Pete Johns: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Making Videos

YouTuber Pete Johns shares 5 lessons he's learned from his 5 years of making YouTube videos. I agree with all of his points, but I especially agree with his assement of the important of passion. It really works both ways. People want to see someone who is passionate about a subject, and if you're passionate about the subject it will continue to motivate you to make more videos.

This is especially important when, in all likelihood, you fail to become a YouTube sensation. I have spent the last year making Gnubesoft programming videos and that has been basically a slow motion faceplant. No one cares, and no one watches. But I keep doing it not for the fame or the fortune. I do it because it's something I'm passionate about. Don't even bother starting to make videos if money is your primary motivation.

Video Description:

YouTube lessons | 5 biggest learnings from 5 years on YouTube.

⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 1. Communication
01:43 2. Focus
02:49 3. Message
03:46 4. Audio
05:05 5. Purpose
06:35 (Bonus) Passion

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Halloween 2020 with Zvon

Les Productions Zvon released a fun preview of samples from his upcoming Memory Collection 11 pack.

Video Description:

Montage of a few samples from the upcoming "Memory Collection 11 - Adventure" sample pack and one from "Memory Collection 08 - Horror Comedies" in Cubasis 2. With some screen captures to create the decor and help build the ambience.

The Memory Collection packs are audio samples from Public Domain novies, TV shows and ads. The complete Collection has over 20,000 sample in 10 volumes. Visit this page for more info and free demos:

The following softsynths are guest stars, in order of appearance:
- AddStation from Virsyn
- Micrologue from Steinberg
- Kaspar from Yonac
- Phosphor 3 from Audio Damage
- EG Pulse from Elliot Garage

Happy Halloween!

HOUSE: Mark I by AudioKit Pro

AudioKit Pro released HOUSE: Mark I, a powerhouse of vintage electric pianos packed into one. This app was handcrafted by Grammy winners Henny Tha Bizness and Kennard Garrett! Proceeds from HOUSE: Mark I benefit the Music Unit of the Creative and Performing Arts Division at the famous Morehouse College.


Created by two Grammy-winners, HOUSE: MARK I was custom made exclusively for your iPhone & iPad. Perfect for the studio, songwriting, and performance.

“Really kind of blowing me away... It sounds so freaking great”
– Justin Gilbert (Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Eminem)

“This is killer... Really phenomenal.”
– Tracyan Martin (Janelle Monae, Musiq Soulchild, Fantasia)

Every bit of a famous vintage electric piano was recorded and lovingly hand edited by award-winning producers. The tines. The noise. The feel. The vibe. It’s all here.

Handmade by Henny Tha Bizness (Grammy-winning/Platinum-selling Producer) and Kennard Garrett (Grammy-winning Producer/Songwriter), HOUSE: MARK I has already been endorsed and used by professional musicians and hit-making engineers.

“HOUSE: MARK I is an app we play EVERYDAY on the records we create”
– Westview Drive, producer team for Sting, Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas, J. Cole, Young Jeezy, R. Kelly, Brandy, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and many others.

• Easy-to-use controls. Only the knobs you need.
• Pro Sound quality. It’s all about the Vibe.
• 4 Velocity Layers, meticulously hand edited and under 150mb
• Studio quality sound – on the go. Create wherever you are.
• Feels "Real" with carefully sampled key noise and air

• Use a MIDI keyboard & pedal to play
• Standalone app, plus iOS AUv3 Plug-in
• Universal: For one low price you get both the iPhone & iPad versions


Camelot Pro 2.0 Update

Camelot Pro, the already highly capable music set management system from Audio Modeling, got a major update! The app launched with AUv3 and they're expanding that now with added automations, and support for MIDI processors and insert effects. Camelot Pro is on sale now for $20.

What's new in Camelot Pro v2.0.0:

This is a major upgrade, Camelot has been drastically improved since 1.x.

- Audio Backing Tracks with dedicated Audio Output Selection and basic editing (volume, fade-in, fade-out, crop, position)
- Automations (Scene Auto Select, Auto-Play, Auto-Stop and Next Song Auto-Load)
- Markers

- Audio Effect plugins insert on each Layer
- MIDI Processors plugins on each Layer
- Layer Connectors: special item routing MIDI to any layer to manage
- New EDIT mode, with Drag&Drop Items reordering

- Templates
- Selectable Layer Audio Output
- New EDIT mode with Drag&Drop Layer reordering
- Song & Setlist Rack Override
- MIDI Monitor with channel routing highlighting on each Layer

- Dedicated Scene Level on Mixer Panel
- Automatic Scene switching available from the Timeline

- Dedicated Song Level on Mixer Panel
- Possibility to Export & Import Songs
- Per-Song Transpose

- Possibility to Export & Import Setlists
- Improved Setlists and Songs management
- Per-Setlist Transpose

- Added Master Audio FX Section (Compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb)
- Mixer Panel with Group Levels and Audio Channels assignments

- General Improvements and Restyling
- New Scene EDIT mode
- Improved Global Menu navigation and categories
- Song management improved with more options when moving or duplicating a Song across multiple Setlists
- Improved Backup Management with Internal Snapshots and Backup to file
- Improved Search for searchable lists

EXTERNAL DEVICES (version 2.7)
- Possibility to manage multiple Devices of same model with Smart Maps
- Custom CC Dictionary for Factory Maps
- Snapshots/Scenes support for Line 6 and Yamaha devices
- Advanced Settings for communication tuning with hardware devices
- NEW Smart Maps: Kurzweil SP6, Kurzweil Artis, Line 6 Helix, Line 6 HX Effects, Line 6 HX Stomp, Line 6 POD Go, Nord Wave 2, RCF M18, Roland RD88.

- Introduced Layout modes: One Page / Two Pages
- Introduced Pagination modes: Single Page / Continuous
- Improved Zoom
- Added page number

- Improved mapping possibilities (i.e. Layers, Items, Backing Tracks Levels)

- Up to 16 Virtual MIDI Inputs and Virtual Midi Outputs (macOS & iOS)
- CPU Optimization (Beta) for Multicore Systems

Daveypoo Has a Bandcamp Page

YouTuber Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel has launched a Bandcamp page that spans 9 albums across 20 years, and they're all for free. It is interesting to listen to how his style has changed over the years!

Video Description:

I've finally launched my Bandcamp page! I've got eight FREE albums available for download, so get 'em while they are HOT!

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