Let's Play with BLEASS αlpha

I've been playing with BLEASS alpha for while now and just realized that I hadn't done a Let's Play for it. I've corrected this omission with a lengthy exploration of the app. I felt confident enough in my knowledge of the app to go into this one without pre-planning, and I like the results. This is a different kind of Let's Play where I'm just allowing myself to get lost in the sound design process, and having fun jumping around through the app to make it do interesting stuff. I linger in the my happy-weird-place longer than I usually let myself in a Let's Play.

This is my response to the recent popularity of live streaming videos. I personally think live streams are a bit of a mess, so I'm trying to capture that spontaneity in a tighter package. I'm very open to feedback about this approach, and my execution here.

Video Description:

BLEASS has been producing a bunch of fun, feature packed, AUv3 effects and now they've brought us BLEASS alpha. This is a powerful synth! I'm having so much fun in this video but it runs long! This isn't a "tutorial" where I'm telling you how to do a thing, this is my sound design process of trying to create a thing. I love the end result!

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BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App by Positive Grid Inc

Positive Grid Inc released BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App. I love the humorous hubris of the app's full name. Apple has encouraged developers to put a lot of silly shit in app names, which I usually truncate. For this article I'll be using the full name because if you sort all of the guitar tone apps by their App Store ratings, BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App is definitely the first one at the bottom of the list. Congratulations, you're number one!

Credit: Ailerom

Positive Grid seriously botched this. The 1 Star Reviews aren't even about the fact that BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App doesn't have AUv3. They aren't even that bothered by the fact that BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App doesn't include the IAA insert effects of the original BIAS FX 1; which is now confusingly, but assuredly, the #2 Guitar Tone App. Just about every loyal Positive Grid fan is feeling fucked by their promises of being able to transfer purchases from BIAS FX 1 - #2 Guitar Tone App to BIAS FX 2, which you'll no doubt recall, is the #1 Guitar Tone App.

Instead owners of BIAS FX1 - #2 Guitar Tone App are discovering that essential items are not transferred from their purchase. While Positive Grid is overflowing with words to name their apps, they were a bit reticent with the full details of the transfer. Only purchased "packs" transfer, not any of the stuff that came with the original purchase of BIAS FX 1 - #2 Guitar Tone App. For those essential items you'll need to cough up about $60. I'm not exactly sure on the price because their shit is buggy, and I've lost patience with trying to understand this mess.

BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App

BIAS FX 2 Mobile transforms your mobile device into the ultimate all-in-one guitar effects processor, letting you explore hundreds of premium amps, pedals, and studio racks to create your dream guitar tone. Now plug in and PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS - Anywhere, Anytime.

Build to your heart’s content – with a gorgeous user interface, an intuitive drag-and-drop operation, and a massive library of world-class guitar and bass amps, pedals, and effects, you can easily create a rig that’s true to you and your playing style for the ultimate custom guitar tone. Amplify your creativity!

Looking to transform your guitar into a collection of legendary axes? Thanks to our groundbreaking Guitar Match technology, you can make your guitar sound like a classic American guitar, a vintage LP, and an array of highly-coveted guitar models. Whether you’re recording, performing, or jamming at home, you’ll have a collection of iconic modern and vintage guitars with you at all times – right in your mobile device.

Practice, record, and jam with Looper, the perfect companion for nailing down riffs and solos for your song ideas. Don’t miss a note – hit the Record button whenever inspiration strikes! Feeling creative? BIAS FX 2 Mobile supports AudioBus, GarageBand, and other IAA host applications so you can take your tones even further.

Ready to rock the show? Forget packing all your effects and hauling your pedalboard to the gig – carry all your gear in your iPhone/iPad with BIAS FX 2 Mobile so you’ll never miss a beat. Fire up LiveView and switch up your entire rig on the fly instantly using a single tap – with zero latency.

Connect to ToneCloud®, discover and download over thousands of custom rigs created by artists, producers, and recording engineers. Got tones? Upload your own custom guitar rig and share with fellow musicians from across the world!

Key Features:
- Ultimate Tone Arsenal – build your dream rig with *101 effects, 35 amps, 25 cabs, 4 mics
- Dual Signal Path – create unique dual amp hybrid setups for your ultimate custom tone
- HD Sound Engine – explore hyper-realistic and detailed tones, backed by our award-winning BIAS tone engine
- Factory Presets – dial in your dream guitar tone in an instant with 77 pre-made rigs of all genres
- Guitar Match – turn your guitar into a collection of 20 legendary axes, right in your pocket!
- Looper – practice, record, overdub, and develop song ideas whenever inspiration strikes
- LiveView – single tap to switch up your rig instantly, with zero latency
- Impulse Response – load your favorite custom cab IR files for even more tonal possibilities
- Celestion® Inside – access official-licensed Celestion cabs (IR) right within BIAS FX 2 Mobile (coming soon)
- BIAS Ecosystem – load all your favorite gear from BIAS AMP 2 & BIAS Pedal (coming soon) within the app
- ToneCloud® – easily share & download custom guitar rigs and artist tones online
- IAA (inter-app audio) and AudioBus support
- Full MIDI support (coming soon)
- Tuner and metronome built in
- 9 expansion packs available for exploring all-new sounds (via in-app purchase)

*Unlocked via Standard, Professional or Elite license.
BIAS FX 2 Mobile supports iOS 11 or later.

Supported Audio Interfaces: iRig (all series), Apogee Jam/Jam Plus, Focusrite iTrack Solo, Shure MVi, Korg plugKEY, iConnect AUDIO and all MFi or Class Compliant audio interfaces with Lightning to USB adapter.

I wasn't invested in their ecosystem so I'm not personally bent by their bewildering transfer promises. Instead I'm completely baffled by the absence of AUv3 in the #1 Guitar Tone App. BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App is limited to Inter-App Audio! Astute readers will recall IAA was deprecated by Apple. At Apple's sole discretion some future iOS update will remove IAA, and Apple are strongly discouraging devs from using it in new apps.

There is a flashy and fast promo video for BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App, but I feel like this clusterfuck of a video from Amp Apps is more representative of actual use.

Ken Karsh - Classic FX Meets BIAS FX

YouTuber Ken Karsh combines the new Classic FX app with Positive Grid's BIAS FX 2 for this jam!

Video Description:

Now that I am figuring out Igor Vasiliev’s wonderful app “Classic FX” and Positive Grid released BIAS FX 2 today, I thought I would bring them together and do a quick (?) demo. The guitar sound overall was processed with BIAS FX 2. Additionally, the guitar loops were processed with ClassicFX. The solo guitar was all BIAS FX 2 without the reverb. The bass was also BIAS FX 2. Percussion was done with Lumbeat’s AfroLatin DM. All reverb was done with FabFilter’s Pro-R reverb. It was all brought together with Kymatica’s AUM. And let’s not forget Quantiloop Pro (my “go to” choice for looping)! Just a simple vamp jam! I should also mention that the video filtering is done with an amazing new app by DigitalMasterpieces GmbH called Clip2Comic and Caricature Maker. Enjoy!

haQ attaQ: AUM vs iOS DAW?

YouTuber Jakob Haq answers viewer questions about his preferred workflow for mobile music production!

Video Description:

Viewers have questioned me about my choices of DAWs and music production apps so many times over the years. And my answers are always the same. It's all comes down to "workflow". So what I am trying to do - dictates what I end up using for achieving my goals. In this episode of haQ attaQ I am pitting AUM vs Cubasis against each other, while trying to highlight the pros and cons of working with a modular mixer versus a fully fledged DAW.

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BB17 Binaural Auv3 Synth by Paul Wand

Paul Wand released BB17 Binaural Auv3 Synth and it nearly slipped past me! This new AUv3 synth has been getting a lot of updates since its release last month. BB17 Binaural is designed to be experimental, and from the demo I found I think it accomplished that.

BB17 Binaural Auv3 Synth

High fidelity synthesizer designed for generating binaural beats and exploring alternate temperments.

[Tone Generation]. (additive & precise)

Lowercase indicates an additive oscillator:
This method of waveform production allowed for a softer sound on the high end while maintaining the distinctive feel of these classic waveforms.

- [saw]
The additive sawtooth wave is generated by adding all the overtones one through 17.

The additive square wave is generated by adding all the odd overtones 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 & 17.

Uppercase indicates a precise oscillator:

f(x)= x - floor(x)

f(x)= absolute value of [SAW]

f(x)= x < 0.0f ? -1.0f : 1.0f

The precise oscillators are calculated with their respective equations. I found these sound a nice and lush when under the low pass filter. Try setting all oscillators to SAW and adding some detune for the classic SuperSaw effect!

[Binaural Beats]

The Binaural Slider to the left of the oscilloscope Will offset the right speaker by the amount of HZ listed above it.
This enables the generation and experimentation of binaural beats for scientific and recreational purposes.

Presets for alpha, beta, gamma, tau & delta waves are included.

7 Currently Available Temperaments:

[12 tone Equal Temperament]
Standard Tuning with A at 440hz since 1926

[5 Tone Pentatonic]
Just intonated Major Pentatonic

[7 Tone Harmonic]
Just Intonated Arabic double harmonic minor scale

[12 tone Just Intonatation ]
The twelve tones western listeners are normally familiar with pitched by just ratios and based off a selectable root note.

[17 Tone Arabic]
Arabic Scale Quarter tone Scale, typically 7 are chosen from this set for a modal piece)

[22 Shruti Indian]
Much like the Arabic scale often a subset of notes is chosen for a piece.

[43 Tone Parch]
Harry Parch was a pioneer in microtonal music and an avid instrument maker. This temperament with a Root note of G and Root Frequency of 392 hz allows parch fans to compose for the chromelodeon on the go.

Please report any feature or help requests by selecting the support URL

YouTuber OCEANSINSPACE noodled around with the new app.

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