Sound Weaver by Andrey Savitsky

Andrey Savitsky released Sound Weaver back in February. This sample chopping instrument has now been updated with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.

Sound Weaver

Sound Weaver is an instrument which allows you to chop audio recordings into 8 different slices. Each slice can be played as one shot or looped sound by assigned colored pad, or chromatically with the on screen keyboard.

Every slice has it own independent FX chain:
- Distortion,
- Filter,
- Delay,
and can be sent to global Reverb effect.

Make recordings via Microphone or import any audio file from your device or export slices to wav files. Sound Weaver can also generate random audio combinations based on your saved recordings.

Slices can be played with a sequencer which has 16 slots to store patterns and slices settings. Sound Weaver has an opportunity to generate slices and sequencer patterns randomly. The application has 10 free demo projects with prerecorded sounds.

Connect your MIDI device to control everything in the app.

FabFilter Saturn 2 Tutorial Double-Feature

YouTubers The Sound Test Room and Gavinski’s Tutorials both posted tutorials for the latest FabFilter effect!

Video Description:

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Video Description:

Here I go through some of the main features of Saturn 2 and talk about how bloody great this thing is. The modulation possibilities are quite astounding.

This is not a detailed tutorial, but useful nevertheless. First, I run a simple sine wave through some of the fx presets to see how radical a sound design tool this can be, and explain the main features.

Then we look at how it can be used more subtly, to add warmth and colour. Finally we hear what the amp algorithms can do to electric guitar sounds. If you enjoy this tutorial, please remember to give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven't, and comment. Cheers!

Sampling from YouTube the EASY Way!

Kit Complete is the latest YouTuber to definitely get a copyright strike on his channel for showing off Tube AU.

Video Description:

Using Tube AU with Beatmaker 3 to make sampling from YouTube super easy!

Check out Kit Maker

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Shazamm: Best iPad Pro Adapter & Using It with LumaFusion

Shazamm the iPad Producer shows off how he uses the HyperDrive USB-C adapter with his iPad Pro. The HyperDrive is available for $50 as a 4-1 in-one, or $80 as a 9-in-1.

Video Description:

I found the best iPad Pro Usb C adapter and works amazing with Lumafusion.

sEGments Slicer/Sampler - Feature Walkthrough

Developer Elliott Garage posted a feature walkthrough for their new sEGments. This one includes captions, instead of a voice over, which feels odd to me in a developer video. I guess I like hearing from devs.

Video Description:

With sEGments slicer/sampler app you can Import any loop/sample/audio file and find the best samples inside it, using the automatic transient detection or manually adding markers.
You can play the slices with any MIDI external controller or with the builtin pads and keyboard layout; also each slice can be played chromatically as in a real synth with mono or polyphonic voices (up to 12).
Each slice has independent parameters (all automatable in any AU host), such as reverse, level, attack, release, start point and length and individual fxs (reverb, delay, bitcrusher and filter) that can be changed on the fly thanks to its flexible audio engine.

sEGments automatically detect BPM and root key of your audio file and it can adjust its tempo and pitch according to your project settings.

It can be used both in standalone or hosted as AudioUnit AU3 inside apps like GarageBand, AUM, BeatMaker3, NanoStudio2, n-Track9 and others, and it supports AU Multi-output.

- Stand-alone, AudioUnit, AudioUnit Multi-output & AudioUnit FX
- Universal app for both your iPad & iPhone
- MIDI in /MIDI out
- AU3 multi-output
- AU3 Fx to record samples from other apps
- import your sample in multiple formats (wav, aiff, mp3, mov, caf, m4a)
- Samples Drag & drop from File App or via airdrop from your Mac or other iOS devices
- Up to 16 slices each one with individual parameters, ADSR and effects (delay, reverb, bit crusher and filter)
- 6 triggering modes - one shot, gate, loop, ping pong, link, thru
- BPM & Key detection
- Record from device mic, usb audio devices or other apps
- Transient detection
- Transient beat division
- Import/export presets
- Open slices directly in EG Pulse
- Support Apple loops transients recognition
- Lazy chopping
- Realtime time stretching and pitch shifting
- Mono & polyphonic up to 12 voices
- Downloadable sample pack by Soundtrack Loops

Please remember that is just the first version of the app, so if you have any feeback, request or suggestion please write at

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