AUM - Audio Mixer Update

AUM - Audio Mixer, from Kymatica AB, got a major update! Lots of quality of life improvements are in here; including a speed up to the interminably long app launch. There's also added functionality with 8 more Mix Busses, a newly optimized MIDI engine, and a new interface for AUv3 plugins to expose a single "main" parameter next to the app's node on the mixer interface.

What's new in AUM - Audio Mixer v1.2.6:

Big update with lots of improvements, fixes, and new stuff!

User Interface:
- Speed up app launch
- New Save UI with folder picker navigation
- Add search bar to node picker (drag down to reveal it) where you can search for plugins and IAA apps, etc
- Append current date and time to 'Untitled' session name
- Use title of source node for unnamed channels.
- FilePlayer preview: auto-play when tapping preview button
- Tapping 'home' button in chan bookmark menu when already at the start now scrolls to the end
- Bus sends: show amount in dB as well as percent
- Show parameter min/max in MIDI control list for built-in filters etc
- Add time and date in engine status view (tap DSP/battery indicator)
- Various UI layout and transition improvements
- If main audio engine is not running, color play button red and show warning message when tapped
- Allow access to transport controls while Clock Options menu is open
- Use numbers and punctation keyboard for value edit popups
- Various graphics optimizations and pixel-level tweaks
- Sort folders first in file lists
- Various users guide updates

- Add 8 more mix busses
- Add metronome pre-roll-only toggle in Clock Options menu.
- Automatically reset transport when changing pre-roll if not running
- Deactivate audio session when going background and stopping audio. fixes unresponsive audio engine in some cases after switching between apps
- Don't stop engine if disconnected from host unless running in background

- New optimized MIDI engine, with sample accurate timing for AUv3 and IAA midi
- Many improvements for the MIDI matrix: full screen, color coding, icons, activity indicators
- Add MIDI route button in the main top bar for quick access to MIDI matrix
- MIDI source lists: add activity indicators and icons
- Allow swiping to clear an assigned MIDI parameter, swipe on a subpage for 'CLEAR ALL'
- Handle MMC deferred play message (same as play)
- If AUv3 plugin has only one MIDI out, don't name it
- Various fixes for MIDI SysEx

Audio Unit Extensions:
- Allow plugins to expose a single main parameter to display next to the node. (default to first parameter returned from parametersForOverviewWithCount)
- Use the parameter tree hierarchy when listing parameters
- Add 'last time used' sort mode for AU plugin node picker
- Add show-own-controls toggle (for plugins built-in keyboard etc)
- Show param min/max in MIDI control list
- Allow plugins to update their shortName dynamically
- Clip plugin MIDI output timestamps in case they are out of bounds
- Call selectViewConfiguration after resize

- Avoid crash when removing channel with a node that receives MIDI from an AU and has a bus output/send.
- Fix occasional crash when MIDI learning parameter
- Use actual filename as title when loading session from file. Avoids confusion after renaming files
- IAA nodes: fix rare crash after ejecting node
- Various layout fixes for recent iOS device models
- Fix crash when Link tempo drops fast in some configurations
- Fix crash when enabling MIDI clock send while already running
- Bus Sends: fix double-tap for default value

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler did a video to showcase the new features in this update.

State Azure - Distant Space

YouTuber State Azure creates a beautiful ambient soundscape with his modular rig and Elastic Drums!

Video Description:

Glitchy ambient soundscape with the 7U case + iPad for percussion running Elastic Drums.

Patch Notes:
Not much to say about this one, it's a very simple sample based piece. Using Rainmakers random trigger input from noise tools random out to generative constant randomisation in Rainmaker, which is being fed the output from iPad via the Line In 1u. Various modulation on the Rainmaker, pitch, comb size etc modulated by Modbox and 2hp Rnd. Extra glitch FX from Assimil8or into Pico DSP (granular delay) also modulated then through Cinnamon filter (HP) with cutoff modulated by Modbox.

Recorded direct to DAW. Some compression and limiting was added in post. No other FX.

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The Sound Test Room: SynthScaper Scenes Pack by Noise Inc

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off a free Scenes Pack for SynthScaper by Noise Inc.

Video Description:

Here is the link to the FREE pack by Noise Inc

And here is a link to a Demo made by Noise Inc on SoundCloud

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You will also have access to exclusive Patreon only content and videos.

Chris Lody - Synthwave on Volca Keys synced to DS-10

YouTuber Chris Lody's latest Jamuary video features Korg Volca Keys synced to a Nintendo DS running Korg DS-10. The results can best be described as LoFi Vangelis! It's pretty damn awesome for its size.

Video Description:

Day 15 of Jamuary

Depressing news in Britain today, and with that in mind here's a bit of a 80's post apocalyptic movie soundtrack kind of thing, synthwave if you will, on a Korg Volca Keys synced up to Korg Ds-10 on the Nintendo Ds with my own little green tin box mixer. It's not a happy post apocalypse, by the sounds of it I think the robots are winning.

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MIDI Sprout Update

MIDI Sprout, the plant-based music sequencer from Data Garden, was updated with Audiobus support! Now you can apply effects to your plant's musical musings.

What's new in MIDI Sprout v1.2:

Tune instruments to 432hz, additional user support, compatible with Audiobus
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