The Sound Test Room: Stagelight 4 for iOS Tutorial

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room brings us a much needed demo of the new iOS port of Stagelight 4! This is their cross-platform DAW that can be unlocked on iOS for $15.

Video Description:

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Frozen Lonesome - Dreamtastic

Reader Frozen Lonesome has released his 20th album produced on iOS. Dreamtastic lives up to its name with some somniferous songs, wrapped in crunchy sound design. I particularly liked the soaring, yet somber, tone of the fifth track, Dangles.

crookedninja5 - Hour of the Dragon

We've been seeing a lot of examples of GeoShred used in Indian Carnatic music, but YouTuber crookedninja5 takes us to the other side of Asia on this track.

Video Description:

Played live on GeoShred for iPad.
Song title: Hour of the Dragon

Budha and Dragon art by crookedninja5
Music by crookedninja5

Motion Background effects from
and of course, inspired by Jordan Rudess : )

Molten Music Technology: Joué Modular MIDI Controller

YouTuber Molten Music Technology reviews the modular MIDI controller Joué, which has always kept iOS music makers in mind during its development. In this video Robin is working with a Microsoft Surface.

Video Description:

The Joué is a fascinating touchy, tactile, flappy and elegant MIDI controller that can be all sorts of things. I go through the functions, the modules, the editor and hopefully demonstrate the potential of the Joué to do interesting and creative things.

Note: regarding the MIDI mapping of the Bubbles you can use the "axis lock" feature that you will find on the right of the devices view in Joué Editor. Select « X » and only the horizontal axis will send CC messages, « Y » will only send messages when moving vertically and « Z » only when press. Don’t forget to select « All » when the mapping is done.

The screen in the video is the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

Intro - 00:11
How does it work - 4:14
The Joué Editor - 21:21
MPE control - 23:06
Regular MIDI mapping - 27:07
Thoughts and conclusions - 32:01

AUM: Session 1 | Shoom, Launchpad, AudioKit Synth One

YouTuber M2REV loaded up a bunch of apps in AUM for some ambient weirdness. This is damned weird, but also quite pleasant as background music while I'm working on stories this morning!

Video Description:

This is a video of a my song made with AUM and iPad Air2

#AUM #MusicaElettronica #M2REV #iPadMusic #NovationLaunchpad #Shoom #AudioKitSynthOne


Hi, I'm M2REV. I deal with electronic music, I work with iPad, controller, DAW, Groove box

In this song I used these apps: AUM, Shoom, Novation Launchpad, AudioKit Synth One and samples of my recordings

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