Ricardo Synth: Synthwave feat. Edgard Lages & Jullian Stella

Ricardo Synth was joined by Edgard Lages and Jullian Stella for this extremely fun synthwave performance!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Hello my friends here's a new track for you!!!

Vocals: Edgard Lages
Guitars: Edgard Lages
Drums: Julian Stella
Synth Bass: Ricardo Synth
Other Synths: Ricardo Synth

Reference music: Azo Ministry https://youtu .be/dL5nBZ6vCGU

I'm happy to be able to post this project with singer Edgard Lages. Follow him! Urge him on guys!!!


with the special guest appearance of Frenchman Julian Stella:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMdKBoOKyggTlnl5G8ds2Q

Instagram: https://www. instagram.com/julianstellamusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5mnsvX0jXbeul7WPiYsASm?si=YP3/DrSDbq1K3eQ&dl_branch=1

VS - Visual Synthesizer by Imaginando

Imaginando Lda released VS - Visual Synthesizer. As the name implies, the app explores musical synthesis with graphical representations. It looks beautiful and sounds amazing! VS is also available on desktops.

VS - Visual Synthesizer

VS provides a creative way to generate beautiful graphical representations of your music projects. Driven by both audio and MIDI data, VS is the visual equivalent of a traditional synthesizer.

VS takes the concept of music visualisation to a whole new level of customisation and expression, putting you in control and giving you the power to perform however you want.

VS is powered by graphical materials that you can interact with and layer on top of each other to create complex evolving visuals.

As well as a standalone app, VS includes an AUv3 plugin version, so you can run it directly inside your favourite iOS DAW programs like AUM and Audiobus etc.

As the name suggests, VS Visual Synthesizer can be played live like an audio synthesizer; use your MIDI keyboard to make each layer come alive with the concept of ‘polyphonic visual voices’.

We partnered with new media artist ‘Perplex On’ to bring you a factory preset bank full of amazing interactive visuals, you can start using right away, to create dazzling animations and make your music move in a whole new medium.

For detailed operation information and requirements please visit www.imaginando.pt/products/vs-visual-synthesizer


- 8 Polyphonic visual layers
- 4 voices per layer
- 32 built-in material effects
- Exclusive factory presents by Perplex On
- 1 background layer with solid color/image/video (no modulations)
- 4 LFO’s
- 2 EG’s
- 4 Dual-mode Audio Modulators (peak and band)

Gavinski's Tutorials has already posted an hour-long video of the new app in action. Here's the official promo!

miRack Update

miRack, from mifki Limited, was updated with updates! Many of the modules from VCV have received new versions. Those have been converted and are now updated inside of miRack too!

What's new in miRack v3.55:

This version mainly updates many of the included module packs to latest available versions and adds a bunch of new modules, including a calibration module for Expert Sleepers (and similar) audio interfaces and a module to send/receive CVs via OSC protocol.

Other changes:

* New Recently Added category in the module browser showing modules added in the last few app updates.

* When starting a two finger pan and zoom gesture, it's now much less likely to accidentally adjust module controls instead.

* The number of AU parameters that can be exposed to a DAW is increased to 32.

* Other minor UI and rendering tweaks.

Sorry this update took so long to be released, we will now return to our normal practice of releasing frequent smaller updates with fixes and improvements from our (pretty long) to-do list. If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit the discussion board at http://discuss.mirack.app

Dylan Paris: M1 iPad Pro - Beat Performance & Walkthrough

YouTuber Dylan Paris went against the trend in this community to take a second look at GarageBand. He's found it to be a more reliable experience on his M1 iPad Pro. Dylan points out that the workflow has matured dramatically in GarageBand; feeling much more like Ableton Live now.

Video Description:

I've been using the M1 iPad Pro with 1tb SSD and 16 gigs of RAM for a few weeks now. I have been really enjoying using Garageband on this device as I've found it has pretty much every feature I need in a DAW.

I decided to perform a beat I composed yesterday and then walk through the sounds used in the beat.

I am still hoping that Logic Pro is coming but after WWDC I definitely feel a little deflated on that.

Consider checking out my album "There's Something Better" on Spotify, Bandcamp, or wherever you stream / buy music. Thanks!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6HCemxzxzH49z9vXIOjgug?si=1D8-Msc2Q4-9MrfTiCZLug&nd=1

Bandcamp: https://dylanparis.bandcamp.com/album/theres-something-better

Koala Sampler Pro Tip #4 – Combining Samples (Add to End)

Khordmaster Kevin Allen is back with more Pro Tips for Koala Sampler fans!

Video Description:

So I’ve recently realized how useful the “add to end” feature is when combining samples in Koala Sampler.

Here’s how I have been putting this feature to good use!

Catch up on other great music producer tutorials by checking out this playlist:


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