec mode / limiter / low cut)

[ watchOS version ]

( Record screen )
* Record (standby / start / stop / pause)
* Add marker while recording
* Adjust input level
* Adjust output volume

R-07 Remote app can control only one R-07 recorder at a time.

Up to 100 R-07’s paired with R-07 remote apps can operate in the same space by changing the identification number of the R-07’s.

Sweetwater Sound got a preview of the R-07 at NAMM2018!

Electronisounds: Beatmaker 3 - Limiter on Master Out

Dean from Electronisounds shows us how you'd want to use a Limiter on the Master Output of any DAW.

Video Description:

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A.R. Rahman - Urvasi Urvasi (GeoShred Cover)

MJ SINGLE covered the classic Indian Techno R&B track Urvasi Urvasi on GeoShred in a Carnatic style!

10oP - Mixology King Fonk Playground Remix

YouTuber WOM takes advantage of Playground as a Universal app in this fun remix of the Mixology King Fonk Playground across an iPad and an iPhone!

Video Description:

playground app in da mix with 10oP.

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