iPad Beach Jam Video with Bebot

It is always great to see someone go through all the trouble of recording a jam out in the field. I mean we are all mobile with our iPads/iPhones, but honestly "mobile" for me is sprawled out on the sofa with my head flailing around like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking.

Fortunately Guthrie Govan brought along a whole camera crew to the beach in order to bring us this fairly high-quality example of mobile music!

Via Synthtopia.

Fun and informative fact: Bebot was used by the Trent Reznor side-project, How To Destroy Angels!

Buy Bebot on iTunes: $1.99

I am Synth - New Universal app from iMS-20 developers!

For those of you who don't already know, Korg iMS-20 was developed by DETUNE Ltd., rather than internally at Korg. Today DETUNE brings us something new, in the form of a stripped-down simple synth: I am Synth (Universal)
  • oscillator: sine,saw,pulse,noise
  • low pass filter
  • LFO for pitch : sine,saw,pulse,noise
  • envelope for amplitude : attack time,release time
  • delay : up to 2 sec , it can be also used for looper
  • keyboard : shake for ribbon controller mode

It's a $1... It doesn't do anything particularly new or interesting, but after a bit of playing with it I liked the sounds I was getting. The noise oscillator is pitched, so you can get some interesting sounds out of it. I think Animoog may have raised the bar on what to expect for a buck, and this is definitely no Animoog, but I like these attempts to make synthesis more approachable.

Buy I am Synth on iTunes: $0.99

Propllerhead Doesn't Care About White People (Problems)

About as soon as Propellerhead announced their iOS app, Figure, a debate begain on iDesignSound about the features. Interest revolved largely on the topic of exporting songs and requests for support of AudioCopy/Paste. Kalle Paulsson, Product Manager for Apps at Propellerhead, responded... but before we get to that let me give you some context. 

Gerren Grant, @freesoulvw, a long-time member of the iOS Music community, posted an essay to appeal for standards. Here is a snippet:
"With apps like Animoog, Sunrizer, and more we have seen what iOS can do. We all know the tricks by now. Copy/paste are standard, Soundcloud is now becoming standard. If Propellerhead thinks they can drop in to this establishment 2 years later without even putting [in] an effort [towards] what iOS musicians are actualling needing, or using to make music, then I see that as a slap in the face."

Zac Laurent, EvolutionaryArts, responded in kind with an equally lengthy post I have abridged here:
"I'd say we are spoilt and despite the fact that we are hoping for better from the pros, maybe, just maybe, they are hitting another market - the entry level market initially, maybe they are not aiming to please us so called seasoned producers. We have to remember we are not the only audience category."

At this point Kalle waded in with his own thesis:
"Balancing the fun factor that we’re aiming for with “pro” features is not easy. In the end, it comes down to priorities." ... "The “pro” features [are] there so far in the form of the full Reason sound, and whatever implications that will have on updates to come. We have a wide audience in mind for Figure. Compared to that, the iOS musician crowd is pretty small. And in that crowd, we really don’t know how many use specific features such as ACP for instance. And to add to the fun, there’s constantly new technologies coming in and stirring things up, like Audiobus."

I can respect Propellerhead's position here, we are a minority when compared with the general app buying market, but this seems like a foolish thing to say to that minority. You can read the whole thing here

csGrain - CSound based Granular Synth out now!

Continuing Apple App Review's theme is our 3rd "experimental" iPad release today; a CSound powered little beauty.
csGrain, by Boulanger Labs, is a real-time audio processing and recording tool that lets you create sounds and textures by transforming your voice, instrument, or iTunes library.

  • Remix your iTunes library
  • Process, record and save audio
  • Manipulate audio with SyncGrain, a real-time granular synthesizer
  • Connect a MIDI controller and turn csGrain into a live performance tool
  • Create ever-evolving soundscapes with the Randomize Settings feature
  • Choose from ten built-in effects, including: 
    pitch shift, ring mod, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb and more
  • Export your audio via Dropbox, AudioCopy, or Email

Perhaps most impressive of all is that right out of the gate they have some examples on SoundCloud, as well as a demo video on Vimeo.

csGrain Trailer from boulangerlabs on Vimeo.

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Strange Attractor - Chaos Theory Sound Generation App

It is a very strange day for iOS Music, with Strange Attractor's release on iPad. 

This sound generator is based on Chaos Theory, using feedback to processs and generate sound. And "PhD research" so you know it is the one your doctor recommends.

As you might expect from something based on Chaos there is very little ordered control, but you can navigate through it all with your finger. As the website puts it:

By moving your finger on the screen, you can navigate through a space of evolving sounds, that build-up, pulsate, and decay.

Sound input through the microphone or headphone socket can be processed into fractal textures, or will trigger and control oscillations.

Buy Strange Attractor on iTunes: $2.99

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