No One Can Play Music

The way I record all of my videos is with a Cydia (Jailbreak) app called Display Recorder. I have no idea why Apple won't approve it for the App Store, but they won't so I've got to be Jailbroken in order to do anything. Due to a series of collosal fuck-ups and the way Apple signs iOS versions, I had to do a "Restore" which upgraded my iPad 2 to 5.1. As there is no Jailbreak for A5 Devices on 5.1, I have been imprisoned.

This blows. I have been keeping to my schedule of a new Everyone Can Play Music to every other week, but today that streak has ended. I will have to indefinitely postpone the series, but it will return the Friday following the release of a 5.1 Jailbreak for iPad 2. There are other ways of recording the screen, but they are either somewhat expensive and very expensive. Neither of which will show my finger touches the way that Display Recorder does, and I feel that is a really important part of the videos.

In lieu of a new video, and to demonstrate why I don't just record over-the-shoulder with a cam, please enjoy my first tutorial! Viewers who have been watching my series up to this point should be able to follow it, and hopefully get something out of it since I go over stuff we haven't gotten to in ECPM.

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Wooji Juice Likes IK Multimedia's Package

Wooji Juice, developer of Grain Science (link to review), recieved a package from IK Multimedia with some of their gear to play with. He set about with their iRig Mic in tow, recording random shit in the office. He then tweaked them madly and released the results for us all.

This is a really good demo of how much you can twist sounds up with Grain Science! He notes that:
I've marked the original recordings on the timeline -- every sound, no matter how weird it sounds, is based on the same recording (until you reach the next marker).

So all of the crazy in the first minute is a bunch of variations on just that first recording of glass being struck!

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Shapesynth and Sinusoid Updates Preview (*Correction*)

Kinetic developer, Humble Tune, is hard at work and play! Not only is he readying the Kinetic update, he's been updating his other apps. Shape Synth, a polysynth with user drawn waveshapes, and Sinusoid, an 8-bit tracker, were recently put through their paces in an internal test of the updates. I really like the sounds he's getting here, and it makes me think I should take a closer look at these! In the Soundcloud description he hints that "all sounds created on iPad", so they could be going Universal like Kinetic is! Update: They are not going Universal! I just spoke with Humble Tune and that is not in the plans... in fact Kinetic isn't either, but he liked that idea for Kinetic, so it may do so now. I feel like I've just caused a time paradox or something. I have no idea where I got the idea that Kinetic was going to be Universal, but now it might because I thought that it would...

Here is a little demo of Shapesynth and Sinusoid from Humble Tune beta tester, Wharf99.

Thanks to Ashley Elsdon for pointing this out!

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How-to: Install csGrain on iPad 1 (non-jailbreak hack)

Yesterday the Internet was Twittering about the new csGrain app, and the news that it was restricted to iPad 2 & 3ish devices. Fear not faithful iPad 1 owners! Reader Rafeal Ollero, pointed out a simple hack people had used to get iPhoto onto iPad 1s. I knew that another reader, Clif Johnston, had already purchased a copy for his iPad 2 and had an iPad 1 collecting dust, so I asked him to give the hack a shot. As you can probably guess by the fact that you are reading this, the results were a success!

Here's how to get things going:
1. Buy csGrain from your Mac or PC. (It won't let you on your iPad 1!)
2. Download and install Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility. (Windows or Mac)
3. Connect your iPad and Sync with iTunes.
4. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and click Application on the left.
5. Click “Add” in the top left corner, then locate csGrain on your Hard Drive.
6. Below Applications and under the hood “Devices” you should see your iPad.
7. Click on your iPad and search for csGrain in the list of applications that will appear on the right side.
8. Click on csGrain and select install. In just a bit it will be installed successfully on your iPad 1!

There are some caveats. You will get nagged when you sync with iTunes "This computer is not authorized for apps installed…." and you'll have to hit cancel. Functionally csGrain will perform fine so long as you don't go crazy with the effects. Or in Clif's words:

I was able to use most of the effects as long as I left the pitch shifter alone and took it easy on the sync grain. I had 3 or 4 effects going at a time with randomize on for multiple parameters and it worked better than I had expected. I could get it to break up if I got silly, but it generally performed well. The one thing I was impressed with was that despite all of my efforts, the app only crashed once, even when it was noticeably struggling. The one time it did crash though, it completely crashed my iPad which then went into an automatic reboot. Luckily, such events don't freak me out, but it's worth noting.

He did an amazing job of putting the app through its paces and even went the extra mile of recording and exporting a little jam! He is incredibly modest; insisting the abrupt end was due to a phone call. I know serendipitous brilliance when I hear it! The end of his performance perfectly captures the moment of horrific realization when, in man's ineffable struggle against nature, he learns that his true enemy is himself!

Disclaimer: If you do this do not expect support from Apple, Boulanger Labs, Clif, Rafael or myself. This is a hack, and while it is perfectly legal, you take your own chances! Success or failure is entirely up to you! I'm just providing this information to help iPad 1 owners get more out of their devices. Do not even buy this with my link if you think you might fail, because I don't want you to be pissed off with me when you can't get it working!

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iPad Beach Jam Video with Bebot

It is always great to see someone go through all the trouble of recording a jam out in the field. I mean we are all mobile with our iPads/iPhones, but honestly "mobile" for me is sprawled out on the sofa with my head flailing around like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking.

Fortunately Guthrie Govan brought along a whole camera crew to the beach in order to bring us this fairly high-quality example of mobile music!

Via Synthtopia.

Fun and informative fact: Bebot was used by the Trent Reznor side-project, How To Destroy Angels!

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