Tic Toc: How to make a Flute Type Beat in BeatMaker 3

YouTuber Tic Toc Productions makes a wild beat in BeatMaker 3 with a flute and a ton of apps!

Video Description:

Making a flute type beat using a REAL flute I haven’t played in a while. Also, going through bussing in Beatmaker 3 using an Aux / Sends and using various effects.

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0:00 - Intro
1:05 - Flute parts
2:40 - Bus routing of flute tracks
3:44 - Pre / Post Fader Sends settings
4:57 - Flute Fx Chain
5:07 - FAC Phazer
5:56 - FAC Alteza
7:25 - Time Machine FX
10:06 - Toneboosters EQ
10:57 - Adding the beat elements
15:11 - Outro
15:29 - Track Playthrough

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Keyboards Jam with EvolverFX, Phosphor 3 and DigiStix

Colin Powell took a break from his guitar to play with a couple of keyboards on this beautiful jam. He's experiencing some bizarre encoding errors with the video. Fortunately they do not mar the performance. Has anyone else seen this problem with LumaFusion, or can offer any tips on how Colin can fix or avoid this?

Video Description:

Keyboards Jam. Yamaha MX-49 and Roland D-10 with EvolverFX, Phosphor 3 (through Alteza) and DigiStix (through BLEASS Reverb) in AUM on my iPad.
Apologies for the glitches. Something I am noticing more and more as I export videos from LumaFusion to my PC using a Samsung T5 SSD. If anyone has any ideas what is causing it please comment below!

iVCS3 AUM Midi CV Conversion & CV Over Audio

Sound designer James Edward Cosby demonstrates how he's routing control voltage (CV) over AUM's buses!

Video Description:

Example of using AUM To route CV over Audio Busses and how this can be used to convert Midi to CV. In addition to this the video shows how an iVCS3 Sequence can be transposed using a midi keyboard input. When transmitting Control Voltages over Audio Busses care must be taken with levels as these ultimately set the amount of modulation applied to the destination. This is especially true when the destination is an Oscillator's Frequency to obtain the desired Voltage to Octave ratio.

TTNM: Flame Mäander ... in the Sun

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES is enjoying the sun, while tweaking his Flame Mäander!

Video Description:

Flame Mäander Synthesizer, Bram Bos Ruismaker Drum Machine and Audio Damage EOS 2 Reverb. MORE INFO BELOW :)

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Finally some good weather on our camping trip. My 9V + USB power bank is all charged up so here’s another jam session with the Flame Mäander wavetable and filterbank synth. I played it for a bit in my camping chair, making gratuitous use of the noise shot beat repeat feature and wavetable morphing. Later on my iPad Pro then, I added a kick drum and additional percussion in Steinberg Cubasis 2, with Bram Bos Ruismaker AUv3 drum machine iOS plugin. Of course I also threw some Audio Damage EOS 2 reverb on the Mäander’s audio track there, because those two just sound so beautiful together :)

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Mela – Synth & FX Update

Mela – Synth & FX, from Nikolozi, was updated with a new stereo Flanger effect; which is available in both the Mela Synth and Mela FX AUv3s. The update also offers a new signal chain routing section, with additional options for assigning specific positions to the filters and effects in the chain.

What's new in Mela – Synth & FX v1.6:

• Added a stereo Flanger effect to both Mela Synth and Mela FX audio units
• Flanger parameters can be modulated via Mod Matrix
• The new Routing section replaces Filter Routing and adds options for the FX section placement with respect to the filters
• The FX section can now be inserted before Filter 1, after Filter 1 or after both filters
• The new routing diagram shows the synth signal flow
• Added a Tip Jar feature in the app setting menu: support the development of Mela by leaving a tip of any amount
• Added the table of contents section to the user guide
• The user guide can now be opened from the app settings menu, in addition to being accessible by tapping on the question mark button in the audio units
• Added new presets to Mela Synth and Mela FX
• Updated user guide

Developer Nikolozi shows off the new Flanger and routing with a mellow Mela tune!

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