Addictive Pro & Phasemaker Updates

Virsyn's Addictive Pro and Phasemaker by Bram Bos were both updated with Audiobus 3 goodies, including AB3 MIDI in both!

What's new in Addictive Pro v1.3.0:

- Audiobus 3 compatibility
- Audiobus 3: Arpeggio 4 track MIDI Out
- AUv3: Noise source problem fixed
- Sync'd noise distortion fixed

What's new in Phasemaker v1.3:

- Audiobus 3 support (audio + midi)
- Improved synth engine
- Various performance and compatibility optimizations

Rock Drum Machine 5 - Update Demo & Tutorial

Doug Woods has been busy this weekend! He's posted videos for RP-1 Digital Delay, Novation's new Groovebox, and embedded here is a demo for the latest update to Rock Drum Machine!

Video Description:

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TouchOSC & TouchViZ Updates

TouchOSC and TouchViZ, from Hexler Limited, both received updates this weekend! TouchOSC users are advised to download the latest TouchOSC Editor.

What's new in TouchOSC v1.9.9:

- Added dedicated Tab bar labels
- Added option to send XY / Multi-XY control values in reversed order
- Added option to disable/enable Push button control push/release messages separately
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

Be sure to also update to the newest version of the TouchOSC Editor at

If you enjoy the app and would like to see more free updates and continued development, please consider leaving a review! Thank you!

What's new in TouchViZ v1.3.2:

- Recording -- Capture a video of the master output and use in your set immediately or transfer later
- Camera autofocus control -- New option to control the autofocus behaviour of the camera live-feed
- Bug fixes -- No more crashes when browsing the photo library

We have more new features planned! If you enjoy the app and would like to see more free updates and continued development, please consider leaving a review and rating! Thank you for supporting us!

Ryouichi Harada - moodSound

Virtuoso Ryouichi Harada is cranking out some epic synthesis with mood and a Korg Minilogue.

KlaatuNinja - Sunday Morning Chilled Jam

YouTuber KlaatuNinja is starting off the week with a chilled jam in GarageBand

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