Dan Baker: An Ode to Modern Customer Service

YouTuber Dan Baker is just one of many victims to completely lose his goddamn mind while stuck on hold.

Video Description:

I’ve spent two hours today on hold on the phone to a major electronics company, and the entire time had the same 16-bar musical pap on a loop. Here’s my version, together with lyrics to match the pathetic customer service we now all face...

Enjoy and Share!

Name of company obscured in audio/video...

StudioLiveToday: Mastering Music on an iPad | 4 Different Ways

YouTuber Pete Johns goes deep in this video exploring 4 different ways to master your tracks in iOS.

Video Description:

GarageBand Weekly is a LIVE show all about GarageBand iPad, GarageBand iPhone and GarageBand Mac, hosted by Pete Johns from Studio Live Today.

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Michael Lohmeyer: Fugue Machine Jam in AUM on iPad

YouTuber Michael Lohmeyer did a beautiful little piece with evolving notes in Fugue Machine.

Video Description:

This is an automatically played piece of music in AUM in an iPad (an app that is kind of a mixer for playing a bunch of music instruments), using several synthesizers and drum machines. The notes are sequenced, meaning I set a pattern that repeats, or used Fugue Machine to generate notes in an evolving pattern. The result is a varying passage of music created with only simple note partterns.

I open all the different synthesizers and plugins to show them, and also show Fugue Machine, which is the thing with a piano role like series of notes. The cursors in Fugue Machine play forward, backward, and at different speeds which creates a highly variable series of notes based on a single smaller set of notes. Fugue Machine is actually a concept used by Bach in his music and is pretty amazing what it can create.

Finally, the Synthmaster One synthesizer is using ARPs with Fugue machine to create the cascading melody of notes that makes up most of the composition. So it creates a highly variable series of notes, but always based on a key and chords chosen by Fugue Machine.

Electronisounds: Elektron Model:Samples - 9 New Soundbanks!

Dean from Electronisounds released 9 new soundbanks for the Elektron Model:Samples.

Video Description:

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E.N.I. On The Track: Making a V9 “Far East” Drill Beat

YouTuber E.N.I. On The Track did a well-edited tutorial for producing UK Drill in BeatMaker 3 with Effectrix.

Video Description:

In this video I teach you how to flip loops in Beatmaker 3 using the popular Effectrix plug-in by Sugarbytes, as we cook up a drill beat worthy of a V9 verse.

Featuring the day’s “Loop of The Day” from @yskillem_

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