How to DJ on iPad with Juicy M

The company Masterclass has completely undermined the meaning of the term. It used to imply some truly deep educational material from master artists, but their content is entertainment as best. I don't blame DJ Juicy M for calling this short video a "masterclass" because fuck it, why not at this point?

Here she shows off some tricks to DJing on djay, as a follow-up to her performance last month.

Video Description:

My masterclass on how to DJ on iPads using Djay App Pro. I'll walk you through the tricks I've made in my latest mixing video.

PlantWave Demo with the iOS App

Data Garden show off the iOS app for their upcoming PlantWave. This was featured here last year in a surprisingly successful Kickstarter campaign. They failed to meet their June delivery target, which was unsurprising. They now expect to ship in October.

Video Description:

PlantWave allows you to tune into nature by listening to plant music.

Just connect PlantWave to your plant and pair the device with your phone using our app for hours of harmonious music.

The PlantWave app includes several collections of instruments (Sound Sets) for you to choose from. Each Sound Set has a distinct vibe and feeling. Find the instrumentation that's right for you!

PlantWave also allows you to Broadcast your plant so you can share plant music with your friends!

PlantWave is currently in manufacturing and we plan to start shipping in October.

Get yours today!

SoundForMore: miRack AUv3 Multi-Channel Audio and Effects

Leo from SoundForMore did a tutorial for the new Multi-channel routing options in the latest miRack update!

Video Description:

miRack AUv3 - Preview/Tutorial: MultiChannel Audio and Effects - Free Codes

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Frozen Lonesome - Frozen Waves Of Dreams & Distortion

Reader Frozen Lonesome marks today with his 26th release on Bandcamp! Holy shit. Frozen Waves Of Dreams & Distortion does what it says on the tin. You're in for a lot of distortion here. Steve starts to calm down around Industrial Address, which sounded to me like a fun combination of 80's and Industrial styles. My favorite track on the album is the subdued Hazy Heat, which appears as a mirage of an oasis in this vast desert of distortion.

TheGarageBandGuide: K7D - App of the Week

Patrick from TheGarageBandGuide shows off Imaginando's popular K7D tape delay plugin!

Video Description:

My favourite App this week is K7D from Imaginando.

Available on Mac and iOS, K7D is a powerful vintage tape delay plugin that recreates that classic vintage tape delay machine sound with an enhanced level of control via its sleek and intuitive interface.

Packed with a huge number of sonic options,, K7D is a fantastic way to add some lo-fi character to your projects.

Grab K7D for Mac here:


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