OffGrid — Pair & Play: Industrial Prototype Preview

Last March we got a preview for the °Grid offGrid MIDI controller playing with AudioKit Synth One. Despite the confusing names of their product and themselves, manufacturer birdkids had successful campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They managed to pull in about €300,000 to build their dream!

A year later they have encountered the same problems that literally every single first-time crowd-funded project seems to snag on. They haven't yet shipped, which is now 4 months behind their goal, but they seem to be getting closer judging by this Industrial Prototype preview! They're not currently accepting new pre-orders. When it does become available again, the more sensibly named OffGrid will be available for about USD$130.

Video Description:

OffGrid - just Pair&Play 🎶
It's super-easy, super-fun and very addictive 😊
Designed by birdkids in Vienna.

Here's a video that shows how we connect to an iPad under 6 seconds from a state of sleep. And make a full beat under 40 seconds 💪🏽

Ambient iPad Live Jam 12: Moog Model D & Fugue Machine

Jonathan Block discusses his use of Fugue Machine as a sequence for Model D on his latest Ambient jam!

Video Description:

For this live electric ambient jam, Fugue Machine is triggering four instances of the Moog Model D Minimoog app. I also added some FM drums courtesy of Ruismaker FM, triggered by the Rozeta Rhythm sequencer. Effects used were the Smoov compressor from Caelum Audio and an Eventide Blackhole reverb app.

Click here to listen to the complete, mixed track, Bottles:

Produced on an iPad Pro
Written and recorded by Jonathan Block

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BLEASS Granulizer AUv3 Plugin Update

BLEASS Granulizer AUv3 Plugin, one of the two new apps we've seen from BLEASS in 2021, was updated with new presets by Da Fingaz, Sound of Izrael, and David!

What's new in BLEASS Granulizer AUv3 Plugin v1.1:

Thank you all for your amazing feedback on the BLEASS Granulizer!
We are happy to share with you this new update which brings an improved CPU usage, 7 new tuning modes such as dim / Dom / Maj 7th Chords, and 30 new presets including presets by Da Fingaz, Sound of Izrael and David

The Sound Test Room: Isolate Vocals with Transcribe+

Doug Woods shows off Transcribe+, which was updated last September to isolate vocals and instruments.

Video Description:

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Instantly Distant: iPad Live Jam 037

Reader Instantly Distant takes us a moody journey with this very modern sounding Deep House track!

Video Description:

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