Hammerhead Rhythm Station by Bram Bos

Bram Bos released Hammerhead Rhythm Station! This is a recreation of Bram Bos' 1997 desktop app of the same name. This modern take includes a fun and, relatively unique, rhythm sequencer. It was so much fun that Bram managed to get a whole lot of people to contribute presets for this one. I've even got a couple in there with samples collected from my favorite personal kits.

Hammerhead Rhythm Station

The little shark is back. After 25 years, the new Hammerhead is a fresh, mobile reinterpretation of the classic software drum computer that started it all.

Hammerhead is still simple, fun and playful. It still feels like a little 90s groovebox. Except this time it fits in your pocket, it integrates in your plugin ecosystem and comes with a lot more creative possibilities...

- Pick from dozens of classic sounds and loops, or import your own WAVs
- Use the built-in drum synth to design your own kicks, bobs, tocks and thwacks
- Runs standalone and as a state-of-the art AUv3 Audio Unit plugin (e.g. in Garageband)
- AU plugin supports individual outputs per channel, MIDI output and fullscreen modes
- Trigger sounds and patterns using MIDI (when hosted as an AU plugin)
- One-click compression and distortion, with several sound models
- Let the universe decide: random pattern generator, mutation, glitch and much more
- Easily create complex evolving polyrhythms
- Designed for creative fun: no menu diving or arcane expert settings. Just dive in and create

Find the manual on Ruismaker.com

YouTuber Pete Sasqwax talks us through the concept for his 8x8 preset bank! The audio on this is quite low, but Pete is an interesting guy to listen to.

The Sound Test Room: Spidericemidas Free Presets for Kaspar

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room demoed a collection of 38 free presets that Spiderricemidas released, in his second preset bank for Kaspar!

Video Description:

You can get the FREE Spidericemidas 2 Kaspar Bank here at the AudioBus Forum

You can the first FREE Spidericemidas Kaspar Pack here at DropBox

And you can also get the FREE Brice Beasley BB The Unfriendly Kaspar Pack here at DropBox

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Donner Livejack Lite Audio Interface with iPad Guide

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul got a new audio interface and puppy. She shows off both in her latest video!

Video Description:

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Opening up and Discussion of the Livejack Lite Audio Interface
05:07 Up CLOSE and discussion of inputs and knobs on the front and back of the unit
09:05 HOOKING UP TO YOUR IPAD: Electric Guitar and Microphone and all Adapters needed
15:49 ACTUAL Live Recording into this interface and into iPad
18:05 looking and listening to the recorded wave through the Amp but showing a little editing , (*panning volume and muting of tracks)
20:10 ****FINISHED TRACK the sound you get when you use this interface YOU will definitely hear the difference ~~
20:55 GRACIE~~~ My new beautiful little girl~

This interface was sent to me by Donner. They manufacture many different musical instruments and Pedals and now Interfaces.

I was very impressed by how easily it connected to my iPad and it's even easier when using a pc or mac.

I show you all about the parts and how to connect it to the iPad and record a part of a song. The difference in the audio recorded by the iphone camera for the video and the audio recorded with this interface is like night and day!

GAS Therapy #25: Stranger Thing is I don’t buy hardware.

YouTuber playpm made me wonder when the 4th season of Stranger Things is coming out. The answer is ambiguously "mid-late 2021" unfortunately. Michael does a fantastic cover of the theme using just Groovebox!

Video Description:

To be honest I don’t really bother if it’s hardware or software anymore, as long as it achieves what I want to achieve, I’ll take it, master it, and most importantly, reminding myself don’t be slaved by any product from any company.


All my beats and other goodies are free to download through my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/playpm
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Sweetwater: Pro Co Lil’ RAT Distortion Pedal Demo

Don Carr did a detailed demonstration of the Lil' Rat for Sweetwater. The Lil' Rat has the distinction of being one of very few guitar pedals I'm even aware of. The Lil' Rat is packed with all of the same features found in Pro Co's flagship Rat 2. All Rats end up on Roland TB-303 and their clones, so if you are a guitarist who hates Acid House you need to buy yours (for $70 on Sweetwater) before Acid producers do!

Video Description:

Shop for the Pro Co Lil’ RAT pedal at Sweetwater 👉 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LilRat--pro-co-lil-rat-distortion-fuzz-overdrive-pedal/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=01AdVWbcDCc

A pedal collection just isn’t complete without a RAT distortion pedal. But what if you only have about two inches of breathing room on your pedalboard? No problem. The Pro Co Lil’ RAT packs a full-blown RAT 2 into a micro-sized stompbox. The Lil’ RAT offers all of the tone and functionality of its larger predecessor: the familiar 3-knob layout, the rugged on/off footswitch, and the stylish “A” status LED. The only thing that’s missing is the battery compartment.

0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Pro Co Lil' RAT Controls at a Glance
1:48 - Don's Test Rig
2:37 - Hear the Pro Co Lil' RAT in Action
4:47 - Pro Co Lil' RAT with Single Coils
7:06 - Pro Co Lil' RAT Boosting an Overdriven Amp
7:55 - Thanks for Watching!

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