Jakob Haq: iOS Groovebox Music Apps Tier List

YouTuber Jakob Haq ranks the many groovebox apps available on iOS. He also very nearly breaks the system here that automatically generates app links from YouTube descriptions!

Video Description:

Yup, I’m doing an App Tier List thing. There are so many good Groovebox apps and groovebox-like apps on the AppStore that it is impossible for me to talk about all of them in one video ... or is it? This is how I rate these apps, how would you rate them?

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Studio Live Today: 3 New Free AUv3 Plugins for iOS

YouTuber Pete Johns shows off the 3 freebie AUv3 plugins by Haruku Mizoshita!

Video Description:

A new DELAY, REVERB and FILTER AUv3 plugins for iOS (iPad/iPhone), demonstrated in GarageBand iOS.
💾 My list of FREE AUv3 plugins is at - http://studiolivetoday.com/freeau

⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
02:11 VB01 Reverb plugin
06:35 DL01 Delay plugin
10:21 MF01 Filter plugin

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Patreon: http://patreon.com/petejohns
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Medly Update

Medly was updated with a new Joyride sound pack and improvements to the live performance mode.

What's new in Medly v5.7.5:

New Pack: Joyride
- Let loose and go on a joyride with this month’s pack!
- Joyride includes 8 instruments, 43 loops & samples, and 2 songs
- Exclusive to Medly Member


Live Mode:
- In Live Mode, you can now tap on multiple Sections at the same time.
- Undo & Redo will automatically hide when entering Live Mode.
- The 2 finger gesture to show and hide Undo & Redo will be disabled in Live Mode.
- Show and hide Undo & Redo using the Settings panel (open by pressing the gear in the top right).

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue where tapping the "Settings" and "Add Album" icons were sometimes unresponsive.
- Fixed an issue that caused Audio Recording to crash.

014london70: Model Samples + TD-3 Soft Acid Techno

YouTuber 014london70 is producing some nice Deep House in his Elektron Model:Samples with some "Soft Acid" from the Behringer TD-3. I have to admit the TD-3 does sound pretty good. If, like me, you are troubled by Behringer as a company and do not want to directly support them, you could pick up a used TD-3 for cheap on eBay without sending a dime to Behringer.

Video Description:

First time linking up the TD-3 with the MS. Still early days for me getting my head around the button combos on the MS. A couple of schoolboy errors thrown in for good measure

Yukawa - AUv3 Plugin Effector by iceGear

iceGear just released Yukawa - AUv3 Plugin Effector! This multi-tap delay is the first effect app from one of the longest-running iOS developers! The plugin offers up to 16 different tap points, which are BPM sync'd, allowing for rhythmic sequences. These sequenced taps can modulate volume, pan, as well as the filter frequency and resonance. Yukawa is Universal and arrives with Ableton Link support!

Yukawa - AUv3 Plugin Effector

Yukawa is an AUv3 compatible multi-effector that combines a multi-tap sequence delay that produces a rhythmic phrase in sync with the beat, a modulatable stereo delay, and a DJ mixer style filter.

# Sequence delay
You can set the volume, pan, cutoff frequency, and resonance for each tap of the delay with up to 16 taps that are synchronized to the beat. You can also set the Damp parameter to gradually reduce the high range or low range each time the delay is repeated.

# Stereo delay
A stereo delay with various functions packed into a simple UI. It works not only as a simple stereo delay, but also as a ping-pong delay that produces the effect of sound moving left and right. The delay time can be specified in milliseconds as well as tempo synchronization. By modulation, you can create a modulation effect sound such as chorus. You can also add negative feedback and distortion or noise to the feedback.

# filter
The DJ mixer style filter can control Low Pass and High Pass Filter seamlessly with one knob. The cutoff frequency can be modulated. Also, overdrive can create a distorted filter sound.

# Routing
On the routing setting screen, you can set which signal is sent where and how much.

# Universal App
Compatible with iPad and iPhone, it has multiple screen layouts optimized for different screen sizes.

# Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3)
You can use this AUv3 Plug-In in a host application that supports Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3).

# Audiobus
You can stream live audio directly to any Audiobus compatible application. See https://audiob.us for details.

# Ableton Link
It is possible to synchronize tempo and timing not only with applications that support Ableton Link running on the same device but also with applications running on other devices via the local network. In addition to iOS apps, you can also sync with compatible applications on Mac/PC, such as Ableton Live and TRAKTOR. See https://www.ableton.com/link/ for details..

# MIDI Inputs
- Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI, Inter-App Audio MIDI Input
- MIDI Clock Syncronization
- MIDI Controller Mapping

You need to watch the promo video to appreciate how vast this effect is. This feels like a full-on iceGear app!

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