ChordPolyPad AUv3 Update

Laurent Colson added AUv3 MIDI to ChordPolyPad in today's free update!

What's new in ChordPolyPad v2.0:

• Development and addition of the Audio Unit version of ChordPolyPad
• The ‘Real Time Transposition’ setup is now part of the preset and is called ‘Global Transposition’ from the main pad view
• The MIDI triggering mode is now part of the ‘Pads Setup’ and can be saved and recalled with the preset
• The 16 or 64 pads setup is now saved and recalled with the preset
• Added a MIDI triggering order to dispatch MIDI notes from ‘Top to bottom’ or ‘Bottom to top’ on a group
• Option to reset the MIDI control used on the pad when released
• Added 64 pads setup to the iPhone version
• Possibility to share presets by "AirDrop", "Mail", "Message", and other available services

Preview: Analog Rhythm 909 Drum Machine from AudioKit

Developer Matthew Fecher is reportedly unafraid of Detroit, where he learned the secrets of the 909.

Video Description:

We’re back from Detroit. Grateful to learn from music pioneers to make this new drum machine:

Detroit is a name synonymous with dance music, it’s the birthplace of Motown and techno. It’s a city where pioneers used drum machines in a way that would change the world. The four on the floor kick. The pulsating rhythms. They flow through this city like an undercurrent.

Detroit is a city that’s been through a lot of heart break. Just like all of us. But like Detroit, we’re back. And rising and pushing forward.

We’ve created a new analog drum machine. One that feels more alive today than machines in the ’80s. Rather than re-create something from the past exactly, we were inspired by Detroit, its people and music to create a new beat. One that is alive and has a pulse of its own.

It’s been a tough summer. We want to make the best app we can for you. The 909 will be coming out later this month. We appreciate your patience. The good news: It will be AUv3 & will support iOS 11 & up. Thanks everyone. And, stay tuned.

Guest appearance by BrandonRico Simpson


How to Make the Sounds from Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman

Lucas from Imaginando pronounces Organ the same way I would pronounce California's Canada.

Video Description:

00:00 Intro
00:40 Key High
04:46 Key Low
08:34 Bass
10:45 Music
11:22 Outro

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SoundForMore: Roland Zenbeats 2.0 - ZEN-Core ZC1 Demo

Leo from SoundForMore did a short synthy demo of the ZEN-Core ZC1 added in Zenbeats 2.0!

Video Description:

Roland Zenbeats 2.0 - ZEN-Core Technology - ZC1 Demo

Release your creativity...

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JZN Not Jason - Respond or React?

Reader JZN Not Jason did some fun funky Jazz that's an excellent upbeat way to start your day!

Video Description:

Do you tend to respond or react? This track is a bit of a response and a reaction. Jazzy funky bass oriented breakbeats with some shenanigans and a side of this that and the other.

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