Maria Calfa-DePaul: 7 Tongue Drums - 6 Scales

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul compares 7 of her tongue drums, along with details of their make and price.

Video Description:

0:09 Hlruh drum A Akebono
0:40 Rakumi drum C Major
1:16 Hruh Drum D Major
1:49 Idiopan Dominus tuned A Akebono
2:20 Zenko G Equinox
2:45 Guda Drum A Equinox
3:06 Rav Vast A Integral

This is PART 2 of my three part video series on 7 different tongue drums from 10 inches to 22 inches. From inexpensive to pretty expensive. ALL beautiful in their own right.

I'm playing them with a 2.99 cent pair of mallets I also bought on Amazon.
The first 5 drums were purchased on Amazon. The last two directly from the maker of the drum

ALL 7 EXAMPLEs were recorded with my ZOOM H5 Handy recorder and the sound is really great and fantastic with headphones~

NO FX was added i simply uploaded the music to Luma fusion to sync with the video.

I hope you enjoy the video If you like my music and videos please like subscribe, share and comment. It is very much appreciated Also I have started to add music to my Spotify account so if you can please head over there and put me on some of your playlists. My 3 albums of NA flute music can be very relaxing!! but I have some new ambient tracks I'm uploading which include tongue drum , synths guitars and the like! Here is the link:

Thank you and be safe,

Spire: Music Recording Studio Update

Something strange is going on with iZotope. I'm hesitant to even post this because I have a lot of respect for iZotope as a company, and as a sponsor for some of my favorite sites and podcasts. But I'm beginning to suspect some fuckery is afoot. Their hardware Spire Studio recorder is now conspicuously absent from retailer's sites. A link I posted here in 2017 to Sweetwater's page now redirects to an RME interface instead!

The only people selling these on Amazon are just gouging. $800 for a used one, while a new unit is listed at $1,100. They originally released for $350. Now I can only find new ones on eBay for $500!

iZotope haven't abandoned the Spire: Music Recording Studio though. The companion app has received continuous updates since its launch. This includes new features being added this month! Unfortunately they come at an additional price. While the base hardware itself costs around $500, if you can find them, the new "Spire Pro" exclusive features require an additional subscription fee! It seems odd to me to introduce a $48/year subscription to a companion app for hardware you aren't even actively distributing.

Update: I received a reply via Twitter that they are currently building more Spires, they're just sold out right now!

What's new in Spire: Music Recording Studio v2.46.0:

• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Automatically reduce background noise from your recordings and unwanted reverb, pops, and plosives from your vocal tracks* with Spire Pro. Featuring iZotope RX's award-winning audio repair technology—the same tech used on your favorite albums, movies, and TV shows—you can record release-ready tracks with Spire easier than ever.
• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Tap Inspire Me on the Mix screen to add unique, randomized effects to your tracks and jump-start your creativity! This mix effect generator randomly combines effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, tremolo, phaser, and more with a roll of the dice!
• Tap PRO in the top right of your projects to open a hub where you can access and learn more about all the exclusive features and content available when you join Spire Pro.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

*WiFi connection with internet required for Spire Pro to render audio cleanup

Subscribing to Spire Pro unlocks full access to exclusive features and content as soon as they're released. Tap Upgrade to Spire Pro in the settings to start your free trial or visit for more info.

Andrew Huang: I Hate My Voice (but I sing anyway)

YouTuber Andrew Huang has an inspirational message for all aspiring vocalists that I wanted to share.

This comes with an extremely expensive microphone comparison. The very first thing I bought with the very first money I earned from YouTube was my Shure SM7B in December 2011. That will always be the second-best investment I've ever made. My best investment was a pair of Mackie HR824 MK1 (Made in the USA) monitors for $100 each. At the time they would ordinarily have been well over $1,000 each, but it was a good deal from a great friend. You will definitely need to purchase your own ludicrously expensive monitors in order to appreciate the subtle differences between the ludicrously expensive microphones.

Video Description:

Let's talk about why no one can make me quit.
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Perplex On - Fragments (Launchpad Piano Jam)

Perplex On did some impressive polymetric sequencing! This is achieved with a combination of Laurent Colson's StepPolyArp Unit and a Launchpad Mini. The whole performance is controlling Native Instrument's Noire, and Unacorda, piano VSTs.

Video Description:

Here is a rather simple jam with the Launchpad Mini sequencing Noire and Unacorda piano vst via and iPad loaded with StepPolyArpUnit to achieve these polymetric sequences. Served with projected audioreactive visuals madewithnotch. Enjoy!

VerySickBeats: Koala Sampler Samurai Mode Tutorials

JFilt from VerySickBeats posted a 2-part tutorial series on the new Samurai mode in Koala Sampler!

Video Description:

The samurai mode update to koala sampler is bananas. I just scraped the surface in this vid. It can also edit sequences in a piano roll in addition to time stretch and auto chop. Giveaway will be announced after at least 2000 views.

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