DM1 gets new Effects and Export options

The lovely DM1 is looking better than ever now with Retina support for iPad 3s, but this update also brings some substantive changes as well!

3 New Effects: Reverb, Formant, Dalek filter (Pictured Here)

There is also now SoundCloud and Facebook exporting.

Still missing, however, is MIDI Sync or Virtual MIDI.

Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99

Here's a song by DJ Galactic, done in DM1 with a Korg Kaoss Pad adding further effects:

Werkbench gets MIDI Sync, AudioCopy, and Export

Readers Conor and Richarius brought my attention to Werkbench, an interesting recorder/sequencer combo for making beats with found sounds or really anything-in-kicking-distance sounds. It looks goofy, but I think this has a lot of potential. Even more so now that you can Sync it with other MIDI sources and export your loops!

Here is an overview from developer Bolasol:

Buy Werkbench on iTunes: $6.99

MIDIPads brings more Virtual MIDI goodness to iPhone

MIDI Pads, previously available on iPad, is now also available on the iPhone as a seperate app. This MIDI controller has some clever features beyond being a simple row of drum pads. Each pad is also a mappable X/Y controller! Additionally it works with Virtual MIDI, and the iPhone version continues that support.

Here's a little video from the developer demonstrating simultaneous Virtual MIDI connections to MoDrum and Addictive Synth.

Buy MidiPads on iTunes: $4.99

Buy MidiPads for iPhone on iTunes: $3.99

Buy MidiPads Lite on iTunes: Free

Buy MidiPads Lite for iPhone on iTunes: Free

MIDIBridge 1.4 update

MIDI Bridge is a handy, Universal, utility if you need to mix and match your MIDI sources/destinations. This update adds a lot to its usefulness with support for H-Pi microtuning keyboards and new event modules.

These modules allow you to transform MIDI messages and events as follows:
• velocity curves
• keyboard splits
• velocity splits
• note remapping
• note transposition

All of these are fairly advanced tweaks, but very welcomed! The velocity curves alone are worth the price of admission if you have a keyboard that is a bit finicky.

Buy MidiBridge on iTunes: $8.99

Maroon 5 - Payphone (iPad / VoiceJam cover)

Ellen Once Again has uploaded a great cover song, using TC-Helicon's VoiceJam to fill out the vocal section. She's got a great voice! Voice Jam should seriously think about hiring her for some promotional stuff, and you should should seriously think about visiting her YouTube channel for more.

Thanks to iPad Creative for bringing this to my attention!

Buy VoiceJam on iTunes: $6.99

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