Thaarame Thaarame

YouTuber Èxígèŕ Ćéòĺ covered the song Thaarame Thaarame from the movie Kadaram Kondan in FL Studio using the remote app. His results are surprisingly cinematic!

Video Description:

Thaaramae Thaaramae
Percussion-M.C.Roshan Raj
Keyboard and Synth-AK
Mixing and Mastering-AK
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Preview: Oscilloscope and Analyzer from Blue Mangoo

Blue Mangoo shows off an upcoming oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer app they're working on!

Imaginando LK Update

Imaginando updated the iOS and Android versions of LK, their Ableton Live Kontroller.

What's new in LK - for Ableton Live & Midi v1.6.3:

- Introduces state saving to MATRIX MIDI mode
- Added midi note mode to X/Y module
- ALL channels option now available for MATRIX's track midi input
- Fixes MATRIX's midi recording from LK's modules when channel is different then 1
- Improved highlight color for readability
- General bug fixes and improvements

Wireless BM-A01 Bluetooth MIDI Adapter: 1-Year Review

YouTuber John Mike shares his thoughts after using the BM-A01 Bluetooth MIDI Adapter for a full year.

Video Description:

Here are my honest thoughts about the BMA01 Bluetooth midi adapter after owning it for a year!

AudioTune - AudioKit Limited Edition App #3

YouTuber JohnPaul Music UK shows off the new AudioTune from AudioKit!

Video Description:

In this video we go through the limited edition app by AudioKit Pro called AudioTune.

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