litmus* - Electromarch

YouTuber litmus* did a cute performance on the Nintendo Labo keyboard with KORG Gadget for Switch!

Video Description:

litmus* - 'Electromarch'

I made a song only using Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

I recorded samples from gaming consoles and assembled them into an original song. Since the headphone jack of my Switch is broken, I had to record samples on TV mode and shoot a video separately. That's why the aux cable is not connected to my switch.

I used Nintendo Labo, Korg Gadget, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch, and The Last of Us Part II(Yeah, I just bought this game only for make this video *lol*) and Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4. All recorded sounds are post-processed on DAW(FL Studio 20).

This project is inspired by 'Starmachine2000' by Wintergatan -

Have fun! :)

Apple September 2020 Event: Apple Watch & New iPads

Today was Apple's second post-apocalypse keynote delivered from their billionaire-bugout spaceship. I started watching this one with low expectations for anything interesting. Those expectations were shattered at the end of the presentation when they made the 2020 iPad Pro, released six-months ago, obsolete.

Apple Watch 6

The 6th Apple watch was announced today. This is the 6th time Apple has tried to sell a watch to a world that stopped wearing watches decades ago. Undaunted by the purposelessness of the device, Apple continues to push faster processing into this year's model.

Instead of presenting a "killer app", or any reason at all for these things to be a thing, Apple tried to position this as a fitness tool. The watch will be pivotal to tracking your activity with a new subscription service, Fitness+.

Fitness is important, so I won't give them too much shit for this. I will say though that an iPad or iPhone is a much better investment if you're looking for something to keep you entertained doing boring activities like treadmills or stationary bikes. Play a game that keeps your mind occupied and you can keep going for ages. This has been my own trick for years, and I'm still hitting the treadmill every single day; often 2-3 times per day.

iPad Air 4

Today was the day my shiny iPad Air 3 was scheduled for obsolescence. This is something every customer has to come to terms with and accept. Which I did. No one was prepared for the iPad Pro from just six-months ago to also become obsolete today.

The new iPad Air 4 is only 10.9", so the iPad Pro still has 0.1" on it and supports Face ID. Beyond that the new iPad Air 4 is crushing the Pro on specs. The new iPad Air even gets all the Pro features: USB-C, Apple Pencil 2, and even Smart Keyboard support.

The iPad Pro released in March sports an A12Z processor, which I noted was an incremental improvement from the previous Pro's A12X. The new iPad Air comes with an A14 manufactured at 5nm. This lets them pack a hell of a lot of transistors into a tiny, energy efficient, space. The A12Z includes 8 CPU cores, but only 4 of those are full-tier CPUs, while the other half are "efficient cores" according to Apple's marketing department. The A14 includes 2 high-performance CPUs, and 4 efficient cores.

We don't yet know the speed of the CPUs in the A14. They could be faster than the A12Z thanks to the 5nm manufacturing process. Perhaps the 2 extra CPUs in the iPad Pro are superior to the A14's offerings, but calculating the price:performance ratio has gotten complicated. The new Air is $100 more than the previous model. The price gap between a top-tier 256GB iPad Air and a bottom-tier 128GB iPad Pro is now only $50!

The new iPad Air 4 arrives next month in a variety of color options, as $600 64GB and $750 256GB models.

Correction: This article listed the 64GB iPad Air 4 as $700. Thanks to zaubrer for pointing out this typo.

The Verge condensed the whole presentation down to just 12 minutes!

The Mobile Music Minstrel: ToneBoosters Bonanza!

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel explores the whole suite of apps from ToneBoosters!

Video Description:

Boost your tones with the amazing suite of apps by ToneBoosters!

Lenny Kravitz's Are You Gonna Go My Way (timestamped for the middle bit with the flanger):

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M8 Tracker Live Perfomance

Stas Che is among the lucky few in the first batch of M8 pre-orders! This dedicated hardware provides the same workflow found in the Nintendo Game Boy's LSDj. The M8's design expands beyond the features of the classic music app, and includes a touchscreen for expression. The whole package looks amazing in Stas' hands. Unfortunately you can't directly buy one of these yet, as they're still fulfilling orders from early backers.

Video Description:

Wife made me a birthday present and yesterday it fell into my hands. It's a tracker like LSDJ but with touchscreen midi in out audio in out and many other cool feature and size is less then game boy original.
It's just a short demo how it can sounds, sorry for quality of video)
There is no samples into this project, just instruments which you can make yourselves on this device.

All info about product can be found here:
P.S. Timoty (Trash80), thank you for hard work, you did an awesome product.

Beatmaker Mondays | Featuring Tic Toc

This week's INTUA Beatmaker Monday's featured Tic Toc doing some classic funk with modern sounds.

Video Description:

For our next guest in Beatmaker Mondays, we are excited to present Tic Toc.

Dominic “Tic Toc” Bazile is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He grew up learning to play the Alto Saxophone, and after learning about jazz musicians who played multiple instruments, he soon took up the clarinet and flute in high school. His musical passion also led him to learn the piano by ear and want to follow in the footsteps of Quincy Jones as a music producer. At Morehouse College, he learned to orchestrate and arrange in a marching band and took up music composition after his passion steered him away from computer science. Summers in Baton Rouge, La, afforded him the opportunity to learn recording engineering and producing among the music production team Beats By the Pound who have produced for No Limit Records. This eventually led Tic Toc to producing records for Ludacris, Juvenile, and a few television shows. Tic Toc currently produces for independent artists and is working on his own music as a jazz artist. He is also passionate about teaching and sharing the immense wealth of experience he’s gained in his career through his YouTube channel.

To get more familiar with Tic Toc’s work, visit the links below.


• Full-specs and details at
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:


Thanks for watching !

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