Sonic LAB Review: Arturia KeyStep 37 Controller

Nick Batt from Sonic State reviews the new Arturia KeyStep 37. The original KeyStep has been a popular choice for a mini MIDI controller to pair with iOS devices! At $400 for the 37-key variant it is priced like a cross between their $260 BeatStep Pro and the original $130 KeyStep, but that's not really the deal here. This is much more keyboard focused; sporting features like a new chord function with strum. Nick reveals all in this video!

Correction: Arturia have too many things called the same thing! This is not the $400 37-key KeyStep I linked too originally. Because that is Pro and this is not-Pro. This Arturia 37-key KeyStep not-Pro is only $170.

Video Description:

We're looking at the latest MIDI controller from Arturia, which takes the concept of the original and wildly successful Keystep and adds extra keys and extra features. New are 5 extra keys, making it a little more playable - it features the same small keys and the same velocity and aftertouch - but also adds tri-colour LEDs above each key for showing currently playing notes (green) /keyboard notes (yellow) and settings (blue) while in shift mode - very handy.

Also new are 4 , assignable MIDI control knobs (over 4 banks), giving up to 16 knobs - assignable CC number and MIDI channel. FInally we get a two character LED which really helps with step programming and other status messages.

There’s also a new Chord function which has a strum speed and direction, divisible by master tempo- this in practice is a nice feature and can be combined with the sequencer to “perform” extra note movements.

Another new feature is the ability to channelise the 64 step Sequencer (same 8 sequence memory) separately from the keyboard, so when in play mode, you can play a separate external MIDI channel from the main sequence - this is pretty neat actually, though I would have liked to have seen a separate port for the CV/Gate via USB.

Speaking of USB, the Keystep 37 can be powered from external 12v 1.5 supply (included) or via USB - which many will be pleased to hear is of the larger more robust connection type - those mini USB are handy but not very tough. You also get the earth de-coupling splitter doo-da for simultaneous power and data over USB - to remove the potential ground loop when connecting MIDI and CV to the same computer.


NuRack Auv3 FX Processor Update

4Pocket's NuRack was updated with a new MIDI Strummer module and a video to explain what the fuck that is! The update also brings a "simple" SoundFont player module and a few fixes.

What's new in NuRack Auv3 FX Processor v1.21:

Added a new MIDI Strummer module.
Added a simple SoundFont player module.
Fixed an issue loading presets inside AudioBus 3.
Fixed a display glitch in the audio pool which caused overlapping graphics.
Other minor bug fixes.

Daveypoo: Eventide's Shimmerverb for iPad & iPhone

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel is finally caught up on his Eventide video backlog!

Video Description:

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MobileMusicPro: Parallel Compression In Cubasis 3

MobileMusicPro explains why you'd want to use parallel compression, and how to achieve it in Cubasis 3.

Video Description:

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In this video we’re going to be explaining the mixing technique known as Parallel compression, why it’s important, and how you should use it.

Intro (0:00)
Project Intro (2:32)
Track Duplication On Drums (3:29)
Send Effect On Drums (8:15)
Send Effect On Vocals(11:19)
Final Thoughts (14:32)



SoundForMore: FRMS Showcase - Supremeja Music Cinematic

Leo from SoundForMore shows off the $4 Supremeja Music Cinematic IAP for Imaginando's FRMS.

Video Description:

Imaginando FRMS - Tutorial/Showcase: Supremeja Music Cinematic - Free codes

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