Rudy Cannedfruity - DnB in BeatMaker 3

Reader Rudy Cannedfruity got fired and took out his frustrations on a poor, unsuspecting, copy of BeatMaker 3. The video starts off with 3 minutes exploring the BeatMaker 3 session, before he launches into his assault.

Video Description:

It’s been a while since I made Drum&Bass PERIOD.
Thought I might spend the afternoon seeing if it was easy to do in BM3.
Turns out it is!
Unmixed, first takes of everything, pretty crap really.
But it might be a seed to something better.

Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer Update

Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer was updated with the ability to add your own custom layouts. This includes a whole bunch of new file types that can be imported, or even dragged and dropped in the Files app.

What's new in Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer v1.16:

Added the ability to size the controller lane by dragging the ruler when activated. (TAP and HOLD Controller to enable additional ruler)
Fixed an issue that caused the display to not properly update with the current custom grid when loading from a session.
Added an experimental auto-save feature. (TAP and HOLD menu and enable from system toolbar).
Other minor bug fixes.

Added the ability to design custom layouts.
Moved some of the main menu items into a Settings submenu.
Fixed an issue with snap to grid in 3/4 time signature.
You can drag and drop from the custom layouts window to the Files App for backup purposes.
You can now import .layout .mid, and .helium files from the iOS Share Sheet.
This version has a new curve tool which is only available when editing controllers (not notes and velocities). Unlike other tools additional options are available while dragging a curve by tapping on the 'Curve' icon during the drag process.
You can now TAP 'Select' (when active) to quickly toggle the state of all notes or controllers (alternative to long press).

Added a General MIDI and DigiStix drum maps. TAP and HOLD on the Grid button.
Modified the randomize function to include new modes for randomizing velocity and probability for selected notes.
Added the ability to record directly from the piano roll / GM Drum / DigiStix layouts.

Added an experimental swing function (TAP and HOLD Tempo).
In step recording mode you can now press PLAY to insert a rest.
Added Complexity and Probability options to the randomize dialog.
Generating new randomized sequences no longer causes stuck notes.
The selection tool allows you to move a group of notes snapping the root note only to the grid.

Studio Live Today: 5 Tips for the iOS Files App

Pete Johns has some helpful tips and ways to use the Files app; including recovering Recently Deleted files.

Video Description:

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Fretless33 Bass: MicSwap and My Bass Guitar

YouTuber Fretless33 Bass provides some practical examples of how the MicSwap app affects his bass guitar.

Video Description:

What can a bass player do with an app like MicSwap? In this video I go through the presets and demonstrate how their cool app is very useful at changing the tone of whatever instrument you feed through it! I would almost call this app an amp simulator 😎

Jamie Mallender: Klevgränd Slammer iOS Demo & Tutorial

YouTuber Jamie Mallender shows off the new drum app from Klevgränd.

Video Description:

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