Gavinski’s Tutorials: FAC Bandit Walkthrough

Gavinski’s Tutorials hasn't been featured here in a while, and I hope you guys don't think we've had some kind of dispute. I like Gavin, and he seems to tolerate me, but he's been doing some really stupid shit in a desperate attempt to pump YouTube views. He thinks that having his videos embedded here is detrimental to his burgeoning YouTubing career. I want to feature his stuff, but he's been disabling embedding on all of his videos. I've tried to explain that literally no one else does this, but he's determined to set his own course.

I have to respect that. It takes a lot courage to tell me to fuck off.

Fortunately Gavin is graciously making an exception for this video on FAC Bandit!

Video Description:

FAC Bandit is a fantastic multi-band FX processor for iOS (ipad/iphone), which also has multi-bus instance capabilities. If you don’t know what that is, this video will explain why it is so useful and show you how to set multi-bus instances up in AUM. The video shows you why a multi-band FX is so useful for all kinds of music making styles. We experiment with a variety of sounds - plucks, percussion and bass, and see just how experimental this app can get as a sound design tool.

Right out of the box this comes with various saturation, low-fi and ring mod algorithms and a bunch of great features like mute and solo per band. I highly recommend buying the IAPs for reverb and delay too.
Developer website:

00:00 First listen, giveaway details, walkthrough and tweaking ideas
19:30 On drums, presets demo
28:30 How to set up and why to use multi-bus instances.
33:58 Bass example and outro

TriceraChorus - App of the Week

Patrick from TheGarageBandGuide features the newest Eventide plugin as this week's app of the week!

Video Description:

TriceraChorus - App of the Week

My favourite App this week is TriceraChorus from Eventide

Aren’t there already enough Chorus apps in the world? What does TriceraChorus have going for it that sets it apart?

Whoever names these apps for Eventide deserves a raise, right?

TriceraChorus is available for iPad and iPhone from he App store here:


➤ Instagram:
➤ Facebook:
➤ Twitter:

Meet the Peavey Aureus Digital Mixer

Peavey Electronics have announced the Aureus Digital Mixer. This $1500 mixer features 28 inputs and 14 outputs, with a 10" multi-touch screen. In the reveal trailer it is shown with an iPad that is acting as a second screen, exposing different control options.

I'm having difficulty finding a release date for this one, because there's a bacterium with the same name.

Video Description:

Introducing the Peavey Aureus™ digital mixing console. The foundation of the Aureus™ digital mixer is professional quality audio in an easy to use package. The 10” multi-touch display allows users to access almost any control with just a couple of taps. Fifty-nine dedicated controls allow access to most critical functions with a single touch, making the Aureus the easiest to use digital mixer to date. No fumbling through endless menus — just touch the feature you want to access and adjust.

MobileMusicPro: Top 5 Best Secret Sauce AUv3 Apps

MobileMusicPro demonstrates his five favorite AUv3 apps for when he needs some "secret sauce" in the mix.

Video Description:

Join our Mobile Music Army and support our efforts of creating/educating mobile music producers!
-Patreon (as little as $1/month)
-Buy us a cup of coffee

Intro (0:00)
Usual Disclaimer (1:58)
Bass Enhancer (2:28)
EQ3 Air Band EQ (6:40)
WOOTT (11:05)
Transient (16:32)
Effectrix (20:20)
Final Thoughts (24:16)



Roland in Your Browser!

Roland have launched an official WebApp that brings you a beat-sync'd TR-808 and TB-303 in your browser!

I lost a lot of time this morning on! The underlying 303 synthesis sounds quite good, even when abused! The site works best on an iPad, because you can move the knobs much smoother with your fingers than with a mouse. This free service even arrives with an introduction from A Guy Called Gerald!

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