MIDI Designer Pro 2 Update

MIDI Designer Pro 2, from Confusion Studios, was updated with a new parameter for labels. You can assign a value source so that labels will update their text with values from the controls that you assign them to.

What's new in MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.180:

Welcome MIDI Designer users to our 73rd update, version 2.180!

New functionality:
• Label Value Source: http://mididesigner.com/label-value-source - Labels can now update their text with values from knobs, sliders, buttons, etc.
• Extra CC & Hold now works with show/hide panels (thanks Josef): so many possibilities open up this way.
• LCD Font for Labels
• Rounded corners for Panels
• Panel Borders

Other changes:
• Replaced ImagePicker for Extra Features Pack
• Removed take-photo functionality from MD

Coming very soon: an overall download counter for QA questions (or answers). This way authors don't have to keep around old versions of downloads.

Reminder that we added Show/Hide Panels with a button in 2.150. Check out the video!
mididesigner.com/show-hide, it's dope.

MIDI Designer Team

See mididesigner.com/changelog for version history.

moodunits Update

Rob Jackson updated moodunits with a new "bizzare guitar" IAP, BZARGTAR for Waverly. This got an official demo from Rob, as well as an officially unofficial video from The Sound Test Room.

What's new in moodunits v1.6.1:

New Waverley instrument available as an In-App Purchase from the MU Store:

• BZARGTAR - A granularly transmogrified bizarre guitar!

SoundForMore: AudioKit Interview - Digitalism 2000

Leo from SoundForMore interviewed both Matthew Fecher and Jeff Cooper from AudioKit about their Digitalism 2000 app. This is a great opportunity to meet another member of the AudioKit team!

Video Description:

AudioKit Pro Digitalism 2000 - Interview with AudioKit and Demo

I am so happy to present a video where I had the opportunity to ask questions to Matt and Jeff from AudioKit Pro. I am a big supporter of AudioKit Pro because of their fantastic work in helping everybody to develop music apps.

Please support AudioKit Pro either joining the team or buying some of their great apps.

Rules to enter the competition to win a code for the app:
1 - Subscribe to the channel, 2 - Click on Like, 3 - Leave a comment about the video on YouTube, 4 - I will choose 5 winners from the comments on the video and update this comment in the next couple of days about who won.

Paypal: if you like the channel and would like to make a donation use this link https://paypal.me/soundformore?locale.x=en_GB

Follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SoundForMore

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Contact me on: soundformore@gmail.com

Nu-Trix: Mixing My Latest Song using Steinberg Cubasis 3

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy covers a lot of distance in his production runs. He starts off with Gadget sequencing hardware, recording it into his computer, and then mixing it all on his iPad with Cubasis 3!

Video Description:

Mixing my latest song using Steinberg Cubasis 3 ( + giveaway )
If you are following me, you know I use the iPad for mixing my music. In the past I used Auria Pro then Zenbeats but today I'm testing Steinberg Cubasis 3.
I'm working on my next EP. For this song, I started the creation on a flight using Korg Gadget, then in the summer I pushed the song further. I finally decided to use the MIDI performance I created in Gadget to trigger my hardware synth and Drum machine ( Roland TR-8S, Novation Circuit MONO STATION, Roland JP-8000 and Arturia MicroFreak). I recorded everything in my computer then exported all the tracks to my iPad. I then mix the whole thing in Cubasis 3. I used internal plugins and 3rd parties AUv3 plugins like.
I used :
Cubasis FX 1 bundle
Cubasis FX 2 bundle
Waves Plugin Bundle
Wider from Polyverse & infected Mushroom
Wow from SugarBytes
FuzzPlus3 from Audio damage.

00:00 intro - my process for this song
02:26 Creating in Gadget
05:40 Playing hardware from Gadget
07:33 Cubasis 3
18:48 Final mix song : Light System

Follow me :

Pete Johns - Down Under

YouTuber Pete Johns plays into the stereotype with this performance of Down Under while being Down Under.

Video Description:

Men at Work’s classic Australian tune “Down Under”... despite being written by the very Scottish Colin Hay.
🎧 Catch the live Happy Hour - https://youtu.be/ED2CrQuelC0

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