midiFILTr-VB for Volca Bass by Arthur Kerns

Arthur Kerns released midiFILTr-VB for Volca Bass. This AUv3 MIDI effect lets you send paraphonic chords to a connected KORG Volca Bass. midiFILTr-VB also exposes some hidden MIDI CCs inside of the Volca Bass.

midiFILTr-VB for Volca Bass App Store Description:

midiFILTr-VB is an Audio Unit v3 MIDI Effect and CoreMIDI capable app that allows you to play chords on your Korg Volca Bass synthesizer. Using this app you can make the Volca Bass play with paraphony, meaning when you send it a MIDI chord the Volca Bass will change the pitches of its oscillators to play that chord. There is also a mode where you can set midiFILTr-VB to automatically play a major or minor chord when you send it a single note.

Additionally, the Audio Unit version allows you to control the MIDI CCs of the Volca Bass using AU parameters, including giving you access to the MIDI only parameters of slide, expression and gate length. This makes it easier to map or automate the Volca's MIDI CCs using an AU host.

This app requires:
A hardware Volca Bass
A hardware MIDI interface connected between your iOS device and the Volca Bass

An Audio Unit host that supports AUv3 MIDI Effects such as AudioBus or AUM is recommended for ease of use, though the app can also be configured with regular CoreMIDI.

NAMM2020: Geoshred with Audio Modeling SWAM

YouTuber Gerald Peter will be at NAMM as a presenter for the moForte and Audio Modeling booth. There they'll be showing off GeoShred 5.0, which will offer Audio Modeling's SWAM instruments as IAPs. GeoShred 5.0 is expected to arrive in Q2 2020. Here is an impressive Saxophone jam to whet your apatite.

Video Description:

This is the most expressive musical iOS experience out there yet in my opinion: iPhone 8 force touch + moForte.com GeoShred + Audio Modeling SWAM saxophone. I feel honored to be a featured artist for these innovative music technology companies (moForte and Audio Modeling).

Thanks to Benjamin Harrison for letting me use his backing track for this video. Check out more of his tracks at https://bensjamtracks.com/ Ben's Jam Tracks

check out also my other musical projects at http://www.geradpetermusic.com

NAMM2020: Akai MPC One

Akai is about to release their most affordable MPC yet, and it's standalone! The MPC One is stripped down to the essentials. They've reduced the on-board sample storage to 4GB and removed the rechargeable batteries, but it still maintains the 7" touch screen from the $1,000 MPC Live.

The Akai MPC One will begin shipping in February for $700! Nick Batt from Sonic State got a First Look.

Video Description:

Akai have announced a brand new member of the MPC family, the MPC ONE is the entry level stand alone MPC with the same 7 inch touch screen, as well as the ability to work in both stand alone mode and also controller mode - when linked to the MPC software.

The same software features are available throughout the range making it just as powerful as the higher priced units.

One thing that we appreciate is the addition of 8 CV gate outputs - previously only available on the top of the range MPC X.
You also get host mode, to directly attach class compliant MIDI controllers if you need keys as well as the 16 velocity/pressure equipped pads.

We had a visit from Andy Mac who showed what the MPC ONE can do.

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NAMM2020: Arturia KeyStep Pro

Manufacturer Arturia are getting ready to release KeyStep Pro, a powerfully multifaceted MIDI keyboard with built-in sequencers. The vast number of varied outputs on this is astonishing. They've even got DIN Sync in here! The KeyStep Pro will be available March 20th for $450. Here is an impressive demo video!

Video Description:

The sequencer the world has been waiting for. KeyStepPro gives keyboard players incredible sequencing and performance power in a compact, versatile controller.

🎓 | KeyStep Pro Tutorial Series

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KeyStep Pro: https://bit.ly/385UROs

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Artiphon Orba Shorts: Moog Model D

Artiphon finished their Orba Kickstarter today with $1.4 Million pledged! Goddamn that's a lot of money. They will begin shipping Orbas to backers in April, and will eventually be selling these for $100 each.

You can learn more about the Orba in this playlist. Here is a new video showing off the Bluetooth MIDI!

Video Description:

Getting spacey today using the MIDI over Bluetooth function with Orba to play the Model D app, by Moog. Wach how Orba automatically routes its tilt gesture to the mod wheel.

This has been another Orba Shorts: Artiphon's ever-growing series of sonic explorations, straight from our studio and onto your screen.

Learn more at https://artiphon.com

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