Groove Rider GR-16 Update

Groove Rider GR-16, from Jim Pavloff, was updated with a new Bank D of Hip Hop beats! I can't see the IAP on the App Store, but it is probably $5 like the others.

What's new in Groove Rider GR-16 v1.7.6:

- new Bank D "Hip Hop Beats" with 97 patterns (17 hip hop tracks) and 64 sound presets is now available as In-App purchase;
- bug fixed: when rendering song audio, and loading it into another daw, beats were a little bit off the grid;
- midi clock related bug fixed, when song position sometimes was read incorrectly;
- other minor bug fixes.

Hypertron by Roman Fischer

Roman Fischer released Hypertron, a new groovebox with Audiobus and Ableton Link. The app is Universal and free to try, but requires a $5 Pro Unlock IAP to use all of its features. There's also a bunch of $5 sound packs.


Requires iPhone 7 or higher.
Requires iPad 5th Gen or higher.

Hypertron is a new exciting, musical instrument for iOS, which offers the best features of well known samplers, sequencers and drummachines for quick editing and flexible music production.

- Samples can be indiependently altered and arranged in sequences and groups
- Alter the pitch of each step separately in real time
- Add and adjust effects with swipe-gestures
- Effects: Lowpass, Reverb
- PRO Effects: Highpass, Distortion, Delay, Pitch, Timestrech
- Record your own samples with the internal microphone
- Slice samples, adjust Fade-In-, Crossfade- and Fade-Out- regions in a breeze
- The Hypertron comes with a simple, yet effective monophonic synthesizer:Two oscillators and one LFO controlling frequency and filter separately
- Innovative Noterepeat-Slider
- Live-record and export your project as WAV or MP4
- PRO: Export every individual track of your project as WAV
- PRO: Import your own samples via the filebrowser
- Masterbus: alter the sum with a Highpass-Filter and Compressor
- Duplicate groups with drag & drop
- Virtual keyboard
- Support for external MIDI-Keyboards
- Audiobus-ready
- Ableton Link-ready

Available ressources:
iPhone: 6 tracks / 6 groups.
iPhone X and higher: 12 tracks / 12 groups.
iPad: 16 tracks / 16 groups

HYPERTRON is for free with unlimited playtime and the ability to record as many samples as you want. For more amazing features, go PRO and unlock the full potential of the HYPERTRON across all devices with a one-time-purchase inside the app.

LumaFusion Update

LumaFusion, from Luma Touch LLC, was updated with a Multi-select feature to greatly improve your video editing workflow. There's also new collaboration features using

What's new in LumaFusion v2.3.0:

• Multi-select in the timeline provides incredible new editing power!
• Select range with handles in timeline navigator
• Lasso-select in the timeline
• Tap individual clips to add and remove from selection
• Drag multiple clips in the timeline
• Cut, copy, and paste within a project and between projects
• Copy attributes from one clip to many selected clips
• Quickly change presets (transitions, titles, effects) for multiple clips

• integration for effortless remote collaboration
• Browse media within the library
• Preview media, view comments, reply, and add your own comments
• Drag-and-drop media to the timeline
• Add comments to projects to be included when you export a version to
• Add comments offline (library comments will sync automatically, and project comments on next export, when connected to

• Keyboard shortcuts for different language keyboards
• Added more resolutions and aspect ratios for editing screen recordings from iPhones and iPads
• Movies exported to Photos are now added to a LumaFusion Movies album for easier management
• Dozens of additional UI improvements

• Export to Photos -1 error for some exports
• Improved stability and performance

In upcoming releases we will continue adding new features, and will continue to enhance every aspect of LumaFusion. Find tutorials, reference-guide, answers to your questions, and contact us directly at

YouTuber Henny Tha Bizness shows off how the update has improved his own workflow.

Kickstarter: TheoryBoard Thy333

TheoryBoard Thy333 is a $600 MIDI controller that was just launched on Kickstarter. The campaign was instantly succesful, hitting their funding goal in the first 3 hours. The TheoryBoard can be used with everything, including iOS devices, and they hope to begin shipping out in December of this year.

Unfortunately they made the mistake of using a really fucking shady PR company to contact me; who then went on to misrepresent themselves. I'm not at all happy with these guys right now, and the only reason I'm posting this is because of how laughably tacky their promo video is.

The guy doing the VO sounds like a real asshole. I'm honestly amazed no one involved in the production of the video pointed this out, but I get the impression that they might all be assholes.

Behold the absurd abuse of the free After Effects plugin Saber. Every single text effect in this video is Saber.

The Sound Test Room: Nembrini Sound Master Custom Tube

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room demos the recently released Sound Master Custom Tube!

Video Description:

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

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