Looping 202: Looped Recording in MultiTrack

Last week Paul the MusicMan posted Looping 101 - Beginners Guide to Looping with MultiTrack. Paul has now posted a follow-up to further show off the new looped recording features in MultiTrack Recorder Plugin.

Video Description:

This video carries on from where Room 101 left off, covering the new looped recording functionality added to version 1.19 or MultiTrack giving some practical examples of use. If you didn't see the previous video please go back and watch that prior to this one.

Endlesss - Multiplayer Music Update

Endlesss - Multiplayer Music, from Endlesss Ltd, was updated with a couple of new sound packs for Infinite subscribers.

What's new in Endlesss - Multiplayer Music v1.2.6:

- New Infinite Subscription Soundpacks:
* Notes Pack : Aggressive Beast by Echolox
* Drums Pack : Off Centre by ShapedNoise & ludi
- Improved stability when closing app
- Updates to the signal chain to avoid clipping on output (limiter output reduced and some fixes to the layer auto levelling control)

JZN - Sitting on the Funk

Reader JZN Not Jason was feeling lazy and decided to sit on this fun funk.

Video Description:

Sitting on the funk. Kinda line putting on the ritz. But you are sitting.

Being a Musician: Developing Income Streams

YouTuber Dan Baker has advice for every kind of creative out there! If you want to make an income from your creativity, you need to be develop multiple income sources. No one is surviving on Patreon alone!

Video Description:

Musicians have to diversify if they’re to make any sort of living doing it. If you only plug away at Spotify and see your ten pence for a billion hits, you’re missing all sorts of other ways of making money.

Now COVID-19 has destroyed (hopefully temporarily) and live music. The only answer is to do other things until it comes back, but the good thing about trying new ways of making money as a musician is that you end up with many ways of making money.

In this video, I briefly cover the 15 things that I do as a musician, so if you lose two or even three of them, no bother. You still have twelve...

Besides which, in this game, it’s a case of one door shuts and three open. It’s been exactly that for me since I became pro in 1998.

Enjoy and Share! I hope this might inspire others to have a good time doing music.

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Colin Powell - Ambient Dub

Reader Colin Powell started off my day with some beautiful ambient.

Video Description:

A nice chilled Sunday morning jam with iFretless Sax through Eventide Blackhole, accompanied by Launchpad app in AUM on my iPad Pro.

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