Review: BeatMaker 2 for iOS (Universal)

BeatMaker 2 is an elaborate studio with loads of effects and hundreds of samples. I ignore both of those facts completely as I go on a wild tear to put it through its paces. Included are tips on Hokusai and all kinds of sample chopping fun. Buy it now on iTunes!

For Jailbreak users that want to eliminate the factory samples (Like a Boss):
In Terminal (or SSH): rm -rf /var/mobile/Applications/B07D0261-A778-4737-8808-C389DD967F0F/­rary/Keyboard Sampler/ 

Do not expect any technical support from Intua or me! If something goes wrong just delete the App and reinstall from iTunes. Hell, you probably shouldn't even do this in the first place... but if you do remember to go to your iOS Settings - BeatMaker2 and tell it to update the database so it will only show your samples and none of the missing ones.

Tabletop for iPad Impressions

A mere thirty minutes after my review of Rhythm Studio went up I got an email from Dan, Co-Founder of Retronyms, regarding my comments on their pricing model for Tabletop. He wanted me to try it out, so he gave me a promo-code with a request for feedback.

This article features all of my impressions; the $5 content is unlocked with the retail price of the promo-code. I have included optional In-Article Purchases offering further consultation, which are not included in the original price, for users who feel they need the additional content.

Tabletop is a sexy App. The navigation is smooth and the interface is well thought out. You can tell they got a real artist in on the project and not the accountant who "knows some Photoshop." Unfortunately the artist missed a trick, which is [Good Idea, In-Article Purchase - $9.99 Consulting Fee]. This is an important facet to any music App, as it should be instantly inspiring.

The included instruments in Tabletop's modular environment offer a fairly good mix. The ability to route audio with a visual wire connection is both intuitive and powerful. There is little that could be asked for here, though I did think the GridLok Pad Sampler would benefit from a [Another Good Idea, In-Article Purchase - $9.99 Consulting Fee], which would greatly extend its capability and fit well in the modular design.

Since I started off on hardware I was immediately comfortable with Tabletop's modus operandi. All of the instruments behave as expected. However, users more familiar with software environments may have a problem with this. I have received a lot of viewer criticism of [Trade Secret, In-Article Purchase - $99.99 Consulting Fee] in technoBox2 and Rhythm Studio, both also slavishly beholden to the hardware they emulate.

Fortunately Tabletop looks like it has the underlying architecture to over-come this present shortfall. With existing assets they could tweak some back-end to add [Great Idea, In-Article Purchase - $99.99 Consulting Fee]!

This core technology could add additional functionality in other areas as well:

As you can see, Tabletop's appeal is obvious with a lot going for it, but to get into the useful stuff you should be prepared to make additional purchases beyond the initial $5 investment.

Retronyms has a lot of passion for the project and are unquestionably dedicated to extending it as a platform. With their commitment to further development it is easy to imagine them patching in [Great Idea, In-Article Purchase - $99.99 Consulting Fee] as a future In-App Purchase. With that achieved, musicians comfortable with both software and hardware will want to make sure that Tabletop is a part of their music making!

Everyone Can Play Music #5: technoBox2 - The Final Chapter

We conclude our look at technoBox2 with a deeper look at the effects, and then put together and record a song. 

Please leave feedback on what you'd like to see covered when this series returns!

If these videos inspire you to purchase technoBox2 please use my link over on the right (the Top 5 list). Thanks!


My patches will be in GrainBender!

BurgerKone, invited me to share some of my patches in a future version of GrainBender! Many of these were heard in my review. I'm very excited! This is the first time my work will be included in anything like this. Here are some samples of the patches I sent off.

Patches for GrainBender by discchord


Review: GrainBender for iPad

BurgerKone's new synth app brings a lot of innovation to automation, providing some of the most interesting sound design on iPad. The inclusion of a robust MIDI implementation, as well as AudioCopy, makes this a serious tool for anyone who enjoys exploring sound.

Buy GrainBender on iTunes: $3.99

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