Free Preset Packs for Animoog

Moog is out at Detroit's Movement Electronic Music Festival, and to celebrate Detroit's Techno history they had 4 of Detroit's Techno Producers put together a huge preset pack. And it is free!

Moog would like for you to sign-up for their mailing list, in exchange for the pack, by visiting their site here. I've been playing with it a bunch this morning and I think it is worth recommending. There are a lot of good sounds in here, with 51 presets in all. Watch out for switching between sets from different producers though, as the volume levels are wildly different! The first few from Carl Craig are quiet, and then the next bunch from Juan Atkins are crazy loud.

Unlike the Animoog Store presets, this does not include any new timbres, and you'll need to install it via iTunes File-sharing. The instructions for doing so are:

  • Download the file to your computer and unzip it.
  • Launch iTunes on your computer with your iPad connected
  • In the DEVICES list on the left, select your iPad 
  • Select the the APPS tab at the top of your iTunes window 
  • Scroll down to FILE SHARING in the center iTunes Window 
  • Select Animoog and then click the ADD button on the right 
  • Select all the files in the unzipped folder named "Movement 2012 Preset Pack" 
  • Click the OPEN tab (This will load all the Presets onto your iPad) 
  • Launch Animoog and select the SETUP tab Select "Import Presets"

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $9.99 (On sale, $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)

Cantor Released!

Rob Fielding, the long time iOS developer who's helped bring us Geo Synthesizer and Mugician, has released his latest invention! The Universal app Cantor is both simple and vastly complicated, offering a minimal interface with basic wavetable synthesis, but elaborate MIDI hackery for those that want to explore that.

I hate to copy-paste iTunes descriptions, but Rob describes Cantor best as:

A Microtonal Guitarist's synth, designed for extreme playability on the iPhone and iPad. It is the successor to Geo Synthesizer and Mugician. It does send a specialized MIDI output (requires a multi-timbral synth that can handle independent channels is all but necessary, such as SampleWiz or ThumbJam in OMNI mode, or Arctic Synth). The internal synth is driven by the actual MIDI output, because external MIDI synths are the main point of this project rather than the internal audio engine. It has a basic looper/delay combination, and the loop can be copied out as a sample to the general pasteboard for apps such as GarageBand.

He's got a long tutorial for it in a video available here, but the audio levels are all fucked up. Instead of I'm embedding a jam he's done while experimenting with the looper functionality, so you can see how it is played on the screen.

Sounds like a Guitarist picking a fight with the whole String Section... and winning!

Buy Cantor on iTunes: $1.99

Samplodica - neat new instrument for iPhone

iPhone developers are doing some amazing things this week. triqtraq blew me away, and this new Samplodica app looks impressive as well. The demo video shows some nice forethought in designing an instrument around the iPhone, rather than trying to squeeze an existing one on there.

Buy Samplodica for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99

Brainwave Sequencer 1.3 with CoreMIDI improvements

Brainwave Sequencer looks like it is going to be taking on Genome directly! It has its own sound sources, samplers, and now supports MIDI sequencing other apps. Here's a video of it from the developer, playing along with Sunrizer.

Buy Brainwave Sequencer on iTunes: $19.99

Everyone Can Play Music will resume June 1st!

After a very long haitus I am happy to announce Everyone Can Play Music will return this Friday, June 1st!

Thank you very much to iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team for their tireless work on the 5.1.1 jailbreak. The iPad is a great "device", but as soon as I SSH'd in this morning it became a great computer. Thanks also to Ryan Petrich for making Display Recorder, without which all of my videos would be shitty over-the-shoulder shots and completely useless for tutorials .

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