Beatz-Pocket: A HipHop Vocal Sample Beatmaking Video 🛸

YouTuber ..::Beatz-Pocket::.. did another entertaining, and well-edited, BeatMaker 3 beat making video!

Video Description:

Jo guys. Check that 💩 out.

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Thank y’all for watching!

Jamie Mallender - Robots & Vampires

Jamie Mallender made a Proggy piece with the new Agonizer! This has a lengthy intro; the song starts at 4:50.

Video Description:

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Sam Smith ft. Lennart K. - Stay With Me (Garageband Cover)

I have to watch so many poorly produced videos every single day. So it amazed and delighted me to see the effort put in here by the very young Musurist. There are tens of thousands of GarageBand cover videos on YouTube, but only a handful are this well done. Artists twice his age don't even put in half as much effort.

Video Description:

Enjoy my take on Stay With Me by Sam Smith.

featuring Lennart K. on Vocals

If you have an iPad or iPhone you can do it too! All instruments available on Garageband for iPad and iPhone.

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LK Update

Imaginando updated the Android and iOS version of LK with native support for some Ableton Live MIDI controllers! The first batch includes the Launchpad X, Launchpad Mini MK2, and APC Key 25. This is a step towards "Live for iPad" when you're able to take advantage of specialized Ableton controllers on your tablet!

What's new in LK v1.8.4:

- Added Launchpad X, APC Key 25 and Launchpad Mini MK2 support
- Added grid to automations editor with snap support
- Properties context menu for track and scene with midi trigger for scene launch and track stop
- Midi trigger can now be a note
- Recording of clips without pre defined length
- Allow undo/redo recorded notes
- Clip notes now have clip color
- Shift+tap to select/deselect notes
- General bug fixes and improvements

Apparat - Dark Anthem

Over on the official Samplr YouTube channel they posted this rocking performance by Apparat; with one member of the band making us of the app. They sound a bit like a U2 cover band that decided to go with ambient rock instead. So basically, National Skyline.

Video Description:

Apparat performs Dark Anthem with Samplr. Live in Paris.
More info about the Samplr app for iPad:

Fragment from the @ARTE Concert video:
Uploaded with permission from the author

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