iPad Beat Making: Chomplr is a Vibe 🌊

iPad Beat Making got an instant hit out of Chomplr in his first 15 minutes with it.

Video Description:

📲 This is my 1st beat using Chomplr in 15 minutes with NanoStudio 2. 🔥 or 🗑 ?
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⭐️ Chomplr!!⭐️
It’s a vibe!!! It’s special!! And it’s on sale!!!
Also used:

Trap Kit 2
Download: https://bit.ly/3izOxDz


This has everything! Over 700 trap sounds! Over 400 drums, over 90 808’s & over 100 instruments!

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Dan Baker: Roxsyn - iOS Guitar Synth!

Dan Baker shows off the guitar synth Roxsyn. I need to include a couple of corrections to his blurb in the description. It's spelt Yonac, and it isn't new. The app hasn't even had an update since its release in July 2019.

Video Description:

Here’s the fantastic new guitar synth, the “Roxsyn” by Yonak.

It’s utterly fantastic and there is literally no delay, or lack of tracking - bends and chords are handled with ease, and you get many features, most of which I’ve describe here, but you’ll see more at

In this video, I talk about the main features of the synth, and with demos along the way. There is also AUV3 support here, for use in other apps such as iOS GarageBand. There are memory locations where you can store your sounds, much like you would use on a modern keyboard synth. There’s also a recorder function built in.

The filters sound musical and in no way “digital” or clinical - it does make full use of the sound capabilities of iOS, in addition to supporting many sample rates if audio interfaces are connected.

This app really does bring the amazing invention of the 1950s (solid body electric guitars and basses) into a whole new arena. No longer is it the pretend keyboardist synth for guitars - this is the real deal.

Apologies for the iPad screen recording not working towards the end, but you can hear the results perfectly!

At £0.99, this was a bargain, and (shh....keep it quiet from Yonak), I’d pay ten times this for the app. Very, very good...

10/10 from me, and I hope you’d score it highly too...

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The Sound Test Room: Shaka by Klevgränd - Shaken Percussion

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream exploring the newest Klevgränd app!

Video Description:

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Apple iPhone Event 2020 in 1 Minute

If you missed the Apple event yesterday, here's a recap that gives you all of the highlights in 1 minute.

Apple iPhone Event 2020: 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G

In a move that is sure to be greeted rationally, Apple is all-in on 5G. Today's Apple event included the phrase more frequently than the number of people who can actually use 5G in their area. In addition to its well-documented implications for the downfall of humanity, 5G includes some real limitations many people may be unaware of and Apple didn't mention.

Even if 5G is available in your area, there is a big difference between 5G and the ultrawide-band that Apple and Verizon were promoting today. Regular 5G low-band is only marginally faster than 4G/LTE. In fact, in a recent test AT&T and T-Mobile users had slower speeds on 5G than 4G.

Today's event hyped up the faster millimeter Wave (mmWave) 5G ultra-band signal. They failed to mention that it has an absurdly limited range; requiring line-of-sight to an enabled tower, without any obstructions. mmWave cannot even penetrate glass. This is why the only example they showed of it working was at a stadium! If you're outside in an entirely open field you'll still only be able to experience 5G mmWave if you're within 500 meters of a tower. There's also a 5G mid-band that offers wider coverage, and faster than 4G speeds, but is unlikely to penetrate inside of buildings.

This technology is intended to be a replacement to your home Internet, with a fixed antenna on your roof. Putting it in a phone is a nearly pointless exercise in technological brinksmanship! The amount of attention given to it in this event is an embarrassing example of how meaningless marketing is dictating the path at Apple. They did have some impressive technology to show off. Instead of focusing on their 5nm manufacturing, or insanely powerful Neural Engine, or the fact that this is a phone with 6 CPUs, they tried to cram in a 5G mention wherever they could. Even the fucking camera demo included 5G nonsense!

Well if Apple doesn't think any that's worth exploring, I guess I won't either. This 5G year's 5G iPhones 5G include 5G a mini 5G iPhone, with 5G the 5G same 5G specs 5G as 5G iPhone 5G 12 5G under 5G a 5G smaller 5G 5.4" 5G screen. The iPhone 12 mini and Pros can be preordered on November 6th, and they will ship out starting on the 13th. The iPhone 12 will be shipping on the 23rd of October, with preorders starting this Friday.

And one more thing... all that 5G tech costs an extra $100 over last year's models. They did a good job of obscuring that in this graphic. The mini iPhone is $699, the regular iPhone 12 starts at $800!

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