moodunits Update

moodunits, from Rob Jackson, was allegedly updated with new electric guitar instruments. Allegedly is journalist speak for, "Fuck man... I don't even know." The App Store is not being very helpful today.

The IAPs are probably there, and they're probably $1 each.

What's new in moodunits v1.4.7:

New electric guitar-based instruments available in the MU Store as IAPs:

• Clean electric guitar with atmospheric twang (CLEANELECTRIC)
• Emotional 'electronic bow' guitar instruments (EMOEBO)
• Evolved 'electronic bow' guitar with effects (EVOEBO)

Hope you like (or are tempted by...) the new instruments! This update also includes some iOS 14.2 specific shenanigans relating to instrument downloads - really sorry if you've been having issues with downloads. -Rob

Developer Rob Jackson used the new guitar sounds on this cover of U2's With or Without You.

Video Description:

I used my E-Bow for some of the new sounds available as In-App-Purchases in the latest 1.4.7 update for moodunits. So...

I had to have a go at (arguably) one of the most famous tracks featuring this amazing gizmo. All the instrument sounds are from moodunits, and with the exception of the bass (moodunits basicbass) and drums (GarageBand 808) all the other parts are from moodunits "clean guitar", "emo ebo" and "evo ebo" - even the string type track, which is actually multiple E-Bow parts with added reverb and modulation.

Hope you like it! Please let me know in the comments.

The 1.4.7 update and new IAPs should be available now(ish)...

haQ attaQ: Drambo is Awesome BUT my Groovebox is NOT

Jakob Haq has a bunch of great tips for using Drambo. I personally picked up a few here!

Video Description:

I am not happy with my Drambo Groovebox because of how I designed it. Drambo is without a doubt one of the most fun music apps to have come out in 2020. Want to build your own syntheizer, sample player, drummachines and/effects? No problem! However ... the builds are only as good as you make them and in my case ...


KORG Updates: Module Pro & Gadget 2 - 50% off all KORG apps!

KORG Module Pro, from KORG INC., was updated with a new Lo-Fi House sound pack. This IAP is available right now for just $4, because everything from Korg is on sale right now for 50% off!

KORG Gadget 2was also updated to make use of the new pack inside of the Fairbanks gadget.

What's new in KORG Module Pro v4.1.0:

[new sound pack] Lo-Fi House sound pack is available through the store page.
[improvement] Addressing the battery drain issue in this version.

What's new in KORG Gadget 2 v4.6.4:

[Module x Gadget integration] You can use Lo-Fi house sound via Fairbanks gadget once you get it through KORG Module or Module Pro apps.

Gavinski’s Tutorials: 10+ Cool Things to Do with Klevgrand Skaka

YouTuber Gavinski’s Tutorials explores creative ways to play with Skaka in combination with other apps.

Video Description:

Klevgrand’s Skaka (iPad/desktop) is a really useful sample-based sequencer for shaken instrument sounds, from the shaker and tambourine to the more exotic sounds of the caxixi, calabash and ghungroos. In this video, rather than doing a step-by-step walkthrough as I usually do, I explore ideas for using this creatively with other apps. If you are watching in the first 2 days of release, I have 3 copies of Skaka iOS app to give away - details in the pinned comment in the YouTube comments section. If you find this video useful, please give it a like and consider subscribing. If you would like to show your appreciation, PayPal donations are gratefully received!

00:00 Intro
01:36 Pt 1: Using Fugue Machine generative midi as input, using AAS Objeq as a resonator, Delayrium as delay, 4 Pockets Slowmo for tape stop effect.
09:06 Pt 2: Using FAC Envolver to create an envelope from Skaka to modulate NFM synth's parameters. Using Tonality Chord pads to trigger Skaka.
17:47 Pt 3: using MuteMaster to sequence muting effects.
22:42 Pt 4 Using with Gauss to play with speed and reverse fx.
24:49 Pt 5 Using with Looperator
26:05 Pt 6 Using with Dual VCF, Audio Damage Replicant, Bram Bos Perforator. Outro.

discophone_ - Toxic Surroundings

Reader discophone_ builds an eerie soundscape with Gauss and others. This one takes a while to build up, but it does get quite interesting.

Video Description:

This track was made with Hainbach and Bram Bos wonderfull and highly inspiring app called GAUSS. I sampled piano thru ipad mic, allsosome other souds were recorded that way. Some ios apps looped tto GAUSS too. Feel free to ask more in the comments below.

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