Guitar-based Ambient Hellscape with csGrain

Ran Kirlian posted a startlingly beautiful csGrain manipulation. I don't really go in for atmospheric-ambient, but this is deep. I was moved by the first phase. I was hearing a hellish sandstorm drowning out the chants of an Arabic cleric in a long forgotten stretch of desert... but he was just playing guitar!

If you're into it you might also like this earlier video of a Moog Guitar into csGrain, which is more melodic but no less ethereal.

via Synthtopia

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Rheyne Jamming with lots of gear!

Rheyne continues to pump out some very impressive jamming. In addition to a lot of hardware and software synths, he's got iPads scattered all over for Lemur and Animoog goodness. What an excellent workflow!

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Sunsine Audio Preset Bundle

Fletcher over at Sunsine Audio wrote in to tell me about a new Preset bundle they've put together with the release of their latest preset pack. The new Chrysalis Vol 1 pack is for Crystal Synth XT, but the bundle includes their entire iOS preset catalog.

• Animation Vol 1 for Animoog
• Sinerise Vol 1 for Sunrizer and Sunrizer XS
• Chrysalis Vol 1 for Crystal Synth XT and Crystal Synth Desktop

Animation contains 130 presets, Sinerise contains 64 presets, and Chrysalis contains 67 presets for a total of 261 presets. Priced at $7.99 that works out to less than 3 cents a preset, or a saving of $1.98 overall. This bundle is offered only for a limited time.

They've also got a special going on for 10%-off if you use promo-code tenpercent at checkout.

Here's a demo of the new Crystal Synth pack:

Sunrizer XS (iPhone) is Free this weekend!

To celebrate BeepStreet's second anniversary they've made Sunrizer XS free this weekend!

This is a great opportunity, even if you don't have an iPod/iPhone. Many people use both versions of Animoog on one iPad. Using Genome or some other program to feed the iPhone version MIDI, you can be playing on the iPad version. Sunrizer's Virtual MIDI is a little lack luster, but you can change the MIDI In Channel in both versions to pull this off!

Buy Sunrizer XS on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

You can read my review of the iPad version here. Below is a track I did with it. All of this is in one-take, on the toilet...

Hands-On: Audiobus

I've mentioned before how Arctic Keys saved me $700 on Easter. It's a good thing too, because the very next day Audiobus cost me about the same when I became the 4th person to see it working! Not because you need multiple iPads to use Audiobus, but because you'll want them! We've got all kinds of great interoperability going on with our apps thanks to Virtual MIDI, but for the first time ever we can now sync the audio across multiple devices. This allows us to actually play with the different apps at the same time, instead of having a bunch in the background.

I had hoped to skip an iPad generation, but after seeing the potential here I knew I needed a 2nd iOS device. I'm now eyeing iPhone 5 rumors in anticipation of adding a 3rd to the mix. If you have multiple iOS devices, you're set to take advantage of this new platform.

This screenshot is from my iPad 3. As soon as I connected the SoundPrism Pro running on my iPad 2 it started to play audio into LoopyHD running on the iPad 3. It was really that simple. This is the sort of "it just works" design that Apple developers aspire to.

Micheal Tyson and Sebastian Dittmann, have been working very hard on making this ease-of-use a reality. Pictured here is an animation of the slide-out connection panel that will be available in all Audiobus compatible apps.

Sebastian has been involved with Virtual MIDI and OMAC from the beginning, and has seen how splintered the implementations have become. Nearly every app developer has his own way of handling Virtual MIDI! This maddening confusion will not be present in Audiobus, thanks to this little slide-out.

I get lots of emails from people trying to figure out Virtual MIDI, but I'm certain I won't get any from people trying to get Audiobus going. It just works!

Now that I've got the Alpha version to play with I've been able to do some experiments! iOS has an audio-buffer limited to 3 apps making sounds per device. This is true of all iPad versions. Audiobus will allow you to get around this by bringing together multiple device audio streams! You can run 3 apps on one device, 3 apps on another and sum them together on a 3rd. Or, as in my tests, run 3 apps on one iPad, 2 on another and have Audiobus be the 3rd.

Combined with Networked MIDI and Virtual MIDI you could extend this to many devices and apps! Including an entirely new class of apps designed to fit in that filter slot that goes between the source and destination in Audiobus. I expect to have my synths running on a couple of iPads, while a iPhone/iPod is running dedicated effects, all going back into one of the iPads for summing in a recorder app.

All of this is cool and all, but I still can't disclose the most amazing part... yet!

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