Video: Practical use for Animoog's BASE

I'm suitably impressed with Jim McLaren's attempt to make use of the goofy presets in Animoog's BASE pack.

I personally ran away from them to go explore the timbres, but Jim is a man of greater determination.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $2.99 (On sale, regularly $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, regularly $9.99)

Audio MIDI Connect Update Video

Secret Base Design has put together a great video to demonstrate the new background processing coming to Audio MIDI Connect (Universal). This is a handy app for MIDI hackers! It allows you to record/convert any audio signal you throw at it into MIDI, which can then be sent in real-time over CoreMIDI and DSMIDIWiFi. An update is in Apple's review process and should be available soon; with the addition of background processing! Soon you can use it to play with other apps, as demonstrated in the video with Animoog.

Buy Audio Midi Connect on iTunes: $4.99

Animoog updated, price dropped, and bonkers!

In a confusing series of events, Animoog celebrates April Fools with an update, a price drop, an In-App Purchase, and a great video staring Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater! The update makes the metronome continue while recording (if enabled), and recording now starts immediatly on press instead of release.

It also adds the Animoog Store, but I'll let Jordan introduce that:

I love this video so much! Scientists sitting in-front of synths and Jordan can actually act!

The 25 Presents included in the $1 BASE Pack are shit, but the addition of 40 new Timbres is astounding! They all have really unhelpful names, but amazing sounds. I had to pull myself away from them to post this. For $1 your Animoog gains a ton of new synthesis possiblities. The app price has been dropped down to $3, from $30, so if you haven't grabbed this yet: Now is the time!

The iPhone version also got a price drop, but no update yet. If you do a lot of (Virtual) MIDI stuff on your iPad, you might want to grab this now so you can run 2 instances of Animoog at once. Genome + Animoog + Animoog for iPhone = Wall of Sound!

If you are new to Animoog I've got a tutorial that will help get you started.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $2.99 (On sale, regularly $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, regularly $9.99)

bs-16i SoundFont sampler gets Virtual MIDI!

The SoundFont sampler for iOS (Universal), bs-16i (link to mini-review), has been updated!

  • Allowed loading 4 SoundFont files
  • Added Virtual MIDI Port / Background support
  • Integrated CoreMIDI implementation
  • Added pre-install SoundFont by S. Christian Collins

The addition of Virtual MIDI support is great news for fans samplers! This is the first really good solution for playing with a sampler instrument with SoundPrism Pro or in an arrangement with Genome.

There are seriously thousands of free SoundFonts on the internet, and if this gains in popularity perhaps we could see a SoundFont creation app on iPad; for a complete end-to-end sampling solution.

Bismark, the developer, has uploaded a video of him playing with SoundPrism Pro controlling bs-16i. (Skip ahead to 2 minutes if you just want to see that.)

Buy bs-16i on iTunes: $8.99

Music Studio Updated for Retina, running out of Update Stars

The already visually appealing Music Studio(link to mini-review) has been updated to support Retina displays on iPad 3s.

All is not well though, as aparently further development is contingent upon iTunes Stars. 

From the update notes: 

• Retina display support for the new iPad
• Graphical glitches on the new iPad fixed

Note: Please remember that your 5 star reviews help keep the updates coming!

Apparently a failure to comply will negate your investment in the initial purchase.

This shit really bugs me, and Music Studio isn't the only one to do this. Let's leave that nonsense to the games and cons. People love to share their opinions; don't say you're not going to be updating your $15 app.

Buy Music Studio on iTunes: $14.99

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