Aparillo String Drone

YouTuber Found Sound did an ambient, though epic, string drone thing in Aparillo!

Video Description:


Showing the excellent iOS AUV3 apps Aparillo and the useful keyboard KB-1.

Andrew Mawson - Turnado Rave Mix

Andrew Mawson did a Rave mix that starts off with a bit too much noise, but quickly turns into a fun set!

Video Description:

A mix of my own patterns using an iPad with midi controllers mapped to faders and FX.
Apps used are Grooverider GR16, AUM, Turnado, Launchpad.

at around 13min the audio drops out , the sync after this point is slightly out.

Te ZaQ - Pocket Operator PO-33 & Samplr

YouTuber Te ZaQ did a chilled out jam on his Teenage Engineering PO-33 with Samplr!

Video Description:

Short musical live session.Peace:)

Preview: EG WaveSHAPER

Elliott Garage has made his next app, EG WaveSHAPER available for pre-order! This is a hybrid Wavetable synthesizer with waveshaping built in to the design. There's even a way to morph between two wavetables. EG WaveSHAPER arrives with AUv3. You can pre-order today for $12, and it will be released on December 21st.

Two preview were released over the weekend. There is a short video from Elliott demoing the presets provided by James Edward Cosby.

Embedded here is a longer demo from The Sound Test Room.

GarageBand Sound Quality Face Off: iRig vs iRig?

Patrick from TheGaragebandGuide bought a knock-off of the already cheap iRig interface for $1. He compares the two with some very surprising results that you can hear for yourself!

Video Description:

In this video I pit IK Multimedia's original iRig against a cheap knock off I bought from Wish .com for $1.

How will they compare.....?

All guitars and bass guitars were recorded in GarageBand for iOS on a 10.5" iPad Pro (with a headphone jack!) using either the official iRig or Wish 'knock off'.

GarageBand beginner? This is for you: http://thegaragebandguide.com/beginners

I chat all things GarageBand (and post the occasional spicy meme) here:

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