The Sound Test Room: How-to Set Layers & Splits in Module

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room reveals Korg's well-kept secret to using the new Layers and Splits in Module's latest expansion.

Video Description:

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Tonality Update

Tonality, from Bryce Hostetler, was updated with a new Audio Unit! Previously the app provided an AUv3 that would show you chords matching your MIDI input. Now the same app brings you another Audio Unit that lets you trigger MIDI chords from Tonality: Chord Pads. There is a short demo of this on their website.

What's new in Tonality v3.0:

New AUv3! With the "Tonality: Chord Pads" plugin you can trigger MIDI chords from within a host app like Audiobus or AUM. Includes preset saving, voicing editing (down to the octave and velocity of each note), drag-and-drop reordering, and chord pad grid sizes from 2x2 to 9x9. See for a video preview.

Other changes:
- The chord identification audio unit now allows you to lock the current results to avoid them disappearing when MIDI input stops
- The chord identification audio unit also now allows you to view information about each chord (like in the main app)

- Fixed a bug where editing a custom chord or scale would create a new item rather than changing the previously existing one
- The Chord ID page now properly displays chords in Solfège mode

KORG volca Jam with Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit

Korg posted a couple of new volca jam videos, including this one with a prototype of the unreleased Nu:Tekt NTS-1 we saw back in May.

Video Description:

Check out a new volca jam performance using volca drum, fm, and Nu:Tekt NTS-1 digital kit (unreleased prototype).

And please visit the special site of volca series!

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Drums Out The SP404 Vol. 4

MSXII Sound Design has released a new pack of treated and textured drums. They do sound nice and crunchy coming out of the SP-404! You can pick up the Drums Out The SP404 Vol. 4 for $25.

Video Description:

Download here:

MSXII Sound Design presents Drums out the SP404 Vol. 4! Our fourth collection of Neve & API treated live drums has been expertly textured with the SP404! After some crazy chopping to find the best material in our work, we've cut these to be ready instantly! Also, we've brought more drum loops for you here to find your own sections too!
Drums out the SP404 Vol. 4 features a plethora kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, percussion, breaks/loop chops, & more! These drums sit well in ANY musical context. Purchase these like a champ & stay winning! Choose MSXII, the most trusted brand in sound design.

Kit Features:

50 all original, live, MSXII drums in .wav format
Expertly sampled, resampled, & processed with max texture & character with the famed SP404.
Emphasis on the uniquely found chops that come from real, live drum playing
All dopeness. No fluff, no filler sounds. Everything is unique & useable
Drum recordings tracked with Neve & API 500 series analog hardware
Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS app, and any device you can produce music in

Follow us on Insta/Twitter: @MSXIISound

KORG Module Update

KORG Module, from KORG INC., is now KORG Module Pro. Today's update includes a new UI refresh and an easier to navigate sound browser. The update also adds a $20 Module Performance Expansion in-app purchase. This adds some important features like MIDI CC learn. There's also support for layer/split keyboards, and a new sound library to show it off.

What's new in KORG Module v3.0.0:

- KORG Module has been renewed as KORG Module Pro. The UI color has been brushed up, and the sound browser is easier to use than ever.
- A new Expansion pack called "Module Performance Expansion". This includes the layer/split, MIDI CC# Learn, and a sound library that is crafted for layer/split that were high in demand. From band performances to song creation, the new features and sounds will make everything accelerated.
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