SoundForMore: miRack AUv3 Preview - Multi Midi-Out in AUM

Leo from SoundForMore shows off the Multi MIDI-Out coming to miRack AUv3.

Video Description:

miRack AUv3 - Preview: Multi Midi Out with AUM, Cassini, Sunrizer

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Beatmaker Mondays | Featuring Cued

Developer INTUA featured Cued in this week's Beatmaker Mondays. Cued is apparently in the trippiest part of the Matrix, where he did an impressive orchestral performance.

Video Description:

For our next guest on Beatmaker Mondays, we are excited to present audio and visual creative Cued.

When it comes to creativity and accessibility, the future potential for mobile tech is one of the things driving Cued, a multimedia creator & Mobile Visual Sound Maker. As a teenager who wanted to do digital media but only had access to an iPhone, he was motivated to use it to learn the fundamentals. It quickly became his primary creative tool, and he's spent the past 6 years aiming to push the limits of mobile tech in a multidisciplinary workflow, while sharing the process with other creators. Now aspiring to tell original stories (he's a big sci-fi/fantasy geek) he hopes to tap into each area of the arts to create all-encompassing experiences.

To get more familiar with Cued’s work, visit the links below.


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Thilak Ram - Blinding Lights

YouTuber Thilak Ram did a super fun track that's a cross between 80's New Wave and Indian Carnatic!

Video Description:

At the fantastic song on my version weekend hit ‘Blinding lights’

App used:- geoshred and Drum maschine

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Koala FX by Elf Audio

Elf Audio, developer of Koala Sampler, just released Koala FX! This Audio Unit is packed with 16 effects, which can all be controlled in the same intuitive manner as Koala Sampler!

Koala FX

Koala FX is the ultimate creative effects unit. It offers 16 one-touch effects that you can play intuitively like an instrument, allowing you to effortlessly morph and twist your track into something beautiful.

It includes all your favourite mix effects from Koala Sampler, but refined and souped up to allow super smooth cuts and crossfades.

Apply effects to your whole mix just to add some lofi warmth or to liven things up… or use it to sculpt synth sounds to blend in with the rest.

* Save up to 8 scenes per preset, so you can cut between them in time with the music
* Smoothly crossfade between scenes with a giant 8-way X-Y pad.
* Rearrange the order of the effects by dragging them.
* A togglable hold mode allows you to keep some effects engaged, and others off when you let go of them.
* Fully automatable via your host (effects, volume, scene, XY pad)
* UI is fully resizable, works great in any aspect ratio

Bitcrusher with transistor distortion

Frequency domain pitch shifter

Super short smooth interpolating delay with gallons of feedback

Modeled diode ring modulator

Efficient schroeder topology reverb

Loops a fragment of sound coming into koala fx and loops it in time with the music

Noise gate with hysteresis

Combined low and high pass analog modeled filter

Chops the signal to the beat

Delay effect that reverses parts of your sound in time to the music

Vari-speed analog style tape delay

Tempo synced delay

Formant filter based on human vocal tract

Half-vibrato, half-flanger

Analog modeled valve distortion

Hard knee opto-style compressor with a bit of

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Oscelot Dirtbot, Naturbot, and Wavebot by Sam Tierney

Sam Tierney released Oscelot Dirtbot, Oscelot Naturbot, and Oscelot Wavebot. These apps provide a simple interface to create a variety of interesting CV signals. The app is intended to be used with your device's headphone jack, which is increasingly unlikely to exist, on both iOS and Android.

Oscelot Dirtbot

Oscelot Dirtbot injects noisy/scratchy/glitchy/wobbly modulations into your eurorack / semi-modular synthesizers.

Synthesizers, VCO's, VCA's Filters etc. - Oscelot's specially optimized loops give you CV control - no extra hardware needed. Combine up to 8 loops to create extreme noise and complex modulations

• VHS & Tape noise
• Wow & flutter
• Glitches & jitters
• Turntable rumble

Oscelot Naturbot

Naturbot provides warbling, babbling, chirping, buzzing, swarming sound loops from nature to inject some interesting and natural modulation options into your synthesizer circuits.

Featuring thirty five audio loops specially prepared and optimised for maximum control voltage effect. Naturbot allows up to eight loops to played at any time.

Simply connect from the headphone socket on your mobile device to your modular/semi-modular/eurorack cv input. No extra hardware needed.

Oscelot Wavebot

Oscelot Wavebot provides sine/saw/square/noise & random modulations for your modular / eurorack / semi-modular synthesizers.

Specially optimized loops act like LFO's Envelopes and Noise to control Synths, VCO's, VCA's, Filters - anything with a CV input. No extra hardware needed.

Combine up to 8 loops to create extreme noise and complex modulations.
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