echo opera: Patterning As a Melodic Step-Sequencer

Reader echo opera has been featured here several times for his music, but now he's trying his hand at YouTube tutorials. And he's a natural! Here he shows us how to use the drum sequencer Patterning as a melodic sequencer using MIDI effects in Audiobus 3!

Video Description:

A quick overview on how to use Patterning as a Melodic Step Sequencer via Audiobus and MidiFlow tools.

Tonal Harmony Fundamentals: Part 1 - Chord Inversions

Adam from mDecks Music has started a tutorial series on understanding Tonal Harmony in their Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro app. Adam is an excellent presenter, so if you have ever wanted to step up your Music Theory this should be a series to watch!

Video Description:

Study Tonal Harmony like never before

This is part 1 of a series of fundamental tonal harmony concepts.
In this series we explain basic elements required for the study of music theory.
This video addresses chord inversions and their notation in classical music, unlike the way these chords are written in jazz music.

Available on the App Store and For Windows

Tessitura Pro available for iOS and Mac OS X

On High Mountains - Granular Ambient #6

YouTuber On High Mountains is a maestro in Borderlands. I seriously love his work here.

Video Description:

Clouds on a cloudy day.

Studio Live Today: Recording Guitars in GarageBand iOS

Pete Johns continues his Complete-a-Song in GarageBand series with part 8, focusing on recording guitars.

Video Description:

The time has come… to record guitars! Today, we record some rhythm, lead and bass guitars in our Complete-a-Song challenge.

Covered in this video:
- Setting up to record electric and bass guitars using a USB Audio Interface
- Recording a rhythm guitar part
- Recording a lead guitar part
- Recording a bass guitar part

Episode 1 is here -
Episode 2 is here -
Episode 3 is here -
Episode 4 is here -
Episode 5 is here -
Episode 6 is here -
Episode 7 is here -

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Fortamento by Yuri Laskin

Yuri Laskin released Fortamento, a chord progression generator with more depth than similar apps. In addition to it coming up with a 4 chord progression, you can tweak the chords in a piano roll to make sure they suit your needs. Once you have something you like you can then export the melody as MIDI files.

Fortamento iTunes Description:

Ever got stuck writing a new song, wishing for a spark of inspiration to get started?

Get instant musical ideas at a push of a button with Fortamento - a simple and effective music idea creator, capable of generating 4 bars of chord progression and melody, with the option to fine-tune (pun intended) the idea and save the result.
To make life easier, there’s an option to export the tunes as MIDI files for further work in your favorite DAW.

Fortamento is a great addition to the workflow of musicians, songwriters and producers to overcome the occasional writer’s block.

Key features:
- MIDI file export
- Tempo / key control
- Manual melody editing
- Save tunes
- Various instrument sounds

Let us assist you - contact our development team at for any bug reports or feature requests.
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