soda dj app by Zerodebug

Zerodebug, developers of modstep and touchAble, released soda dj! This one came out of nowhere and is packed with the features you'd expect from the guys behind modstep. Cue-points, key detection, support for up to 8 simultaneous decks, and AUv3 effect support! It also arrives with its own built-in suite of effects.

As someone who used to DJ quite a bit, I'm stunned to see key detection included in $10 apps, and it doesn't even get much fanfare in the description. This is a huge feature! Mixing in key is a vital part of modern DJing!

Owners of their previous DJ app d(- -)b can pick up soda dj at a discount in their legacy bundle.

soda dj app iTunes Description:

Introducing soda - a new type of DJ application.

Finally you may leave out the bloat: It's customisable Interface let's you focus only on the features that are important to you.
You'd want more easily accessible Cue-points? A longer volume fader? A secondary waveform that is completely zoomed in? Not an issue - soda will adapt to your needs.
From a basic single-deck to sophisticated looping setups with up to 8 decks, beatjumps and FX - soda can serve any requirement.
Get creative with your Music right here on your iPad / iPhone.

soda makes no compromises on features:

Freely customisable Interface
Up to 8 Decks
Up to 16 nameable Cue-Points per Deck & Track
Cue points can either be Hot-Cues or Loop-Cues. The latter can enabled to automatically kick in once the playhead passes the Cue.
Zoomable color-coded Waveforms
Ableton Link support
2 Send FX Chains
AUv3 Effect support - include your favorite AUs into the set.
5 internal Effects (Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, EQ 3)

Sample Import via Apple Document Picker & Files app.
Browser access to your iTunes Library.
Easy setup & management of playlists.

BPM & Key detection.
Time-stretch (Key-Lock)
Fully MIDI mappable

Sync or manual pitch - get the best of both worlds.
Variable Launch-quantization for synced Tracks.

Split Output via compatible split-cable.
Pre-Cue your tracks via Headphone while recording your sets on the go - no special hardware or cables needed.
Compatible with any iOS-compatible audio & MIDI interface

designed for all ipads and iphones 4.7" and larger.

TheAudioDabbler: BeatMaker 3 Songwriting - Part 4

TheAudioDabbler returns with Part 4 of his Songwriting with BeatMaker 3 series.

Video Description:

Added some guitar and messed around with the arrangement of the song.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link

014london70 - KORG Deep Tech House Session 1

YouTuber 014london70 brings us an entirely Korg dominated Deep Tech House session!

Video Description:

Second track with the emx2 and I am starting to quickly get things going on it after a couple of days with it. It has slight limitations, but can go quite deep in other ways. A great addition to my setup!

The Volca Keys is synced to the electribe and playing its own patterns while the audio is fed into the input of the emx2 and treated with delay, phaser and panning.
Very happy with the functionality of it.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

haQ attaQ: Are Cheap Mobile Lenses Useless?

Jakob Haq takes a look at some cheap iPhone attachment lenses. He has a specific focus on how suitable they are in his production, and for use in recording music videos.

Video Description:

I don't know about you, but Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is constantly reminding me that these cheap 3 in 1 mobile camera lenses exists and that I can buy them just about anywhere. Apart from mobile music making I am also doing a lot of mobile video production with my iDevices. The past year I've had my eye on Olloclip and Moment lenses, but haven't gotten around to getting one for myself. And then there are these cheap universal ( Android and iPhone ) 3 in 1 kits that usually includes macro, wide and fish eye lenses. So are they any good or are they useless?



Rocketgoldstar - Phantom Phone Vibration

Gaz Williams has been a longtime favorite here for his role in Sonic Touch and various Sonic Labs.

You may be used to his boisterous speaking, but you are completely unprepared for his soaring singing! Here he performs with his band Rocketgoldstar!

Video Description:

Phantom Phone Vibration by Cardiff band Rocketgoldstar. Gaz Williams- Lead Vox and Bass, Sion Orgon - Drums and Backing Vocals, Frank Static - Guitar and Keys.

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