Review: Novation Circuit Rhythm Vs. Tracks

YouTuber loopop compares the brand new Circuit Rhythm to the old and busted Circuit Tracks.

Video Description:

Get my template for playing melodies with sample on Circuit Tracks, along with all my tips and insights from this video and others in my ever-expanding book of electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here:

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Other gear in the video:
► I bought the TRS cable from Sweetwater - here's one:
► Half a Bluebox by 1010Music
► Decksaver covers saving the day

Can it be used as a live looper?
► Sort of. You can sample while Rhythm is playing back, and if you pre-populated a pattern with the sample in the slot you're sampling in to, it will start repeating. levels are a bit of a challenge to balance, and the first loop might not work well, there's no overdub (though you might try resampling....) but it's better than nothing I guess.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 vs Tracks
5:55 Similarities
6:20 Connectivity
7:40 Sampling
10:55 Trimming
12:30 Sound design
14:15 Live slice
16:55 Grid FX
20:55 Sequencing
22:25 Sample flips
24:05 Drum pad seq
24:30 Note repeats
25:45 Seq params
26:50 Mutate
27:40 Pattern settings
28:50 Automation
30:05 Mixer
30:50 Effects
31:50 Sidechain
32:50 Patterns
33:50 Scenes
35:25 Misc
36:20 Pros & cons
40:10 16 Songs

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DigiStix Drummer AUv3 Plugin Update

DigiStix Drummer AUv3 Plugin was updated with new randomize options. These are specifically tailored to create interesting hi-hat shuffles, with varying velocities. The variation of velocities is an important trick a lot of new producers and apps miss. Super-repetitive hats are annoying too!

What's new in DigiStix Drummer AUv3 Plugin v1.29:

The randomize pattern option now operated differently when only 1 or 2 pads are selected. The generated pattern are more dense, allowing you to create Hi-Hat suffles with varying velocities easier than before.

The delay, reverb, record, layer options, drum browser and randomize popups are now draggable so they don't obscure the interface.

Moved the help section into a full screen popup that is displayed only when needed. Accessible from the main menu.

Thomas Büchel: Jamming from Ambient to Upbeat

YouTuber Thomas Büchel did another fun jam with his collection of Moog hardware and Borderlands!

Video Description:

Here is a longer jam taking you from atmospheric chords on the Subharmonicon with some soundscape from Borderlands Granular to an upbeat groove with improvisation on the Mother-32 to random beats on the DFAM back home to a sunset at the sea.

GeoShred Play: Free of Charge from June 22nd-July 6 2021

Jordan Rudess popped on the moForte YouTube channel to announce GeoShred Play will be free until July 6th!

Video Description:

GeoShred Play, Free of Charge, June 22nd through July 6 2021

Hey everybody Jordan Rudess here. I'm thinking of all of you around the world who are dealing with different levels of what has been a challenging time for everyone. Whether you are at home still waiting for things to open up and return to normal, or you're enjoying some of the freedoms that parts of the world are experiencing. Our GeoShred team wants to play our part in keeping your spirits lifted and your creativity flowing. From now June 22nd through July 6 2021 GeoShred Play will be available for download Free of Charge. GeoShred Play is a great way to get started making music with GeoShred. And you can add on any of the GeoSwam instruments like the violin, flute, tenor sax, cello, clarinet, or oboe. Play can also be upgraded to the full functionality of GeoShred Pro we believe in the healing power of music and we hope GeoShred Play brings you a lot of joy. Be well and safe everybody and have a great time shredding.

MODALapp Update

MODALapp, from Modal Electronics, was updated with improved reliability when flashing new firmware to your hardware. I admire their transparency! I don't think many companies would say "we stopped bricking your shit" in such a refreshingly honest manner. I think this sort of corporate responsibility is so rare now, that it is worth highlighting when it happens. Think about how this would go down with most companies. They find out they've been bricking things, and their legal counsel tells them to quietly pretend it was user error. The users affected may, or may not, be compensated. It doesn't matter, because everyone else forgets within 15-30 minutes. In a culture with a tiny attention-span; do companies even have to bother with responsible disclosure? Especially in an industry that tries to sell unwitting guitarists $6,000 gold cables.

Since realizing how cynical I've become, I've become angry with myself for allowing this to happen. It feels like I've indulged in some primitive or childish thing; like gluttony. I may be younger than most readers here, but I'm not a Manchild. I fucking know better. So how did I end up this cynical? Why didn't I spot this ahead of time? Then I remembered seeing this $6,000 guitar cable as a NAMM oddity back in 2014. All the way back to the early days of the site. I'm giving myself a pass now. How could anyone spot if they were becoming cynical, while covering an industry with this sort of behavior?

What's new in MODALapp v2.7.0:

- New look and feel
- Updating and reflashing is now more reliable
- Popups are now resizable and moveable
- Tabs now appear as soon as they’re detected
- It is now possible to rearrange tabs by clicking and dragging

- Support for Cobalt V1.1
- Folders can now be selected for preset imports

- Last folder imported from is now correctly remembered for the next use
- Fixed DIN/USB Thru filters sync issues
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