Berglund Instruments NuEVI & KORG Gadget Demo

Despite what his name might suggest, YouTuber Mr. BANANA is not fucking around. He's hooked up an impressive looking Berglund Instruments NuEVI wind MIDI controller to Gadget on an iPad for this demo!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

This is a demo of Berglund Instruments NuEVI.

The setting is very simple this time as well.
Just connect to the iPad via MIDI.
(via iRig MIDI)

Since you can assign MIDI CC for breath to any number on the NuEVI side, you can assign it not only to the volume but also to the filter and envelope system. Possible.

Gadget is KORG's music production software, and it has a lot of techno and electro sounds!

Sales have started in Japan!
Since it is basically made to order, the delivery time is said to be two months after receiving the order.

TheGarageBandGuide App of the Week - Grand Piano AUv3

Patrick from TheGarageBandGuide picks the new Grand Piano AUv3 as this week's app of the week!

Video Description:

My Favourite App this Week is Grand Piano Auv3 from Pablo Lopez

If you're the kind of iOS musician whos heart rate increases at the mere mention of a huge variety of soundsfonts, multiple LFOs, built in effects or MPE support – Grand Piano Auv3 from Pablo Lopez probably isn't for you...

If however you're on the lookout for a super clean, high quality recreation of a Grand Piano, this app will be right up your street!


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Teenage Engineering POM 400 - Full Review

Molten Music Technology did a detailed review of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400. This is a $600 modular synthesis kit with a lot of features crammed into a small package. They are just rolling out to distributors now, so it is a little hard to find them, but I expect to see a lot of yellow boxes in the future.

Video Description:

Here's a deep dive into the newly refreshed Pocket Operator Modular 400 synthesizer. I talk about the design, the improvements, the sound, the price, the possibilities, the flaws and what this thing is capable of. Lots of sound examples, patching and pros and cons.

Teenage Engineering sent the POM 400 to me for the purposes of review.

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Check out everything I do on synths, modular, DIY, Surface Pro, music tech software and hardware

Index - 0:00
Intro and overview - 0:16
Getting into the synth - 11:51
Making music - 27:45
Conclusions - 45:34

iVCS3 - JEC Captivity Auto-Generative Preset

Sound designer James Edward Cosby shows off a preset in an upcoming iVCS3 preset bank. The LFOs run wild on this one to produce increasingly evolving sounds out of a single patch!

Video Description:

A single preset from the upcoming JEC iVCS3 Preset Bank release... "Captivity"...

This track was recorded live using only 1 instance of iVCS3 running an automated preset. Initial settings and parameter limits are stored in a preset and by using the awesome APESoft multi parameter LFO's, iVCS3 can be left unattended to produce unique textures ad infinitum...

Frederick King: BLEASS Flanger Bass Guitar Demo

Frederick King is having a lot of fun adding character to a bass guitar performance with BLEASS Flanger!

Video Description:

Bass guitar demo featuring Bleass Flanger. I can’t hear a flanged bass guitar without it taking me back to Anthony Jackson playing Flight Over Rio, so I used this demo as a platform to showcase his epic bass line with this dynamic Flanger from Bleass. Drums were created with Lumbeat’s SoftDrummer...another fantastic app (demo coming soon).

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