ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer by Cem Olcay

Cem Olcay released ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer! This sequel to the 2018 Chord Bud helps you create unique chord progressions, across over 40 different scales.

ChordBud 2 AUv3 MIDI Sequencer App Store Description:

ChordBud 2 is a MIDI chord sequencer where you can create unique chord progressions very quickly.

It has a very powerful music theory engine under the hood with +40 scales. You can select the scales you want to work with and see them from top to bottom on one screen. From left to right, you can see the chords inside those scales. You can either compare the scales or borrow chords (modal interchange) from each other!

By default, it presents all the chords inside a scale for the key you are working with which you may change at any time. But in the settings menu, you can also select the chord progression you want to work with and you can see the chords in the progression.

You can work with as many patterns as you want! You can set different keys, scales, and chord progressions for each pattern. You can copy/paste/delete them by long-pressing them. Patterns are triggerable with the MIDI CC messages. You can build automation or create a song mode with that powerful feature.

You are not limited to just the triad chords! The powerful music theory engine lets you modify your chords with add/sus/6/7/9/11/13 and more chord mods! After adding a chord to your timeline, just tap it to present the chord editor. You may change the chord mode, velocity, octave, inversion, key, and division of the chord. You can make your edits while the sequencer is playing, so you can hear your changes immediately while you are working.

In the timeline, you can move your chords to change their position. Also, you can drag them from their right edge to change their duration. You can pinch to zoom in or out in the timeline. If you want to position your chords more precisely, you can zoom in and work in the subdivisions.

ChordBud 2 offers its core components for free on Github. You can fork them to create your own music app! The standalone app's MIDI layer is powered by the open-source AudioKit framework.

Note: ChordBud 2 is a MIDI sequencer app. It does not produce sound itself. You need an audio app in order to get sound. Just route ChordBud 2's MIDI Out to your audio app's MIDI in and arm the sequencer.

discchord Update & Do Any Celebrities Read This Site?

discchord got a big update today, but most of the changes are in the backend that you'll never see. These features help me in my ongoing battle against Apple and YouTube to promote their content. I'm not sure why there is a conflict between us in this goal, but it sure as shit feels like we must be at war. I think I'm winning?

What's new in discchord v3.5.4:

One feature you will see though is that the site now uses a reverse order for pages. This post is going on page 2858, instead of page 1. That page 1 won't link to the same stuff next week, but page 2858 will always include this post.

This was suggested by reader Markus Gräser, and was a pain in the ass to pull off. There are some excellent reasons most sites do not do this. There's all kinds of weird issues with pagination and figuring out, "okay... then what is the number of the first page then?" Thanks to the highly customizable nature of the code base here, I was able to pull it off without sacrificing performance!

I think this was worth the effort though, because now if you search for something on Google and it links to index page 2545 here, you will actually find the thing you expect to find. The same goes for those of you that like to open up a billion tabs. Now if you leave open a background tab for Gear News on page 180 it will give you the same content when you return.

Nien! It's mine!

I had a weird dream Wednesday night that Jonathan Silverman, star of such films as Weekend at Bernie's and Weekend at Bernie's II, visited the site regularly and wanted me to know. I suspect this was my brain trying to cope with the sudden reemergence of Rick Moranis. After over a decade of self-imposed acting exile, Rick showed up on Wednesday in a deceptive ad for a wireless phone company. (It's actually $90/mo.)

This got me thinking though!

Are there any celebrities that read the site? Even minor celebs. I'm not typically in favor of celebrity culture, but I am when it strokes my own ego! Let me know in the comments or privately. I'd love to learn that someone like Tool synthesist Danny Carey reads the site.

TB Spectrogram by ToneBoosters

ToneBoosters continues the recent trend of AUv3 diagnostic tools with this week's release of TB Spectrogram!

TB Spectrogram

ToneBoosters Spectrogram shows a real-time spectrogram of the incoming audio signal! We have taken the spectrogram feature from our latest and greatest dynamics compressor plugin and released it as a separate app / AUv3 plugin!

The ToneBoosters Spectrogram app captures the microphone input and processes the signals in real time. To use it as a plug-in, use an AUv3-compatible host app such as Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Auria, AUM, or others. ToneBoosters Spectrogram will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins.

Key features:
- Start/pause button
- Variable sensitivity to adjust and improve visuals
- Fully resizable (as AUv3 plugin)
- Color themes for the user interface
- Max screen support in Garageband
- Legacy Inter-App Audio (IAA) support
- Optimised for iPad and compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

Intua Sessions | Vol. 5 | The Lab

Style and fashion are all about confidence. If you have enough confidence, you can pull off any look.

Well... just about any look. Kev Turner seems confident in his hiphop performance, but he is definitely failing to rock the tiny pink glasses in the latest Intua Sessions video. Also, no one can make keytars look cool.

Video Description:

Welcome back to Intua Sessions, where it’s all about making music. Enjoy this special collaboration and 5th instalment to this series titled “The Lab”.

Thanks for watching !



Written, recorded and performed by:
Kev Turner

Scratches and cuts by:
Kit Complete

Music produced, mixed, mastered and video edited by:
Jay Ellyiot

----------• Full-specs and details at
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:

The Sound Test Room: Yukawa - Multi-Tap Sequence Delay

Doug from The Sound Test Room shows off iceGear's new multi-tap sequenced delay plugin Yukawa!

Video Description:

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