The Silver Threads - Living in a Window

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel plays bass and provides vocals for The Silver Threads. The band produces original classic rock. They released an album that really shows off their creative range in the genre. They stick a little too close to the Bluegrass roots for my tastes though.

Daveypoo also released a video covering Imaginando's LK, while coping with technical difficulties. His particular coping mechanism is booze; which, coincidentally, was the source of my own technical difficulties. Update, from Holonic Systems Oy, was updated with support for the accelerometers in AirPod Pro's. The Augmented Reality app can now use the orientation of your head to generate MIDI or OSC messages.

You can test this out in the demo version, Holon. The AirPod Pro MIDI can be used without any IAP, and the free demo includes presets to connect to fun places like miRack on iOS or their own Reaktor creations.

They're also celebrating this update with a sale!

What's new in v1.0.2:

-Apple AirPods Pro support! Use AirPods Pro's as head mounted MIDI controllers or send OSC for networked performances.
-Improved Locations feature: "Aim" signal now works for custom locations. Turn landmarks into musical parameters!
-Improved Sun/Moon and Wind feature: "Aim" using device heading is implemented. Drive into the sunset! Run like the wind!
-Other minor fixes.

iPad Live Jam 020 | Tape Loops

YouTuber Instantly Distant brought his iPad and nanoKEY Studio out to a park near a mansion in Weimar. That seems like an odd sort of thing to do on several levels, but the results are nice! This Drambo jam has a neat combination of organic vibes, with industrial sounds.

Video Description:

Want to play with the tape loops I made for this jam? Check my Bandcamp for a pack including each tape loop:

Filmed at Tiefurt Schlosspark, Thüringen.

Great video from Loopop describing the tape loop concept and process:

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Be excellent to each other.

Quantiloop Demo & Walkthrough - The Best Looper?

YouTuber Scott Uhl did an excellent walkthrough video for Quantiloop. If you haven't checked out this looper yet, Scott does a great job of covering it all in one well-edited package.

Video Description:

In this video, I demo and walkthrough the Quantiloop app for iOS, which is IMO probably the best looper out there. The amount of that you can customize this app for your looping is truly incredible.

0:00 - Intro
0:44 - Rec/Dub/Play/Stop
1:25 - Customizing each song
1:53 - Tempo
2:37 - Dub Mode
3:03 - Metronome
4:22 - Customizing Tracks
4:52 - Verse / Chorus Settings
6:45 - Global or Track Settings
8:42 - FX
9:30 - MIDI
10:50 - Input Routing
12:34 - Using for Backing Tracks
13:11 - Gear To Use w/ Quantiloop

Adam Hardyman - Rhythmic Master

Reader Adam Hardyman got a groove going with Sugar Bytes DrumComputer and MuteMaster by Kai Aras.

Video Description:

The best drum machine on iOS? I’ve heard this asked a lot recently - so I had a good play to see what it could do. It’s certainly great fun and I found myself getting lost in rhythms and sounds very quickly. The interface is easy to get to grips with and the sequencer has lots of nice features to keep the creativity flowing. The sounds are also easily programmable.....and as usual Sugar Bytes have enclosed lots of great presets to get you started.
I did find myself in a house/techno groove quite quickly! Not my usual playground and not really a finished ‘track’ but hey! I enjoyed myself and my toes were tapping irresistibly 😊🎧
MuteMaster MM-1 is a key app here - mixing all the different ideas together, I’m not sure what I would do without it!
Hope there’s something here for you to enjoy...
Let me know what you think, always appreciated a comment...
Please ‘like’ if you do and subscribe if you would like more.
Thanks for watching and listening

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