The Sound Test Room: Photophore - Unique Flock Instrument

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room showcased Photophore. This weird "flock instrument" was originally released in 2014, but received a couple of updates in 2020.

If you've seen any video for this app in the past, you were probably watching one of Doug's. This app looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but Doug has been the lone champion for this classic app.

Video Description:

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Far North of Fairbanks

YouTuber P S rescored the intro to Stanley Kubrick's The Shinning. He's using the new Far North soundbank that was added to Fairbanks in Module and Gadget. This is a very chilly patch, that is also suitably creepy!

Video Description:

Music made with Korg Gadget on iPad

Jamie Mallender: AKAI LPD8 Controller MIDI Mapping in AUM

YouTuber Jamie Mallender did an AUM tutorial on how to use the popular, and portable, AKAI LPD8 Controller.

Video Description:

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Double Feature: Novation Circuit Tracks & Roland MC-101

In an excellent demonstration of simultaneous invention in action, YouTubers Loopingstar Music and Gabe Miller Music both compared the new Circuit Tracks to the Roland MC-101 yesterday.

Loopingstar thinks they make a great duo together, while Gabe pitted them critically against one another.

Video Description:

Just showing how easy it is to feed all the great MC101 sounds into the new Circuit Tracks

Ben Richards - No Tears

Ben Richards is best known for his many Drambo inventions, but today he posted a bunch of music. These tended to be short, and some variation of Trap. This one with beat-juggling stood out to me. I like the way Ben's completely recontextualized the samples he's using.

Video Description:

Drambo x Glacial x Supreme Jubilees

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