SoundForMore: FAC Drumkit - Full Tutorial

SoundForMore crammed a whole tutorial into a single 30 minute video, so I didn't have to track down the fucking playlist link! This is a first step in what I hope will be a beautiful relationship between Leo, and myself.

Video Description:

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haQ attaQ: MixBox CS for iPad is a MIX Boss

YouTuber Jakob Haq did a detailed tutorial for the massive MixBox CS from IK Multimedia.

Video Description:

MixBox CS by IK Multimedia is a very powerful mixing tool. I know that now after mixing an entire track with it. I even used MixBox for the Mastering process too. It was a hard but fun mix to work on. This 500 series-style rack system has a lot on offer and there are 71 different effect and processor modules to choose from. This includes Compressors, EQ's, Reverbs, Delays, Amp simulators, Modulation effects and much more. I've already found a lot of favourites in here and there's one that I love so much, that I ended up using it a LOT when mixing my track. Btw, Ever met a Hackerjack?


Spirangle Update

Spirangle, the new multi-tap multi-delay from Neon Silicon, got a new parameter to set delay maximums.

What's new in Spirangle v1.1:

Added the ability configure the maximum supported delay times using the configuration panel in the main container app.

Added a button to clear the delay state to help with editing parameters.

Added a history system to interact with the randomization buttons. It's also useful for A/B-ing settings.

Fixed an issue with the control slider that could make it difficult to use.

Reduced the minimum OS requirements to iOS 13.4

hearEQ v2.5 Update

hearEQ: Ear training for EQ, from Ten Kettles Inc., was updated with a full re-write of the library!

What's new in hearEQ: Ear training for EQ v2.5:

The library has been completely rebuilt with lots of new features:
• Browse your music library by artist, album, or song
• Quickly lookup any song with the new search function
• Open a music file from the Files app
• Use hearEQ to open audio files from within other apps (e.g., Voice Memos)
• Swipe right on any track to star it—and then access it quickly anytime
I hope you like the new library! Please get in touch anytime if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests for hearEQ. I read everything that comes in and will get back to you (almost always) by the next business day. Happy EQing, -Alex

P.S., For those who want to EQ their Apple Music tracks, I totally understand! I want you to be able to as well. Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow processing of their Apple Music tracks right now, but I'm keeping an eye on this. If anything changes on their end, I'd love to bring Apple Music support to hearEQ.

Studio Live Today: GarageBand iOS Mixing Basics

Studio Live Today's Pete Johns shows off some of the basics for people who are revisiting GarageBand.

Video Description:

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