Quantiloop Demo & Walkthrough - The Best Looper?

YouTuber Scott Uhl did an excellent walkthrough video for Quantiloop. If you haven't checked out this looper yet, Scott does a great job of covering it all in one well-edited package.

Video Description:

In this video, I demo and walkthrough the Quantiloop app for iOS, which is IMO probably the best looper out there. The amount of that you can customize this app for your looping is truly incredible.

0:00 - Intro
0:44 - Rec/Dub/Play/Stop
1:25 - Customizing each song
1:53 - Tempo
2:37 - Dub Mode
3:03 - Metronome
4:22 - Customizing Tracks
4:52 - Verse / Chorus Settings
6:45 - Global or Track Settings
8:42 - FX
9:30 - MIDI
10:50 - Input Routing
12:34 - Using for Backing Tracks
13:11 - Gear To Use w/ Quantiloop


Adam Hardyman - Rhythmic Master

Reader Adam Hardyman got a groove going with Sugar Bytes DrumComputer and MuteMaster by Kai Aras.

Video Description:

The best drum machine on iOS? I’ve heard this asked a lot recently - so I had a good play to see what it could do. It’s certainly great fun and I found myself getting lost in rhythms and sounds very quickly. The interface is easy to get to grips with and the sequencer has lots of nice features to keep the creativity flowing. The sounds are also easily programmable.....and as usual Sugar Bytes have enclosed lots of great presets to get you started.
I did find myself in a house/techno groove quite quickly! Not my usual playground and not really a finished ‘track’ but hey! I enjoyed myself and my toes were tapping irresistibly 😊🎧
MuteMaster MM-1 is a key app here - mixing all the different ideas together, I’m not sure what I would do without it!
Hope there’s something here for you to enjoy...
Let me know what you think, always appreciated a comment...
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Thanks for watching and listening

Ricardo Synth - Neon Nights (Synthwave)

YouTuber Ricardo Synth did some very nice Synthwave using just GarageBand!

Video Description:

Yeah I took so long by here it is my friends
A brand new song for you my friends
Hope you guys enjoy
Peace ✌️

Video creator : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgAqHc-nxsqfJtfnAJA6WTw



Redshrike - AUv3 Plugin Synth Update

iceGear's Redshrike - AUv3 Plugin Synth was updated with more modulation options and a new audio engine. I like that they have made it an option to switch back to the older version of the audio engine. This is a nice option to maintain backwards compatibility with presets, and so that you have the problems I ran into while drunk on margaritas.

What's new in Redshrike - AUv3 Plugin Synth v2.6.0:

- Improved sound quality. You can switch to the older version of the audio engine on the settings screen.
- The ENV and LFO modulation destination selection button has been added to the OSC to allow modulation of the modulator frequency.
- Added arpeggiator timing correction to the settings screen.
- Added selection change by dragging to the selection UI consisting of lamps and button(s). The sound is not affected during selection by dragging. When you touch up, the drag selection will be reflected in the sound.
- Other minor improvements and fixes.

The update even arrives with a new official video from iceGear.

LE04: AR-909 Drum Machine - Double Feature

YouTubers Jamie Mallender and JohnPaul Music UK both reviewed the new AudioKit drum machine, AR-909.

Video Description:

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Video Description:

In this video we go over the brand new Limited Edition app by AudioKit Pro AR-909

Get AR-909 here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/le04-ar-909-drum-machine/id1530586523


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