Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal: MIDI Control in apeMatrix

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel was not content to merely using the Eventide Blackhole app, so he got a hardware Blackhole pedal.

Video Description:

Here's how to setup full MIDI control for the Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal inside your iPad using apeMatrix!

Eventide Blackhole Pedal: https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/reverb-pedal/blackhole-pedal

A Swift Sprint thru Eventide's Blackhole Reverb: https://youtu.be/Y8aEZLpaldE

Basic MIDI Controls by wim-number37 (for Mozaic): https://patchstorage.com/basic-midi-controls/

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xpelled - Glitchy Core-like Jam with OP-Z & Bass Guitar

YouTuber xpelled plays some excellent bass guitar in this Gentle Glitch jam with an OP-Z.

Video Description:

Jam 12th of Jamuary2021 is the one with a glitchy core-like bass over some drum samples and synth arpeggios. Short, but sweet 🍰

It wasn’t an easy quest to get this recorded with the gear I have, but it was a lot of fun 🤭

Tech Details:
👾 Teenage Engineering OP-Z
📺 iPad Pro running Quantum VJ HD
🎸 Lakland Skyline 55-02
📷 Camera: iPhone X
📲 Roland GO:MIXER & Zoom H5
🎞 LumaFusion

DrQx: iWavestation-MidiMixer-BLEASS Granulizer-Gauss

Reader Adam Hardyman brings us some truly experimental music; not just some sloppy shit that's labeled as, "experimental." This is probably the weirdest thing you'll hear in all of 2021 that also sounds good!

Video Description:

The first track of 2021 and its Gauss led again - this app really has been good for me with it’s loop based simplicity. A game changer?
Using Korg’s iWaveStation as my main sound source - it has some distinctly Korg sounds which are all very good - it’s easy to build layers of interesting loops.
MidiMixer - I’m basically using it for ‘snapshots’ - a really useful feature when trying to juggle lots of different elements. I wish AUM had something like this built in as MidiMixer can take up a lot of valuable screen space. It’s a bit fiddly but I’m hopeful for some good updates in the future.
BLEASS Granulizer is great for texturising sounds, very user friendly.

After finishing Play-Beat-Mute (https://adamhardyman.bandcamp.com/album/play-beat-mu
I’m more aware of how things are sounding (things can become more visual when focusing on videos) - releasing an album is a good experience in many ways - I recommend it! Get it out there!
It’s still free to download 😊

As always I appreciate any feedback - I love to hear what you think!
Please ‘like’ if you do and ‘subscribe’ if you want more.

Thanks for watching and listening

AA Battery: Bluetooth as Delay FX (Dub)

AA Battery used an older Bluetooth transmitter, with its high latency, as a delay in his signal chain. I really like the look of that Maker Hart Mixer, but I think I prefer this model from Maker Hart.

Video Description:

A little experiment: could the delay of older bluetooth audio transmission protocols be useful for something? For sure! You can see the BT Transmitter connected to the headphone output and the BT reciever to channel 1. Any kind of splitters would also work, but with a mixer you have more control. Also a huge bonus is the EQ section coloring the Delay. The big downside is of course that the delay time is fixed (fluctuates even a bit). Nevertheless fun! Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 24 Office on dub duty again! #jamuary
Ironically, the great Mixer by Maker Hart already has an optional bluetooth reciever on channel 1, but it isn't loud enough to go into much feedback.

RF Modular & iPad Live Psychedelic Techno jam

YouTuber Radical Frequencies Modular uses Launchpad with his Eurorack gear.

Video Description:

Happy New Year my modular friends with a Radical Frequencies modular 132bpm Psychedelic Techno jam!
Patch: The Fm lead is a pulse wave from a RF dpvco with internal pwm and linear fm going into RF Scota vcf (alpha filter only) using band pass output and voltage controlled by RF vc adsr and lucky voltages randomizes the decay times .
The Bass is another dpvco with 2 detuned saw waves into RF 12db multi vcf. The Drums are from iPad Launchpad .
All sequences are trigged by Beatstep Pro that takes clock from iPad .
All sounds are multi recorded into daw though apogee and mytek converters and the lead is mixed with reverb & delay.

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