Koala Sampler - Spaghetti Western Jam

YouTuber Loopingstar Music is making use of the latest Koala Sampler update that added new MIDI options.

SoundForMore: Elf Audio Koala FX - Tutorials

Leo from SoundForMore has started a tutorial series for Elf Audio's new Koala FX!

Video Description:

Elf Audio Koala FX - Tutorial: Exploring the App Part 1, Getting Started - Free codes

Release your creativity...

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Tetris Theme A on 4 Nintendo DSes with KORG DS-10

YouTuber michael nervous recreated the original Tetris theme on 4 Nintendo DSes running KORG DS-10!

Video Description:

The original theme “A” from the game boy version of Tetris that came with DMG in 1989.
My favorite version version of the classic game was always in my game boy and this theme was always in my head.

A little about the process:
I started by making two versions of the theme on one korg ds-10 plus on a dsi xl but had some pattern issues.
Then added a second dsi synced through WiFi and ran into some issues with song mode and patterns.
I added a 3rd dsi xl and all was good. I spent a day recording and had a great recreation of the theme. For some reason all of my recordings were of my mic and not of the line audio so that was a lesson learned.
The next day I started again and it just didn’t have the same feel, plus clicking on 3 ds screens at 120bpm was almost impossible to keep in time.
There was some slightly off pitch sounds using vibrato at the end of notes that were legato on other channels.
I transferred the sav files to my Mac the next day after refining my synth and drum noises.
I performed the 64 ds patterns separately and used that in the bottom screen of the 4 ds units in the video.
The top screens are actual plays on the original Tetris that I timed the length of the song so the blocks would pile up at about 1.34.
In total 8 synths, 3 bass channels (drum1), 6 noise channel (drums 2&3), 3 arp channels (drum4).

Model Samples - Deep Session 2

YouTuber 014london70 is getting deep with his new Elektron Model:Samples.

Video Description:

Uptempo Deep Beats jam with my new toy 😍

ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer by Cem Olcay

Cem Olcay released ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer! This sequel to the 2018 Chord Bud helps you create unique chord progressions, across over 40 different scales.

ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer App Store Description:

ChordBud 2 is a MIDI chord sequencer where you can create unique chord progressions very quickly.

It has a very powerful music theory engine under the hood with +40 scales. You can select the scales you want to work with and see them from top to bottom on one screen. From left to right, you can see the chords inside those scales. You can either compare the scales or borrow chords (modal interchange) from each other!

By default, it presents all the chords inside a scale for the key you are working with which you may change at any time. But in the settings menu, you can also select the chord progression you want to work with and you can see the chords in the progression.

You can work with as many patterns as you want! You can set different keys, scales, and chord progressions for each pattern. You can copy/paste/delete them by long-pressing them. Patterns are triggerable with the MIDI CC messages. You can build automation or create a song mode with that powerful feature.

You are not limited to just the triad chords! The powerful music theory engine lets you modify your chords with add/sus/6/7/9/11/13 and more chord mods! After adding a chord to your timeline, just tap it to present the chord editor. You may change the chord mode, velocity, octave, inversion, key, and division of the chord. You can make your edits while the sequencer is playing, so you can hear your changes immediately while you are working.

In the timeline, you can move your chords to change their position. Also, you can drag them from their right edge to change their duration. You can pinch to zoom in or out in the timeline. If you want to position your chords more precisely, you can zoom in and work in the subdivisions.

ChordBud 2 offers its core components for free on Github. You can fork them to create your own music app! The standalone app's MIDI layer is powered by the open-source AudioKit framework.


Note: ChordBud 2 is a MIDI sequencer app. It does not produce sound itself. You need an audio app in order to get sound. Just route ChordBud 2's MIDI Out to your audio app's MIDI in and arm the sequencer.
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