Todd Smith Music: Korg Gadget Jam

YouTuber Todd Smith Music has been trying to incorporate more live performance into his jams, and he is doing quite well at that! Here's a fun one with Korg apps inside of Gadget, along with a microKORG.

Video Description:

: Gear List :

Korg Microkorg ( Live Pad )
Korg iMono/Poly iOS ( Synthesizer Sequence )
Korg Odyssei iOS ( Bass Sequence )
Korg Gladstone iOS ( Drum Sequence )
Novation Impulse ( Keyboard/Midi )
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 ( Audio Interface )
Korg Gadget iOS ( Main Sequencer )
Auria Pro iOS ( Multi Track Recorder
Audioshare iOS ( Audio Export )

I really enjoyed making this jam, it came together very good. It's a VERY simple, 4 part jam. It contains a sub bass sequence, synthesizer sequence, drum sequence and live pad. Sometimes simplicity is key.

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Using Korg Gadget on an iPhone

YouTuber Matthew Robison did a 4-part series about using Korg Gadget on the iPhone.

Video Description:

In this introductory section I go over creating a new song, the icons along the top of main Gadget screen, pricing for Gadget and devices, as well as how to pair a Bluetooth Keyboard.

TheAudioDabbler: Summit | Launchpad Soundpack Demo

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler did a demo jam of the Summit soundpack for Launchpad!

Video Description:

Another soundpack demo for the Ampify Launchpad app on iOS. This time out its the "Summit" soundpack.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

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TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorials: Controlling iPad Synth

Pioneer DJ showed off their lovely TORAIZ SP-16 instrument in a series of tutorials. Here they demonstrate its use as an iPad controller, with audio routing back through the SP-16.

Video Description:

Control an audio app on your iPad. Find out more about controlling iPad synths on the TORAIZ SP-16 in this tutorial.

To discover more about the SP-16 visit:
To watch more tutorials on the SP-16 visit:

SynthJacker by Conifer Productions Oy

Conifer Productions Oy released SynthJacker as a way to easily sample hardware synths to create SoundFonts. This includes samples with different notes and velocities. It's a surprisingly clever little app. There's even a demo video below to show it in action.

If, like me, you're curious about the Oy at the end of the company name; it is short for Osakeyhtiö. This is the Finnish equivalent to LLC or GmbH, which just means a limited corporation. My dog walking business was an LLC, so people couldn't sue me personally if something happened to their dog!

SynthJacker iTunes Description:

SynthJacker automatically plays back a MIDI sequence with the notes and velocities you specify, and records the result. It then slices the audio into individual samples, ready to import into an iOS sampler app.

SynthJacker also writes an SFZ file with sample information as regions and their root keys. You will find the results in the iOS Files app, in the SynthJacker folder.

SynthJacker automatically names the resulting sample files with note and velocity information, so that they can easily be automapped by a sampler app.

SynthJacker lets you save presets of your sampling sessions, including the note range, velocities, and note durations.
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