Live Remixing and Beatmaking in Endlesss

Red Sky Lullaby did an Endless jam with Martin Neuhold’s Tongue Drum Dub and Collin Powell playing Ukulele.

Video Description:

Live remixing demo in Endlesss using stems from Martin Neuhold’s Tongue Drum Dub (Open to Collab) video here:
Imported stems in to Endlesss app on iPad to remix and add beats in realtime.
Featuring Martin Neuhold on Tongue Drum, Bass, Guitar and Sax. Colin Powell on Ukulele

Hammond B-3X Update

Hammond B-3X, from IK Multimedia, was updated with 24 new presets by Jordan Rudess. The update also allows for preset sharing between the desktop version of Hammond B-3X, or with other iPads.

What's new in Hammond B-3X v1.3.1:

What’s new in version 1.3:

- 24 new Jordan Rudess Deep Purple presets
- New share function for importing and exporting presets with desktop version and other iPads
- New restore factory presets function
- Controllers are now received only on the assigned channels of the 3 manuals and program change channel
- Pitch bend range is now stored globally

Ricardo Santos: Last Chance - Feat. Lion (the dog)

YouTuber Ricardo Santos did some synthwave with Sunrizer, his guitar, and his dog!

Video Description:

Yeah guys sorry my missing time
My phone brooke the camera so I was trying to Fix it

Hope you guys enjoy the video
And if you like my dog
Please like the video


TfxEcho Echo/Delay Filter Demo

YouTuber David English shows off the presets in the new TfxEcho, released earlier this week.

Video Description:

This is a simple demo of the IOS-based TfxEcho delay filter from Ryo Togawa. I do a quick run through of the factory presets using the "KApro Cello" preset in Korg Gadget 2. Also featured are the AUM, Fabfilter Pro-Q3, and TC-Data apps.

Fluidynamic 82 - Emergent Properties (Drambo Live Jam)

YouTuber Fluidynamic 82 did another impressive Drambo jam with randomized start conditions!

Video Description:

Back garden jamming

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