Studio Live Today: Developing My Dream App | Jakob Haq

Pete Johns interviewed Jakob Haq in Studio Live Today's Creator Series. In addition to talking about the development of his own app, Jakob talks about a lot of other apps in a series of viewer questions.

Video Description:

In this creator series interview, I'm chatting with Jakob Haq, mobile music creator extraordinaire and now mobile app developer!

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FRMS - Granular Synthesizer Update & Sale

FRMS - Granular Synthesizer, from Imaginando Lda, was updated with a new Sounds of Saxophone preset pack for just $2. The update also adds new parameters to the LFO, and individual sound layers. The update arrives with a deep 50% off sale!

What's new in FRMS - Granular Synthesizer v1.2.0:

- New preset pack 'Sounds Of Saxophone'
- Layer GAIN parameter is now available in oscillator mode
- New LFO parameter 'OFFSET'
- New layer parameter 'OCTAVE'
- Added export/import bank functionality
- One copy, multiple paste (for layer parameters and sounds files)
- Improved layout issues
- General bug fixes and improvements

Lucas is on the Imaginando YouTube channel doing a live stream of the presets at the time that I post this!

Amp One - A Great FREE iOS Guitar Amp

YouTuber Dan Baker shows off Amp ONE. The app's full name is, "Amp ONE - Guitar amps and effects processor based on connection of the circuit simulation and machine learning." That is a pretty silly name, but this is an entirely free guitar amp app!

Video Description:

This isn’t just another free app...

No in-app purchases or other surprises! It is what it is - a great Guitar Amp simulator, but with some very nice extras-good simulations of four stereo choruses and a stereo doubling effect, a fantastic stereo delay and a great reverb.

Add to this completely variable options for miking and room sounds and you have a great app, which would be perfect in any live or studio setting!

Enjoy and Share!

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Angel 7 - God With Us (Official Lyric Video)

Angel 7 is definitely filling someone's Bingo card. Who had Christian Death Metal made in Gadget?

Video Description:

Angel 7 - God With Us (Official Lyric Video)
The new album Angel 7 "White Metal" will be released on December 14 on digital platforms and CD. More details later :). Now official lyric video for the song from this album. If you like it, don't forget to subscribe and like it. Blessings!

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: DRC Soft synth for iOS & MAC

YouTuber Nu-Trix The Synth Guy explores Imaginando's popular synth app DRC.

Video Description:

DRC Soft synth for iOS and MAC guided tour + a Giveaway
the company @Imaginando is being a cool iOS and Desktop Synth. DRC has a lot of little features in it that gives it special place in my iPad.
We have a giveaway for 3 bundle of this synth.
Follow this link for the giveway information:

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Nu-Trix Music:
EP : "The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix"

Album : "SuperJednostka"

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