NuRack Auv3 FX Processor Update

NuRack Auv3 FX Processor was updated with a new SlowMo effect. There's even a demo to show it off!

What's new in NuRack Auv3 FX Processor v1.23:

Added a new SlowMo effect.
Fixed an issue that prevented some from importing soundfonts.
Other minor bug fixes.

Sampling Myself in Beatmaker 3 (Making an R&B beat)

YouTuber BrandonRico Simpson really went all-in on the production of his latest video.

There have been a lot of lazy "beat making" videos posted to YouTube lately. In fact, you made Henny mad so now he won't even talk to us. BrandonRico's effort on the video here makes this entertaining to watch!

Video Description:

In this video I show on screen in real time how I made an R&B beat using MY OWN beat Sample in BeatMaker 3.

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miRack Update

miRack, from mifki Limited, got updates to the Bogaudio modules. New Bogaudio modules were added in this update. There are also new 32-input and 32-output modules for those of you hooking up some seriously massive gear to your iOS device.

What's new in miRack v3.52:

== We've got a new website and a discussion board - - there's nothing much there, but you are welcome to discuss anything related to miRack, modular synthesis and music production in general, and of course post your miRack feedback or questions. ==


* Bogaudio modules have been updated to the latest available version. There's a bunch of very intersting new modules, including VCFs and equalizers.

* MI modules got some improvements and fixes to their UI.

* Fixed a crash when switching range parameter of Audible Instruments Tidal Modulator 2.

* Fixed Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer STRENGTH input which was previously inverted. For compatibility, the old behaviour can be enabled in the module menu and is enabled automatically for existing patches.


* New Reset command at the bottom of the Patch menu allows to disconnect all cables or initialize all modules in a patch at once.

* Added 32-channel audio output and input modules. These bigger modules are not shown in the module browser, use module menu to set the number of channels to 32.

* Fixed occasional module movement issues when zoomed.

Jamie Mallender: Recording Bass Guitar on iPad using NuRack

Jamie Mallender records some funky bass guitar playing with the aid of a custom NuRack invention.

Video Description:

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Review: KORG Gadget Fairbanks

YouTuber Todd Smith is a heavy Gadget user, so I was curious to hear his thoughts on the latest gadget. Fairbanks was added earlier this week, for owners of Module who purchase the Hybrid synth IAP.

Video Description:

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Korg Fairbanks Module iOS : Preset Sounds (NO TALKING) :

Korg Fairbanks just might be the best 4$ I've spent in a long time. Costing only 4$ after purchasing Korg Module it brings a lot to the table for the price tag and gives a new reason to think about Korg Module.

Korg Fairbanks is a master of ambient sounds, textures, FX, pads and everything ambient/drone and a great addition to the iOS world by Korg.

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