Beatmaker Mondays | Featuring Tic Toc

This week's INTUA Beatmaker Monday's featured Tic Toc doing some classic funk with modern sounds.

Video Description:

For our next guest in Beatmaker Mondays, we are excited to present Tic Toc.

Dominic “Tic Toc” Bazile is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He grew up learning to play the Alto Saxophone, and after learning about jazz musicians who played multiple instruments, he soon took up the clarinet and flute in high school. His musical passion also led him to learn the piano by ear and want to follow in the footsteps of Quincy Jones as a music producer. At Morehouse College, he learned to orchestrate and arrange in a marching band and took up music composition after his passion steered him away from computer science. Summers in Baton Rouge, La, afforded him the opportunity to learn recording engineering and producing among the music production team Beats By the Pound who have produced for No Limit Records. This eventually led Tic Toc to producing records for Ludacris, Juvenile, and a few television shows. Tic Toc currently produces for independent artists and is working on his own music as a jazz artist. He is also passionate about teaching and sharing the immense wealth of experience he’s gained in his career through his YouTube channel.

To get more familiar with Tic Toc’s work, visit the links below.


• Full-specs and details at
• Twitter:
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• Instagram:


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Beardyman: drum and bass, all from face

The latest live stream from Beardyman includes a manic and passionate plea for support while he is unable to perform live gigs in the pandemic. This is between a lot of amazing music coming out of his face.

Video Description:

This is all my voice all processed using the custom configured Beardytron 7000 X pro mark iii turbo.

Please help me keep creating and feeding my family. No gigs cos covid. Patreon donations are keeping me alive. Also lots of fun insider peeks at my process, many live Q&A’s, exclusive tracks, news, fun and frolics for members. Join us.....


Henny Tha Bizness: Top 5 Apps for Content Creators in 2020

YouTuber Henny Tha Bizness updates his list of favorite apps for content creators in 2020.

Video Description:

These are my TOP 5 iPad apps I use for mobile online content creation! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Table of Contents;

Intro: 0:00
AudioShare: 0:56
LumaFusion: 3:51
Darkroom: 5:33
Procreate: 8:23
Apple Notes: 10:00
Outro: 11:33


Dawless Jammin': Running an iPhone through Eurorack System

YouTuber D A W L E S S J A M M I N ' incorporated an iPhone into her modular setup during this live stream!

Video Description:

My name is JAde and I like synthesizers.

Official Store:
Apple Music:
Google Play:
Amazon Music:
Music Channel: JAde Wii ツ

Want to support what I do but can’t commit to Patreon?
One time donation:

allthemidi by Sergi Miral

Sergi Miral released allthemidi, along with 4 other custom MIDI apps. The whole package is a bit confusing, and the website is useless. The App Store description for each of these says that they, "work in combination with Audio Unit apps that listen for MIDI." I think they're AUv3, but it does not explicitly state that they are themselves Audio Units. It looks like allthemidi includes all of the controllers available in the other offerings.


Design your own custom MIDI controllers and send MIDI messages to other apps & hardware.

This app works in combination with Audio Unit apps that listen for MIDI events. A great free app that allows sending MIDI messages to other apps & devices via Bluetooth or USB cable is Midimittr

The main MIDI properties for each component (channel, note, cc) as well as the customisation options (color, direction, text) can be changed using the controllers shown in the screen.

Inspecting the underlying data structure in json format will give you access to more tweaks. Check the existing templates to know more about some of the possibilities.

If you need support with your layouts or have any feedback or ideas to improve the app just go ahead and get in touch (
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