Perplex On: LoFi Ambient Jam with PO-32 Tonic + iPhone

YouTuber Perplex On ran his PO-32 through a bunch of apps for a beautiful ambient jam.

Video Description:

Challenged myself to get some ambient tones out of a minimal setup: Only using the PO-32 loaded with some nice tones provided with microtonic going into an iPhone 6S with Velvet Machine, K7D, Stratosphere Cloud Reverb, Spectrum Granular and DAW Cassette. Initially i wanted to place the whole jam outside in nature but it was rainy, cold and dark, so i took some footage i shot the day before and placed it on top to brighten up this autumnal late-night-jam. Enjoy!

iPhone 12 Pro Teardown: 5G Comes at a Cost

iFixit reveals the inner workings of the iPhone 12 Pro. I'm still reeling with disappointment in this year's phones from Apple. I've been on on the iPhone Upgrade Program since it launched. That means every single year, for the last 5 years, I've gotten whatever the new latest model was. I'm skipping this year.

I do not want a boxy phone again. I do not want my monthly fees to go up $5 for 5G that I'm never going to get to use. Stop this train, I want to get off. I looked into it and if you do not upgrade in a given year, you get to keep whatever phone you stick with for 2 years. Apple fucked up, so I guess I'm going to be an iPhone 11 owner.

Video Description:

It's iPhone season and that means we’ve gotten our hands on Apple’s latest iPhone for professionals only! The iPhone 12 Pro. With an updated 3 camera system that includes Lidar, a new (well kind of new) flat-edged design, an updated processor and of course who could forget 5G. In short, the iPhone 12 Pro has all the makings of a very exciting teardown, so let’s get right to it.

Head on over to to see our full written teardown!

Our tools sure do work on Teardowns!

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00:00 Intro
00:32 Opening Phone
00:54 Removing Display
01:24 Removing Cameras
02:10 Front Facing Camera Removal
02:23 First Attempt to Remove Logic Board
02:36 Taptic Engine and Speaker Removal
02:52 Battery Removal and Specs
03:28 Second Attempt to Remove Logic Board
03:44 Logic Board Specs
03:50 LiDAR Explanation
04:28 MagSafe Magnets
04:48 Score
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Koshiba - AUv3 Plugin Effect by iceGear

iceGear released their second AUv3 effect today with Koshiba! This is a gate effect with a 16-step sequencer.

Koshiba - AUv3 Plugin Effect

Koshiba is a 16-step gate sequencer plug-in effect that can transform a sustained sound into a rhythmic phrase.

Each step of the gate is synchronized to the beat of the DAW, and has different volume, PAN, filter, LFO, and envelope parameters. The steps can be tied together to create longer gates, and Koshiba includes a filtered delay that allows you to set a different amount of FX sends for each step.

#Universal App
It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and has multiple screen layouts optimized for different screen sizes.

#Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3)
You can use this AUv3 Plug-In in a host application that supports Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3).

You can stream live audio directly to an Audiobus compatible application. See for more information.

#Ableton Link
Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network. See for more information.

# MIDI input
--Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI, Inter-App Audio MIDI Input
--MIDI clock synchronization
--MIDI controller mapping

For more information:

Gavinski already has a tutorial for Koshiba! There are also a bunch of tutorials on the iceGear YouTube channel, including this overview.

Endlesss - Multiplayer Music Update

Endlesss - Multiplayer Music, from Endlesss Ltd, was updated with a new FX Channel that lets you add gain, pan, and filtering. There's also a new Compressor FX available to people who purchase Endlesss Infinite.

In the update notes they indicate that this is a Subscription, but on the App Store it is listed as a flat $4.50 fee and there are no subscription options. I'm not sure if that was a typo, or if they are planning on switching Infinite to a subscription. I've contacted Tim Exile for clarification.

Update: I heard back from Tim. The confusion is with the way the App Store is reporting the subscription. Endlesss Infinite has always been a subscription, but for some reason the App Store doesn't Just Work™. On many apps it will correctly report subscriptions as subscriptions, but Endlesss Infinite is listed as a single IAP.

What's new in Endlesss - Multiplayer Music v1.1.0:

New Features:
- New FX: Channel (gain, pan and one parametric filter)
- New Infinite FX: Compressor (requires Infinite Subscription)
- Controllable reverb on the mic-in

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Fixed issue where AirPods and other bluetooth headphones with a microphone were unusable
* Note: For audio output to work with bluetooth headphones, the mic input on the device can no longer be used as an input
* Note: Wireless headphones come with more latency. Wired headphones are recommended when actively playing.
- Exported stems now have richer filenames
- Infinite Sampler’s default octave is decreased by 1 octave
- Fixed issue where Edit Profile/Jam button was missing
- Fixed issue where the cursor was broken in the chat when inputting text
- Fixed issue with Ableton Link not working
- Lots of other small bug fixes and general stability improvement
- Minor UI changes
- Instagram video export needs to be done via saving the video and then posting to Instagram

Sound Design Tutorial with FRMS and a Jacket

It's getting cold in Portugal, so naturally Imaginando's Lucas sampled his jacket into FRMS; which is on sale!

Video Description:

00:00 Patch
00:20 Intro
00:48 Jacket first sample
00:55 Jacket second sample
01:01 Sound design
11:20 Outro

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